Millennial Media’s Monthly Report Shows Android, iOS Tied for Top Dog



What’s a new month without a new Millennial Media Mobile Mix report? The ad-serving network reaches 81 percent of the mobile market, so their figures paint a pretty accurate picture of the lay of the land. Just remember, their data is based on ad impressions rather than polling or sales numbers, so they may not represent the most true version of events, but regardless the latest report has Android and iOS neck-and-neck for first place among smartphone platforms. Both sit at 38 percent of total market share, though Android remains on top of ad revenue at 54 percent.

That was the story last month, as Android continues to gain strong ground in the smartphone world. We expect holiday sales and December’s figures to bring us another big increase in share for Android come January’s report.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. At AppleInsider website, they interpreted this as “Android stalled at level with iOS” lol hahaah…I hope those iSheep feel better

  2. Apple is afraid that if it doesn’t make it to VZ’s network soon it will lose it’s top ranking spot .
    The latest Carrier report put VZ second overall and AT&T last overall , AT&T’s rating was because the number one complaint was dropped calls and the number one device that help obtain that rating was , you guessed it , iPhone 4 .

  3. Verizon is still the number one national carrier. Whatever consumer reports says, US Cellular is hardly a national carrier. It’s easy to keep everybody happy when you have 37 subscribers.

  4. Sean that article pissed me offf

  5. “you’re looking at the graph wrong, you have to look at the graph like this” – Graphgate…

  6. My IQ dropped at least 100 points after reading that appleinsider article and I am not sure I had 100 to lose.

  7. “Android performance bad enough to shift Verizon’s stance on the iPhone” -.- sigh… That’s it, they said it… I’m gonna have to give up my awesome DInc…

  8. WTF Appleinsider report is WTF.

  9. Apple Insider is just whistling in the dark. These same tools will be completely ignoring the Q4 stats when they show Android passing IOS. Trash like this is why so many people hate Apple.

  10. Apple Insider is far from the only one saying this. All of these articles are based on data, numbers. facts. So grow up.

  11. that article is crap. The main reason the whole world is against apple is because they are a bit too full of themselves and attempt to dominate the market. Android not only gives us choice but also competition. (How you ever seen the price for your favorite phone being slashed to compete with the newer models)

  12. That Appleinsider site is too funny…

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