See Andy Rubin’s Full D: Dive Into Mobile Interview (with Motorola Honeycomb Tablet) [Video]



Andy Rubin and his satchel of goodies rolled into D: Dive Into Mobile ready to drop some knowledge on an eager audience. Perhaps the most newsworthy treat to come out of his interview was the understated reveal of a prototype Motorola tablet running Honeycomb, the yet to be revealed update to the Android OS. And while that no doubt is the part of the following video clip you all will undoubtedly jump to, Rubin discusses topics far and wide relating to Android, including the business model google is using to make the open source platform profitable. Bonus look at the new Google Maps included.

[via AllThingsD]

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  1. Gingerbread will be mine.

  2. this is old?

  3. “(interrupting andy)well thats the iPhone”- Dumb bitch

  4. I feel like the two interviewers are like the girl from the famous “iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo” youtube video: “iPad 3G, I want an iPad 3G. A tablet with Honeycomb? What is that? Is that an iPad 3G? If it’s not an iPad 3G, why would I want it?”

    I love when she said “will there be one or 175”, oh no, she might have to make a decision instead of Steve doing it for her. Stupid idrones.

  5. “is android making money, and how much […] cause apple is making money” dumb bitch
    Shes so fuckin annoying

  6. “and compared to apples profitiability” -dumbitch
    I think she has an iphone up her ass

  7. That lady SUUUUUUUCKS!!! She is pushy and annoying. I don’t mind the tough questions…but jeeeez what the heck!?!

  8. How much of her paycheck is Apple dependent? Tech bloggers got the message long ago, even if it’s just a few hundred bucks a month, hell even it’s fifty.

  9. this is two weeks old

    And, first!

  10. I hate that girl who keeps interrupting, bringing up apple, and trying to make jokes and direct the conversation back to what she has to say. She seems to think she’s the most important person there, maybe to good to be there at all (she seems to even think she’s more important the Andy Rubin, ludicrous!!!

  11. can the video be ANY smaller?…………..

  12. Damn the video is tiny. No fullscreen option? WTF?

  13. christ. this video was out the day it happened :/ like 2 weeks ago.

  14. Chriiiiist I wish that woman would shut up. obnoxious bitch.
    Rubin is such a straight guy, and she’s a dumb bitch.Just let him talk ffs.

  15. Is anyone else really really really annoyed by this broad?

  16. She sucks a Job’s unit….lol

  17. I like my menu button. Having a bunch of menu options on the screen takes up valuable screen space. On the iPhone they have to make a bunch of screen options because there is no hardware menu button, but on android the app developer has a choice of creating on screen or hardware menu options.

  18. I love to picture on this article I can imagine him saying “Hey Apple and Microsoft can you hear me now bitc*es”.

  19. What a dumb hitch…how the hell did she get that job…..andy kept his cool pretty well with all those annoying statements by her

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