VirginMobile and SaskTel Join Bell in Froyo Update for Samsung Galaxy S



Recently we reported that Bell’s Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant began receiving its update to Android 2.2, and now Samsung is tweeting as much, also revealing that updates for the phone on Virgin Mobile and SaskTel are also now available.

As is typical with Samsung’s updates, they have decided to forego the over-the-air method in favor of their own Kies software. The general consensus is that is a big drag, but it’s a small price to pay for an updated and improved Android OS.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. What about T-Mobile

  2. This isn’t entirely true – SaskTel is backpedalling saying “they’re still testing”. The update doesn’t work via Samsung Kies :(

  3. T mobile will be the last ones so I heard, I heard one of the names for future updates names will jellybean

  4. What about the fascinate? They haven’t said anything about verizon fascinate getting an up date OTA?

  5. by the the time Verizon people get it, my grandchildren will have inherited my phone.

  6. @ sweetbuns By the time time Verizon gets it, the phone will have past to your grandchildren’s children as an air loom.

    This is Samsung’s fault rather than the carrier. They are the meat is the sandwich. The Samsung Galaxy S is typical of that brand, updates are promised but are so late. This is why Google have taken over the Nexus S as their own phone. Samsung couldnt manage themselves out of a paper bag.

  7. lol good way to put it sweetbuns! like my fascinate but come on with the froyo already!!!

  8. And here I thought it took too long for us Droid X users to get the update a couple of months ago. I’ll remember not to buy a Samsung phone at the next contract period.

  9. What countries are these in?

  10. Lmfaoo @sweetbuns

    Uhh they should just give us gingerb
    read… When we get froyo, my grandchildren will candycane 10.5

  11. T-Mobile will be last. Verizon will be soon. And Sprint? I think we know that will be any minute now. I still love T-Mobile I just wish they would do what they know they need to do, and finish the update. It is out, and ready but alas, we wait. I understand it takes 6 – 9 months to get the T-mobile apps to work on the Vibrant. I get it, I’m hip, I’m cool. I just hope I don’t upgrade to a new phone some years from now just to find out the Vibrant update is released. That would be sad.

  12. Telecom XT in new zealand has still not put out 2.2 for SGS. I honestly dont see it coming until february next year.

  13. Yea ive got it running from bell… its better, but i heard soo much about a huge speed increase the hype dosent live up. its faster for sure but nothing like expected, runs a bit smoother. truthfully mixed feelings about the update, but its welcome.

  14. hey ou know what? at least we are all in the same boat… :-)we are all lagging behind heh

  15. I’m very pleased with Froyo. Lots of little improvements. As for speed, if you go to manage applications, you can move a lot of your applications to the external sd card (assuming you have one) and that speeds things up considerably.

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