Samsung Galaxy Tab Luxury Edition Wants $1,000 of Your Cold, Hard Cash



While at its current pricing I would consider any variation of the Samsung Galaxy Tab a luxury item, the Korean manufacturer has stepped up their game for the rich and privileged with the announcement of their latest edition of the tablet device. The Galaxy Tab Luxury Edition won’t vary from the original in terms of what you are getting spec-wise, but it will ship with a quality leather case and Bluetooth headset.

The whole package will only be offered between December 15th of this year and January 31st of next, and is priced at 749 euros. In terms of American money, that is just shy of a solid grand at $990. Who wants to flex their wallet muscles?

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. Or you could buy it at normal price and find a bluetooth headset and leather case separate and save some money.

  2. wow… a leather case and Bluetooth headset? you can buy stuff like that separately.

    i though it had brushed aluminum casing or something, but noooo…..

  3. wow what a waist

  4. It’s a waste too.

  5. …if only it had diamonds sparkling around the edges or something. $1,000 for just adding a leather case and bluetooth?! Forget about it!

  6. So still no more than an iPad.

  7. I’ll take three!

  8. This thing needs to be no more than 399 without a contract. then it will sell gangbusters and actually compete with Ipad. Does anyone at Samsung not see that? Love my galaxy S phone but why do I need another contract to get this thing? I am not even going to comment on the $300 leather case and bluetooth…

  9. LMAO! Samsung loves to sell-out…which is the idea. But this is lame. They are REALLY struggling to sell these as you can tell by all there attempts to make it show up in the news

  10. Looking closely at that “quality leather case”, it really looks like a sleeve. Nothing fancy like a portfolio case, or a folding case… just a freaking bag.

    I have an idea. I’ll start selling a “Luxury Waterproof Case” for the Galaxy Tab… I’ll sell it for $500.

    No, it’s not a Glad 1 gallon Zip-Lock baggie…. See, it says “Galaxy Tab” right on the bag, written in purple sharpie.

  11. 1: Probaly not even a real leater sleeve
    2: At only $249 my netbook came with a pleather sleeve
    3: Isnt that a budget bluetooth earpiece?

    Im a samsung fan but even outrageous prices can make a fan unhappy. Give the thing a damn mahogany case with gold trimming for that type of markup.

    One thing some of these companies dont understand is that we are just surpassing Apple in popularity as the majority of the public is finally starting to realize that Android is the superior operating system. BUT, it is still to early for Samsung or any other company to try and make an accessory with the approach in a price increase that only Apple would do.

    too much too early

  12. Wow! Only $1000! That can go with the Ulysee Nardin Chairman and that stupid $132 “gold elite” facebook app on the market. (I’m not kidding, if you haven’t seen this, just type ‘facebook’ in the android market.) It is simply expensive for the sake of being expensive.

  13. It’s good marketing move, there will always be someone who will buy this. And I personally think the SGT is much more convenient and useful than the ipad

  14. Seriously, u guys know that u won’t pay 1000$ in US? U get things cheaper

  15. This is aimed at Apple buyers.

  16. Damm I should have waited!!!!!

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