Dec 10th, 2010


Yesterday, we wondered if some of you were going to be pre-ordering the Notion Ink Adam. While it looks like it could be a fantastic device, many of you came up with some great points: we haven’t seen a production model of this thing, they’re unproven, and there have been no reviews of this thing online. And when it was spotted at trade shows a few months ago, Notion Ink had nothing to show but a tablet with a non-customized version of Android and a demo app to show off the power of the Tegra 2 processor.

Yesterday’s unveiling showed off some screens of the apps that will ship with the device, but they could have easily been faked. They look nice, but why hasn’t any of this been shown off on an actual device? What’s Eden in its entirety?

And why are customers able to give you money without giving you their mailing addresses in the pre-order form?It sounds a bit fishy, no? Rohan Shravan from Notion Ink curbed fears of the whole thing being a scam by being very transparent and vocal about concerns – which Android Police documented well here – but these are just words.

Let’s talk about some of the action that has taken place over the past 24 hours: users speaking out about the unsecure-feeling, looking, and acting pre-order form had their comments removed. Users speaking out against the return policy and warranty had their comments removed. In short, a lot of negative comments about the device were removed.

The device hasn’t even seen FCC approval yet: how can they guarantee shipment if they can’t even guarantee it’ll get past the FCC?

What do you guys think? Is the Notion Ink really just vaporware? Are we being faced with another JooJoo tablet debacle? Anything could be the case, but until we start seeing the final production version of this thing in the hands of reputable news sources and users, I’d urge against giving any money to Notion Ink. They claim they wanted to wait until CES until they reveal everything, and if that’s really the case, then it’s just poor planning and timing on their part. But since they promised a grand unveiling on January 6th, then put your wallets away until then because there’s no indication that we’ll be seeing this device – in ANY capacity – before then. [via Android Police]

[Update]: When I checked yesterday, I was able to bypass the initial form with only giving a name, a phone number, an email address, and a country. The form following that only asked me for credit card information and my billing address at the time. No shipping info. It appears that has been cleared up. It still doesn’t explain everything else, though. We’ll dub this as “not a scam” for now, but we’re still going to suggest holding on to your money.

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