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Looking to buy a Nexus S from Best Buy? They’ve updated everyone with everything you’ll need to know about the launch to make sure there are no surprises. Here’s a nice and concise list of everything you really need to know:

  • Timing: Online sales of Nexus S begin at 8 a.m. Eastern time to coincide with the opening of Best Buy stores on the East Coast. As a reminder, all Best Buy stores have adjusted their holiday hours to open at 8 a.m.
  • Availability: Nexus S is available in all Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile specialty stores. Exact inventory will vary by store. Nexus S will be sold out on a first-come, first-serve basis with a limit of 2 per phones customer.
  • Demo phones: All Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores will have a Nexus S demo phone on-hand so customers can see and experience the phone.
  • Pricing: The Nexus S is an unlocked phone and can be purchased without contract for $529. The Nexus S can also be purchased for $199 with a TMobile two-year service agreement and qualifying voice and data plan. Nexus S can also be purchased for $249.99 for add-a-line activations.
  • Upgrade Checker:A quick and easy service that gives customers the ability to see when they are eligible for their next phone upgrade. When the upgrade time is nearing, customers receive a complimentary reminder call, e-mail or text message.
  • Walk Out Working™: Free in-store smart phone setup by a Best Buy Mobile Phone Specialist who will sync personal email accounts, set up Bluetooth headsets, transfer contacts and activate other services to allow the customer to leave the store with a fully functional new smart phone.

That third item is especially important: you’ll be paying $50 more for the phone if you’re adding a line opposed to upgrading or opening a new account. You’ll also want to discern that online sales of the Nexus S begin at 8am Eastern, but your local brick and mortar location will be open at 8am no matter what timezone you live in as it’s their standard holiday season opening time. I’m still see-sawing about the decision to buy one personally, but if I do decide to by the time December 16th hits, I’ll be well  prepared. [Best Buy via AC]

[Update]: How about some more numbers? Android & Me’s sources tells them each and every Best Buy will have Nexus S units on Thursday, but take a look at this breakdown of supposed quantities per store:

  • Big box Best Buy locations that sell T-Mobile contracts in store will have on average 35 units Thursday
  • Big box Best Buy locations that do not, will have on average 4 units Thursday
  • Best Buy Mobile locations that sell T-Mobile will have on average 72 units Thursday
  • Best Buy Mobile locations that do not, will have on average 4 units Thursday
  • There will be plenty of transferring product around from Best Buy to Best Buy to even out counts as needed, but these are the numbers shipping to stores
  • There will be plenty of units for orders placed online and shipped to the customer

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