Trillian for Android Connecting You to Your Friends for $4.99


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Trillian’s just left beta and entered the Android market. For $4.99, you can get what some would call one of the best multi-protocol instant messaging clients for both desktop and mobile phones. The verdict is still out on that, but if your social life is fragmented across even just half of a half of a dozen messaging networks, it might be worth checking out. Make it quick: you’ll only have 15 minutes to return it if you don’t like it.

[Link to the app on AppBrain]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I’m still a sucker for the Meebo app. The best part about Meebo is that it’s anywhere there’s an internet connection, without an install.

  2. So it’s like eBuddy, except that Trillian gives you only 15 minutes to decide if you like it, whereas eBuddy gives you as long as you want. And it’s free.

  3. Mmm I think we can find free apps that can do the same thing…..

  4. It’s not Trillian that gives you 15 mins. That’s the time you have to get a refund in the market now. It’s not 24 hrs anymore.

  5. Nifty. Five bucks nifty? Hell no.

  6. Trillian can be accessed anywhere without an instal too. Just FYI, and Trillian..well it just works. Sync’s all of your accounts keeps an ongoing history (optional) supports OTR and plugins. The list goes on. Worth the $5 for me yes, for most maybe. They are also playing with the idea of distributing the software free with a one time purchase of a PRO account for all platforms. Trillian is the #1 IM software in the planet IMHO.

  7. I’ll go download this riiiight abooout… never.

  8. I have been using Trillian beta and I like it but I don’t think it is worth $5 though. I would pay $.99 to $1.99 for the app.

  9. Being a long time Trillian user and a Pro user on the Desktop I was looking forward to this as they are going to sync histories between clients.

    This price however is a bit high if you ask me, considering I bought the pro license just for this sync feature, which was promised ages ago.

    Now I have to pay again to use it.

  10. Worth every penny.

    Better than any of the other multi IM clients.

  11. Side Note, from their blog post:

    ” :D We’ve also been getting a large number of requests for a way to distribute our mobile clients for free if you’ve already purchased Trillian Pro; we are investigating possibilities and hope to have something solidified in the coming months.”

    Slightly redeeming, but what does that mean for us pro users in the mean time?

  12. Well, I’ve used Trillian since day1. I tried the Pro desktop version (cracked) and there was nothing there worth paying for. So I’ve always used the free one.
    After attempting to use the different beta releases for Android I found it lacking basic features from the desktop client: ability to block SPAM user requests and chats. So every time I opened Trillian on my phone I was FLOODED with SAME requests and opened chats. Image the pain of having to close dozens of chat/request one by one.
    Needless to say, NOT only it’s not worth $5, it’s not even worth space on my SDcard.

  13. Is there ANY app at all that allows you to enter AIM chat rooms on the phone?

  14. @13

    BeeJive did on blackberry, not so sure about the android version

  15. I just use fring for my instant messaging and for video chat.
    and it’s free….

  16. rolls eyes @ the money hungry douches on here that think $5 is too much. it’s a brilliant piece of software that leaves other IM apps costing twice as much (yes i’m looking at you BEEJIVE) for dead.

  17. I was using the beta, in fact still am as far as I know… I am loving it

  18. I feel used by the devs. They were releasing a lot of updates based on our support and now they’re putting us in the situation to pay $5. No sir, I’m sure there are plenty of other apps, cheaper if not free.

  19. @13 ebuddy I think. It at least allows you to login to AIM on your desktop, so it should do it on your phone.

  20. Is it using Android PUSH notification? If not, then it is not worth it.

  21. @13: BeeJive IM on Android lets you join any exchange AIM chat room by invite. And you can join exchange 4 private rooms yourself, manually, like Sidekicks

  22. some of the negativity here is disappointing – we all want the android apps to be better quality – and here’s a company who’ve built this specifically for android from the ground up – it’s not a crappy port.

    its easily the best im app on the market, they deserve some credit.

  23. Not worth 5 bucks…

  24. I second #8.

  25. I’ll continue to use eBuddy, for free.

  26. No IM app is worth $4.99 when there are similar apps for free. Its not like it does a lot more than the free ones. It’s also the only one I’ve used that has a hard time connecting to AIM.

    I liked Meebo for Android better than Trillian as is until Meebo left their Android app for dead to focus on their iPhone app.

    Trillian is owned by greedy people who charge you money for things you can get free in other products. Like Digsby offers more overall than Trillian Astra Pro and Digsby is free. IMO is on the verge of offering more overall than Trillian and it’s free as well.

    Lesson to remember, just cause it costs money doesn’t make it better. I’ll use the free Trillian Beta until either it stops working or IMO is completely useable.

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