SuperShuttle App Arrives to Better Your Airport Shuttle Experience



The airport. Unless you are exceptionally easy going or don’t need to travel much, the time before and after your flight is usually the most stressful portion of any trip. Of big concern is finding that ride to the airport and then a way to get where you are going in an unknown environment once you arrive. SuperShuttle wants to help make at least that portion of your travel a bit easier with their new Android app.

Quoting fares, booking a shuttle from your phone, an even tracking the next incoming shuttle are all now at your fingertips. That certainly should cut back on some of the worry of finding a ride if your plane isn’t on time (which from experience tends to be true more often than not). As a bonus, use the app to arrange travel and get a 10 percent discount. Cha ching.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. New phandroid apparently is nice but no market link to the apps in the articles.

  2. Hi all,
    This app and its services were developed by MobiLaurus — I am the marketing manager for the company and appreciate the coverage. You can check us out at Thanks.

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