Appsfire 2.0 Brings Appstream to Android



Appsfire, the application discovery tool for Android and iOS, just got a boost with the update to version 2.0. A feature long-lacking from the Android build, the Appstream is the biggest addition to come in the latest release. It is all in an effort to make app discovery more seamless and engaging, rather than the arduous task it can be from time to time on the Android Market. Appstream show you exactly what is seeing the most action in the Market, whether it is a recent price drop, chart-topping downloads, or featured status. The visual stream provides you with a flow of icons to let you see in a more up front way what others are most interested in.

Other enhancements include the ability to install Appsfire to SD, an adult content filter, and fixes for compatibility and bugs. Check it out now via that handy PhanBase box below.

[via GigaOM]

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  1. Anyone have any comments about how this compares to AppAware?

  2. where’s it’s QR Code?

  3. lol, disregard, i see it, it took a minute to load on my (old) pc ;)

  4. I looked, I’m sticking w/AppAware, AppsFire is just an (overwhelming) bunch of icons, ApppAware gives you titles.

  5. whats the app called with the chick in it? kinda looks provacative lol

  6. It’s a fat app if you have the HTC Hero as I do. It need only recommend apps for the device it is installed on but it doesn’t seem to know the difference. It installs but not without a price. Updates seemed indefinite so I dropped it.

  7. edit, when I say “price”, I mean a cost to available memory. AppAware is a far better solution IMHO.

  8. AppBrain is far more versatile, user friendly, and integrated with market. And to top it all off, it has an excellent web based option to use from pc, if you want (but not needed to operate, works well on your android phone alone).

  9. Very good app. App mixes are suggestions are better then in appBrain/appAware

  10. AppBrain is much better imo.

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