Google and Apple Could Battle it Out for Nortel 4G LTE Patents



Nortel Networks’ recent bankruptcy filing means about 4,000 of their patents are hitting the auction block, and in a dog eat dog world where the right patent could mean the difference between reaping the benefits of your hard work and paying out a settlement fee, it is no surprise that two tech giants could be interested in duking it out for a portion of the intellectual property. Google and Apple are said to be in the running for a group of Nortel patents related to Long-Term Evolution (LTE) wireless communications, the very technology that Verizon’s new 4G network is comprised of, and the same standard AT&T will deploy next year.

This is all according to JPMorgan, who also states, “we believe embattled vendors like [Nokia, Motorola and RIM] might find it difficult to cede these patents without a fight.” Who ends up with the patents at the end of the day could make for some interesting legal wrangling come next year, depending on what exactly the patents in question cover.

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  1. don’t forget me, im going to buy some too!

  2. “…the right patent could mean the difference between reaping the benefits of your hard work and paying out a settlement fee…”

    More like whoever wins will reap the benefit of Nortels hard work.

  3. Mobile will never be internet. The big boys have the grip on it.

    I tried to sell my phone, bell told me I need to pay 75 bucks to unlock it.

    it used to be that when you buy a phone (land line), you would just call a provider, and no need to plead with somebody about moving the device you bought somewhere else.

    Now, my only other option, is to root and unlock, which also involves risks.

  4. better Google than any of the others. They seem a little more reasonable. AT&T and APPLE sure anyone and everyone at the drop of a hat.

  5. This shows why the patent system needs to be fixed. Apple and Google will waste money that could be used to improve either of their products just so they have the rights to sue each other. The system invites too much rent seeking and not enough innovation.

  6. @Steve – Nice econ lesson. I seeking ruins productivity and innovation.

  7. Go Google! We need some extra patents lol

  8. I work on a Nortel PBX, they are rock solid. If they would have stayed focused on enterprise, it’s likely they’d still be here instead of being bought by Avaya. Not sure what the 4000 patents cover but their engineering was impressive. Be interesting to see who gets them, and what exactly the patents cover.

  9. I think Google needs it more then Apple. Not directly the patents, however, there are always “threats” against Android… claiming of violations…. so, Google could use the patents to fend off suits… sort of a “Mexican standoff.” Oh.. what a wonderful world we live in.

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