Skype Update Allows Install to SD Card



We’re still waiting for video calling, but Skype’s showing signs of life with a recent update to their application. Nothing major has been added in the way of functionality, but the latest build does support the oft-requested “Install to SD” feature introduced in Froyo. Go ahead and check for the update now. (Unfortunately, you Galaxy S owners will still be needing Android 2.2 to run this application.) [Thanks, Roy!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. waiting for video call :-)

  2. Galaxy S Owners, go get your froyo already…

    It is easy to flash a rom and you will be waiting months for Samsung to finish the update AND then send it to t-mobile for testing.

  3. I call everybody use Google voice. why? Free calls to any land/cell line in USA & Canada. Not sure about all countries, but GV rates are cheaper to call Spain & Russia. Still hoping next GV will bring video calling to put greedy Skype out of its misery.

  4. For the meantime, I’ll hang on to the cracked version that allows 3G calling in the US. What’s that all about? I haven’t actually used it in months though, but I know the second I remove it and get the latest official version I’m gonna need 3G calling. So, I’m glad they’re developing the app, but unless they introduce something groundbreaking like video calling, I’m not interested.

  5. Does not allow Apps2SD on the Droid Incredible. I just manually updated the app and the option to install to SD card is greyed out.

  6. I was wondering if the Xda-DEVs going to crack this one too, to allow calls on 3g, it’s nice that we can finally move it to SD Card, it took too much space on my Nexus One.

  7. Froyo 2.2 was released in Canada for the Vibrant and also the captivate, is it not released in the US? I find that hard to believe.

  8. Still hasn’t convinced me to adopt the new version over the cracked older version that allows 3G calling. I’ve been using it for months now to talk to my girlfriend in London and it works pretty well. It is inconsistent sometimes but if and when my Skype call craps out she’ll call my phone using Google Voice and it’s all good.

  9. Does anyone happen to know what the difference is between Skype and Skype Mobile for Verizon is?

    It seems that the later version won’t let you install (probably because it came with moto droid) but I have heard that the regular skype app is better. Of course I don’t want to install it and waste space if I don’t have to.

  10. It is still a crappy app. The user interface is terrible, and when I tried to make a call recently I could not use my headset for some reason (plus, the other party could not hear me).

    They really need to get it together with this one finally. The latest update is a bit of a joke.

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