Have You Seen These Video Ads While Playing Angry Birds?


Oh Rovio, you’re lucky that you are the creators of Angry Birds, the biggest mobile gaming sensation ever, or else we’d be pretty irritated by the amount of advertising you are pumping into the game. First you go and put clickable ads in awkward places during gameplay, and now you are feeding us with video ads every time we boot up the game? Tsk tsk, but you need to earn your bread somehow. Keep making quality games and we’ll let it slide.

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  1. ill pay for an ad free version

  2. Who still plays this while HOLIDAY angry birds dominates our time?

  3. Yup, I am just about ready to uninstall it and would love to pay for an ad free version.

  4. I do my best to support developers, but sometimes you just need adblock.

  5. I would just uninstall the game if I hadn’t finished it already. As much as you’ll let this slide, millions of players won’t. They play mobile games for 60-90 seconds at a shot, 30-60 seconds of advertising is just too much.

  6. Since the ads lag my phone I am still waiting for an ad-free option. Till then, I won’t continue playing the game.

  7. These are really annoying. I got one between levels a few times. I found that if you hit the back button it will go back to the game.

    Video ads, coupled with the fact that I have to play many levels as zoomed out as possible so that the annoying ad doesn’t cover valuable gameplay real estate, has really diminished my desire to play this game.

    And soon you get to pay to get rid of them!! It seems pretty clear to me that their plan was to make some money off of ads, annoy the players, then get another spike in sales from the annoyed players. I for one will not be paying for the ad-free game, since I don’t condone this sort of sketchy practice.

  8. I don’t mind. My screen is big enough and its never gotten in the way. You can skip the video too.

    Big deal. Still got my money’s worth for it.

  9. you know you can just skip the ad as soon as it starts, you arent forced to watch it…

  10. I emailed them twice asking for a pay version because the ads often prevent gameplay, with no response at all. So now I just block the ads and play anyways.

    These guys just don’t get it.

  11. They have no incentive to remove the ads. The make way more money by displaying ads than they would with a free version. They learned that the hard way after the paid iOS release. Now they see how much they can make by giving it for “free”

  12. It’s pretty obvious how much the in-game ads affect performance. My Droid X starts to lag when those small ads show up in the top right corner. I can’t imagine how bad it is on older/lower-end hardware…

  13. Even if you block the ads it is still barely playable (talking single digit FPS)…you will have to wait for the version they promised to make for older phones.

  14. Download adfree in market to get rid of ads.

  15. One program to rule them all: AdFree


  16. I have adblock, its sweet.

  17. You can also hit the back button to skip the ads, just saying.

  18. Or u can just turn ur connection off

  19. mmm adfree i love you <3

  20. I’m not getting the video ads…

  21. WTF and the damn game doesn’t even load while the ad is playing?? At least load the damned game up!

  22. I think you should not complain if it means getting super awesome games for free.

  23. I’m over it. I’m done with Angry Birds. They can put all the ads they want. Don’t care. Uninstalling!

  24. @whap
    I’ve no issue with the devs making money, but when it’s this intrusive, it’s a bit much.
    Combine that with their belief this is the only way to make money on Android; it’s almost like they’re trying to make some sort of point.
    They make lots of money on ads, and if that’s all it was, seems like they’d make the pay version on iPhone free, too.

  25. I don’t mind any of the ads that I see on my phone, except for these.

    It’s an interesting case study, will this drive more people to adfree, enough people to adfree that google and others pressure Rovio to stop acting like jerks?

  26. I’m still running the first version (after the beta) of Angry Birds. My outdated Eris can handle it better with the slimmed down graphics, plus there are less ads. Update available? No thanks.

  27. You could just root you phone and install an AdBlocker, makes life much easier.

  28. The first video ad I got was for Windows Phone 7.

  29. I kept hearing there were ads on Angry Birds and I thought I must have missed an update or something. I completely forgot I am running Adfree on the Android and I guess it blocks whatever ads the game tries to bring up. Adfree should go to paid version and make a killing.

  30. The game isnt worth that much BS .. IMHO

  31. Root your phone and slap a custom rom with adblocking on your phone. Problem solved.

  32. The ads grind my Cliq to a halt. I want to pay for an ad free version.

  33. just root your phone and install ad free. POW! no ads people!

  34. I just hit the back button when they show up and the video goes away immediately.
    If I was forced to watch it everytime, then Id probably complainabout it. Since I don’t have to, I don’t care.
    They have to make their money somehow. I’d rather the ADs and the game for free then having to pay for the game, tho some people are the other way around.

    Now if this wa a paid version and still had the ads? Id be furious……..

  35. I always know when an ad is about to appear on my Galaxy S. It’s every time the game starts to lag a little.

  36. I actually have watched a few of the video ads that were well made, I back out of the one’s that are hohum and if I’m already playing I just back out of them all regardless, unless I need a break… Maybe I don’t mind because I appreciate the game and like the developer, maybe it’s because the several of the ads are actually well made and look really good on my device (tron ad) and, finally, I know there will eventually be an ad free version that, if no new content, I’ll have saved a few bucks, or likely there will be new content and I won’t mind paying anyway… But I already have several games that sit in cloud because no room on my original droi, heh

  37. Airplane mode, problem solved….

  38. Well, with the appstore (Apple) you never see these adds because you pay for the app. The only reason you see them with the Android is because the app is free, they have to make money somehow, right? As long as there’s a SKIP button, I’m fine.

  39. I uninstalled AB: Seasons the second after the first commercial ended. Appalling that they could even do such a thing. I understand adding ads to free games, especially great games like AB, but an actual commercial starts in the middle of playing the game. Not even at the end of a round, while ur playing WTF!!!!!!

  40. I got one video ad before gameplay about 3 weeks ago and haven’t seen one since, thankfully. For all those asking, Rovio is in the process of putting out an ad-free pay version. It would be nice if they hadn’t waited so long, but better late then never.

  41. Sorry Revio, but the ads made the game so jerky I had to un-install it.

  42. What I have a hard time believing is people who SAY theyve finished this game already. Unless you have a ton of time on your hands I have to think your one of the millions that watched the Angry Birds walkthrough on youtube in order to beat this game this soon. Its a lot harder than it looks the further along you get, and its only been out a very short time. Yet look at how many millions of views each of these walkthroughs have received and its easy to see why so many people CLAIM to have beaten AngryBirds already. I’m afraid I don’t buy what your sellin!!

  43. I cant believe I just watched an AD…on purpose -_-

  44. They are doing it because its the only way they can make money in the Android World.

  45. Let it slide? I’m done with Angry Birds and Rovio. First they put the ads into the top right, blocking game play and lagging gameplay. Then they have the nerve to say that it is because people are using phones that aren’t good enough to play the game. I have a Galaxy S. Not slow in anything except laggy in Angry Birds. Disable the cellular signal and bam, no ads and it’s fast.

    Rovio is just a terrible company. They may have come out with a hit game, but they are running it into the ground with these changes and not listening to the players.

  46. It seems that with evey update there are more commercials, I gave up and uninstalled until they have an ad free version.

  47. Bing & decide? What is that like “We report, you decide”? Err, hehhlll no.

  48. Adfree Android FTW. I don’t get a single ad.

    I wouldn’t have reinstalled Adfree, though, if it weren’t for Angry Birds’ draconian in-your-face ads in the last update. They are literally costing OTHER developers money by forcing people to look for ad-blocking by being so annoying.

    The worst thing is, I would have paid for an adfree version. Key word there is “would have”. I have already finished most of the game. Why would I pay for it now or whenever they get around to bringing out the paid version?

    Seriously… guys… paid version… you should have done it in the first place if you were gonna go this overboard on the ads.

  49. x13023984923 for Adfree Android. Root required. I used to just deal with ads in programs, and didn’t care, but it was angry birds that forced my hand with the adfree android. Now all the other ad-supported apps must suffer thanks to you, rovio.

  50. OMG, I can’t stand the ads! I am SO looking forward to a paid version…

  51. Turn on airplane mode before you start the game with no wifi: no ads.

  52. Root plus adblocker equals a better android phone.

  53. long as its free ill play, plus it doesnt lag on my nexus one anyway

  54. Developers have every right to put adds in but this is starting to take the piss, i’ll stick with switching 3g and wifi off whilst playing don’t really see the need to pay.

  55. Video ads are a step too far. Screw that. Mobile data is expensive for me, I could end up paying much more for video ads I don’t want than the profit they would make from me if they sold an ad-free version.
    I don’t have a data plan or bundles since I usually use Wi-Fi.
    I might have to just un-install the game because this BS kills the fun.

  56. developers have every right to put in ads but that doesn’t mean it’s worth it to play the game.

    even with adblocker, I’m completely done with angry birds now. I knew something fishy was up when they started adding ads, and with this? please. I’ll pass.

  57. Angry Birds was fun until the video ads started to hit. Rovio, being a foreign country, doesn’t quite get that mobile data doesn’t cost the same everywhere. Time to uninstall.

  58. i would totally pay for a ad free version of this let us support the developers and not the freaking OP’d douches at Ad Mobile unless they are owen by the same company which would just be even more annoying…. LET me play the F -ING game…

    ok im done

  59. Whenever I saw a full-screen app, I just hit the back button and it goes right back to the game.

    Of course, another thing you can do is turn on airplane mode or turn off your data connection and there will be no adds.

  60. I keep getting an ad for Windows 7 phone (on my Android phone) when I play Angry Birds seasons

  61. The ads don’t bother me, but then again, I never updated to get the extra 45 levels. The ads are very small, on the bottom of my screen and don’t get in my way. I won’t bother updating until I beat the game with all 3 stars which is going to be awhile. I for one refuse to watch the walkthroughs that are posted on YouTube, but I understand what HappyPig is saying, millions of people have viewed these walkthroughs, so I can see how so many people can claim they’ve beaten this game. Beat it on your own without cheating and then come talk to me. The Holiday version is another story, the ads do get in the way sometimes by being at the top of the screen, but that’s ok….afterall the game is FREE people, deal with it!

  62. “Keep making quality games and we’ll let it slide”?!!?? Newsflash – When you take a ‘quality’ game and plaster it with ads that make it unplayable in places (and choppy/laggy for some), you no longer have a quality game.

    I can understand wanting to make money, but covering game play and the in-your-face video ads are over the top. Like so many others, I’m done with that BS.

  63. Wow, sucks to be you if you’re on a pay-as-you-go data plan, like on the contract-free Samsung Galaxy Tab.

  64. Pay as you go plans = screwed

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