Facebook Goes to Version 1.5 in Market, Brings Chat, Push Notifications to Android



What a pleasant surprise on this Tuesday afternoon. Facebook just updated to version 1.5 and with it comes real, live Facebook chat to the Android app, but perhaps the introduction of push notifications excites me more. That equals two huge additions, though there is still plenty that could be better with the Android implementation of the world’s biggest social network.We’ll take what they give us.

[thanks to kgeissler over at AndroidForums!]

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  1. …recent changes says push notifications…i think that is way more important than chat…

  2. about effin time.

  3. Still a shitty app.

  4. Yes I’m more interested in the push notifications… and how well it works

  5. I can’t seem to find anything about push notifications in the actual application, though. I think the push notifications might only apply to the facebook chat, rather than wall posts, likes, etc?

  6. Why is it so hard for Facebook to add tagged pics to the APP??

  7. lol nice edit of the article to include the push notifications, and i agree 100% w/ tail_guy, need tagging

  8. Where’s the setting for Push notifications? The drop down for checking notifications is still there..

  9. No push like it says. If its for chat only, weak.

  10. Its already setup just need to get a notification and it will come thru im getting them now. as long as ur notifications box is marked

  11. still can’t play video!

  12. yeah, I’m not seeing any push notification settings. lame.

  13. if there’s push notifications then why there’s still “sync interval” in the settings !!!

  14. Yeah, I dont see any option in the settings. I just see an option for notification on

    Friend Requests
    Event Invites

    So WhereTF is the option to push notifications on ALL notifications (posts, comments, likes etc)

  15. It doesn’t say it but getting all notifications definitely nice

  16. Are the push notifications not working on 2.1? I think I read somewhere at 2.2 is when this was introduced.

  17. Hey an update is better than nothing I used my ipod touch Facebook more than my android cause I had to use another app for chat. Its getting better just like all Android apps with more time we will have it all. Better an update with more features then nothing that’s how I always look at it.

  18. For me new chat feature doesn’t load. Groups says I have no groups (not true). Friends’ status updates don’t update regularly either. New features from Facebook and their app doesn’t even work.

  19. Everything works fine for me

  20. This isn’t real push. Turn off check interval and you get 0 updates. Push has got to be for chat and chat only.

  21. Going to be interested to see how push notifications…

  22. :’)

  23. * Facebook Chat is long overdue. I can stop using eBuddy (which is great but drains the battery too much). Most of my friends use FB over MSN now.

    * Push Notifications is also long over due. How is it configured though? I can configure E-mail and SMS notifications on the site, so why can I not configure this in the FB App settings screen?

    I don’t want to get notified for every Facebook comment I’ve commented on, just ones that appear on my wall.

    * I do wish they’d add:

    * Photo Tagging (I know HTC have now added this to HTC Sense but still)
    * Like Comments
    * Delete Comments

    I have to revert to or to perfect these features. Why?

  24. is anyone getting an audible notification on incoming chat message? I’m not and I’ve chosen a notification tone.

  25. @ BlakeDC: So it relies on the same “Refresh interval”? That’s lame but also good because Push eats battery life. Surely it just needs a tick in Settings too then.

    It’s annoying though because the Blackberry (probably iPhone too) app has proper Push Notification support. That isn’t granular at all though.

  26. I want to be able to upload vids frm my capticate. And I would like to see if we can post pics on othAer xppls walls

  27. @ BlakeDC: Correction. I’m getting proper push.

    It looks like the On/Off switched had been added to the “Notifications Active” and “Refresh Interval”. Why would you set it to Never?

    Annoyingly it means I cannot stop it without also stopping Messages/Event Notifications etc…

  28. Cool! Must be an early Christmas gift from Facebook themselves :)

    Unfortunately, the Chat does not have sound enabled notification, no video upload capability (if the iPhone can, then Android should be able to do it if not way better lol) and other missing features. They must be holding it off until next 2011 Christmas. Hmmm…2012 is near so get it done guys!!! LOL

  29. FAIL

    someone commented on one of my wall posts an hour ago, never got a “push” notification.

    HTC Incredible running 2.2

  30. That’s true…I don’t see any options regarding to Push Notifaction…on what though?! For chat? I don’t even see the options for it. They are half-@$$-ing. If you are going to get the job done, get it done completely and not half-@$$ lol

  31. can’t seem to find anything on the push notifications on the anyone having the same problem?

  32. It would be nice if you could remove your post instead of saying comment or like this need to be fixed and not have to Facebook apparently like I do the android Facebook and Facebook mobile sucks

  33. Do people reaaaaly need to get push facebook notifications? is your lame facebook page really all that important?

  34. What is the push notification

  35. Notifications will still be messages and invitations etc etc.

    Facebook for Android has NEVER notified for wall comments/likes.

    Push just means we get the same notifications but faster (like the way the Twitter app does it instantaneously-ish).

  36. Push notifications only come in for me once I open the facebook app, lol. If it is running in the background, then no dice. It has to be my active window. What the hell point is that if I have to open the program to see if I got a message “pushed” to me.


  37. Sharing via intent ACTION_SEND is STILL BROKEN!!! This is just inexcusable I could implement it myself in about 15 minutes. COME ON!!!

  38. Change is good, and better yet, it’s all free of charge. It’s hard to whine about a greener.

  39. Push does not work. Tired of messing with it. App is set up correctly and I have a droid with 2.2. this is another garbage update. We need real push notifications!

  40. Same here, im not getting push notifications…..and chat app is not the best.

    My suggestions….use Tweetdeck and add your facebook account this way you’ll get notified right away. For facebook chat use… Go!Chat it is fantastic and free :) , and you can get notifications when your favorite friend go online :D

  41. Everyone Litsen the push notification is set and cannot be taken off. Its not a setting anymore its part of the app

  42. people need to stop complaining. the updates has been coming slowly but still some is better then nothing. like darktrainer666 said use tweetdeck if notifications is that important to you…if you don’t want to use tweetdeck then get a shitty ass iphone.

  43. For those saying “Push Notification” doesn’t work, check your settings again.. “notifications” need to be checked and at least put a time on “Refresh Interval”… and those with task killer apps, do add FB under ignore so as not to kill it intermittently… yes, the push notification is a bit laggy unlike Tweetdeck notifications, but at least the app is now as full as the iPhone version…

  44. I still cannot add Facebook under Accounts and Sync still. Blah.

  45. Devs wrote on their FB wall last night that push notifications are only for phones with 2.2+… So that’s probably why some of you are not getting any push notifications at all. There’s no sound or vibration setting for chat notifications, which suck…

    Push Notifications work amazingly well on my G2

  46. @samcro

    Because tweetdeck sucks donkeyballs Eats up CPU BIG TIME thereby eating up battery

  47. It’s right there in the Market: “Push notifications (only supported for devices on Android 2.2+”

  48. In the last 10 hours my Tweetdeck has used 26 seconds of CPU time with 30 minute refresh intervals.

  49. Unless or until Phandroid announces a complete shake up of the team that is responsible for creating and maintaining this OVERWHELMINGLY DISAPPOINTING Facebook App….who cares what they do? Seriously. The problem isnt the app, it is the people behind it. You dont fix them, you dont fix the app. Seems obvious to me. In the meantime I’ll stick to Tweetdeck and Touch.

  50. Look.. just be grateful they gave us a chat update! Stop bitching about things you’ll are just going to deal with anyway. If you don’t like don’t use.. see! Now that wasn’t so HARD:)

  51. Re: mr.walker ….I literally do not know one person who uses the Facebook android app. ;/ You settle for ‘doodoo on a stick’ and stop telling the rest of life what to do. Dont worry I get it; for you that IS gonna be the hard part. ;)

  52. @Mr. Walker

    Amongst other things I think people are just pissed off now with being on the only platform that doesn’t have basic app features such as tagging which is one of the core features of Facebook.

    People have been asking and asking for it and the updates have been so slow coming with no sign of the devs even having interest in adding it.

    It’s about time Google got involved to either offer support in some way or just create a new app because this is taking far too long.

  53. @ #33 Andrew

    “Do people reaaaaly need to get push facebook notifications? is your lame facebook page really all that important”

    What a momumentally stupid comment. Facebook is factually one of the most used and important forms of communication in the year 2010 and this type of communication will only continue to get deeper.

    Therefore, the majority of us who use it expect an app for it to not suck and at least be up to the standards that the app has reached on other phones.

    Let’s not act like people don’t have a right to complain about things that should be very obvious to the developers.

  54. Pushed notifications work at first but stopped working today.
    Not just me but a few other I know had the feature stopped working

  55. My experience is again different from others:

    Push Notifications work fine but there is no option for it period. Annoyingly the only way I’ve found to turn it Off, is to kill the Facebook App using a Task Manager. I was wrong what I said earlier, the Notification settings have no effect on the Push ones. Whether they’re On or Off I still get Push when someone posts to my wall.

    Which is annoyingly extreme. I may go back to v1.4.1 (thankfully I backed it up) because the Push feature has a noticeable drop on battery life.

    Facebook Chat is working fine though.

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