Bell’s Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant Gets Froyo



The updates keep rolling in, and while no phone is yet to receive Gingerbread, another big-name phone is getting its fair share of Froyo. The Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant on Canada’s Bell is in the midst of receiving the Android update currently, as many users are reporting in. Luck seems to vary when accessing the Samsung Keis software to access the update, but it should be available for all users shortly. Of course, Keis as an update method is a different story entirely, but you’ll need to grab it from Samsung before you can download the update to your Vibrant.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Bell is surprisingly only 1 month late (if you compare to some carriers in Europe).
    I expected them to be 3-6 months late.

  2. Well Keis tells me my phone isn’t supported.. Galaxy S showcase.. I hope they fix this by the time we ever get an update!

  3. so glad i’m rooted & running 2.2 -captivate

  4. Didn’t the Canadian version launch after the US versions?

  5. So when exactly will T-Mobile be getting the froyo update? Love the phone buts

  6. Yes it did. Just shows that it isn’t only Samsung that’s dragging their feet. It has a lot to do with the carrier.

  7. I say samsung is getting alot of bad comments for lack of froyo on the galaxy s. Most of the original galaxy s models have hade android 2.2 for quite some time, I hear its in tmobile usa hands, i believe its the carriers that take forever stripping out whatever they dont want the phone to have and adding crap/bloatware. Then there testing takes a long time as well

  8. Good for them ay. This stuff don’t even make me mad anymore since I slapped Obsidian on my Galaxy V. FFC HURRY UP AND COME IN THE MAIL!

  9. @ Samuel – Exactly.

  10. Samual, these Froyo updates having nothing to do with any of the carriers adding or removing bloatware.

  11. Yes carriers drag their feet.. and then stretch out the update over weeks.. But I can’t blame them for being cautious. If you have many many thousand users of a particular model phone and something goes wrong, your going to have a customer service nightmare. The myTouch 3G update to Froyo was frustrating to wait for, but when it finally came to me, it installed without a problem. That’s what I wanted. You can look at it as bad and slow service if you want, but I see it as taking their time to make sure that I had a good experience with the upgrade. If I had gotten it months sooner, and my phone was worse, I would not have been happy.

  12. What’s all this kies talk? I got ji6 ota on my vibrant wont I get 2.2 the same way? Does kies speed it up?

  13. i love all the google apps updates n other sick shit coming out for devices running 2.2 or higher…good thing i got my galaxy running 2.1still who needs all those updates

  14. im using this version of the galaxy with bell and can’t wait to get home to update. I’m curious though, whats the difference between my virbrant and Tmo version? All i’m really missing is Adobe 10.1 right now, which i’ll definetly make use of on WSHH and zmovies :D, so I don’t know why so many ppl have been tripping for this update over just 1 thing (excluding speed and battery life improvements)

  15. Drizzo, despite the name, you really have a GT-I9000 with a different radio. You essentially have the international version (physical home button, front facing camera).

    The T-Mobile SCH-T959 Vibrant has four capacitive keys at the bottom, no front facing camera, and an AWS frequency radio.

    The T-Mobile version is actually almost identical to the Telus “Fascinate” besides the radio. And the Telus Fascinate is not to be confused with the Verizon Fascinate, which is different.

  16. Interesting that they’re using jk4. A newer build (JK6) has been floating around for a couple of weeks now. I’m still running a modified version of froyo JK2 on my t-mo vibrant, and it’s been great.

  17. the version number for Bell has just remind me like a month and half ago that some folks at XDA’s vibrant forum stated his boss got the Froyo be4 any version leaked…hm..

    anyway, i am rooted and on Froyo via XDA’s cool people there…

  18. thnx croak, is there a difference in the operating system though? mine is able to sideload and wireless tether without rooting and i’ve seen certain phones in the states blocked from those things unless they have 2.2 . I’m curious to know if thats the case here

  19. Updated mine yesterday via the Kies registry hack and wow… this ROM is perfect, loving froyo!

  20. The following is a chat I just had with a T-Mo rep:

    Please wait while we find an agent to assist you…
    You are currently at position number 1 in the queue.
    All agents are currently busy. Please stand by.
    You have been connected to ~Benjamin G.
    ~Benjamin G: Welcome to T-Mobile Chat service . My name is Ben and for your reference my rep ID is 1320444. First, please allow me one moment to review the information you have provided.
    ~Benjamin G: Hi Keith, thanks for waiting.
    Keith Long: Hello
    ~Benjamin G: I can certainly answer this question for you.
    Keith Long: Thanks:)
    ~Benjamin G: Unfortunately, It is up to the phones manufacturer to release updates for the android operating system. As of now, Samsung has not posted a release date for the 2.2 update to the vibrant.
    ~Benjamin G: I am very sorry about this Keith, but it is 100% up to the manufacturer to update the phone.
    ~Benjamin G: Do you have any other questions I can answer for you, Keith?
    Keith Long: Yes
    Keith Long: I just read another article that states Samsung released Froyo (2.2) for Vibrant users on the Bell Mobility carrier.
    Keith Long: Is that a different phone?
    ~Benjamin G: Yes, it most certainly is. Bell Mobility is a Canadian company, and the Samsung Vibrant that they get is most certainly a very different phone.
    Keith Long: Is it different hardware?
    ~Benjamin G: It is a 100% different phone. It does not resemble the american vibrant in any way.
    ~Benjamin G: In looks or in included features. It is completly different, just with the same name.
    Keith Long: ahhhhhh.
    Keith Long: thank you for the clarification.
    Keith Long: Is there any indication that the Tmobile version will ever receive the update to 2.2?
    ~Benjamin G: As of right now, Samsung has not posted a release date for the Froyo update. I am sorry about this!
    Keith Long: thank you.
    ~Benjamin G: You are very welcome. Thank you for chatting in to T-Mobile, and have a good evening.

  21. I updated my Galaxy S Vibrant to Android 2.2 with Samsung Kies and now when i turn it on it wont go passed the startup screen. Any suggestions or help?

  22. Just updated via kies.. update said everything went well but then I got a boot loop. Bell sent me to samsung which told me i hafta bring my device into bell to get repaired because the firmware is not available on their website. :( Samsung also said hed been getting thoughs calls a fair bit just today.. word of caution.

  23. @Dennis

    Here’s the solution. STOCK ANDROID.

    No UI’s.
    No crapware.
    No need to add stuff and test the OS’s software.

  24. t-mobile will wait a long time before receiving an update. This is because the Nexus S is coming out for T-Mobile. This phone is very similar to the galaxy but will come preloaded with 2.2 froyo. They will push that phone before releasing 2.2 froyo for the vibrant it would only make sense from a marketing standpoint. I don’t doubt they will release a froyo for the vibrant, unfortunately due to the new big dog in town, the Nexus S. Our vibrants are going to get the silent treatment until the initial orders are filled for the Nexus S.

  25. @ Droid Guy.. You’re close but not quite correct. The Nexus S will have 2.3, not 2.2 on it. So according to your reasoning, there is now no reason to not have 2.2 on the Vibrant. BTW, 2.3 is called Gingerbread and its been on the news for quite a while now…. Cheers

  26. just updated my bell vibrant to 2.2
    no problems so far…

  27. @ K Lo

    You should have read a little bit before telling them about bell’s vibrant. Our model number is I9000M and the phose is the same as the international version but it’s support different hspa bands. So it was normal we received an update as other countries with I9000 as already received update. Your vibrant is a totaly different and carrier customize phone so it’s normal to take a longer time for samsung to come with an update. It will take them as much work as it took them for the internationnal version but it will affect less people.

  28. updated yesterday. Works good. loving it.

  29. So i got a bell samsung galaxy s vibrant, and iits supposed to be out for us here in canada on this model. my question is, where and how do i get froyo 2.2??

  30. “Current version – PDA JH2/ Phone JH2 / CSC JH2″
    @This device’s version can not be updated”
    What should I do?

  31. I have the Bell Samsung Galaxy S and like Help and Len, my phone is a brick. The Froyo update said it worked and seemed to be completed, i waited ten minutes, and then used the phone, but than froze and after restart the phone is a brick. Bell customer service is useless and they have no decent loaner phones.

  32. I installed Kies and it refuses to recognize my Bell Galaxy S. Samsung’s site is useless. Has anyone had any issues with this?

  33. Upgraded brand new Bell Vibrant. Aftre lots of screwing around to get Kies to recognize the phone, the upgrade went smoothly, but on reboot, I got constant android.process.acore force close errors every few seconds.

    Tried uninstalling the few apps I had, but no dice. Eventually took a factory reset to correct things, but now it’s working nicely.

    So… back up your phone before you begin the upgrade or you could have a looong reinstall ahead of you.

  34. @Phoenix

    To get Kies to recognize your phone, you need to put the phone’s USB connector in Kies Mode.

    Settings > Wireless and networks > USB Settings > Samsung Kies.

    Then reconnect by USB cable and the Kies software on your PC should recognize the phone. If there’s an SD card in the phone, it should recognize that with a separate icon.

    And no, finding Kies Mode isn’t documented anywhere that I could find.


  35. Same thing for me

    I have the Bell Samsung Galaxy S and like Help and Len, my phone is a brick. The Froyo update said it worked and seemed to be completed, i waited ten minutes, and then used the phone, but than froze and after restart the phone is a brick. Bell customer service is useless and they have no decent loaner phones.

  36. Upgraded mine to Android 2.2 with Kies looked fine for a few hours and then started to do force close on every apps I tried to open. Powered the device off and after I got the Boot Load Of Death. I’ll try my luck with best Buy where I got it, but if they suggest to send it for repair, I’ll bring it back home and will try to reload it myself.

  37. Does this include a fix for GPS? I had given up on GPS entirely with my Bell Vibrant, and have just been trying not to think about it for the last however many months in order to avoid a fit of rage. If there is a fix for bell users and I missed it, shame on me, but I still can’t locate one.

  38. Same here, I have Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant unlocked using on Rogers and had it updated to 2.2 3 days ago, Yesterday I removed the SIM card to pu in another phone, Now my Galaxy S won’t get passed the title screen.

  39. Can anyone comment on whether froyo fixes GPS on Bell Vibrant?

  40. I have a Vibrant S, and so far, no sign of an 2.2 update. I’m in the USA, and most news stories discuss the EU regarding updates. Now, more recently, the news stories of the Galaxy S 2.2 update is fading. So I’m wondering if I’m the only one still running 2.1?

  41. Updated my Galaxy S Vibrant to Froyo 2.2 Sunday night. By Monday morning it was bricked. Won’t boot up past the initial boot screen. I didn’t root the device or install any lag fixes. The phone was less than 2 months old. Sent it in to service center and was told by Bell store rep to not expect it back until at least February.

  42. @Dave. Same here its the 16th and no update or anything promising. Great phone just crappy carrier/ manufacturer.

  43. YuP updated my phone today and became a brick as well… in the industrial industry the manufacture would have to replace the phones…. why in the public sector we have to send them away…. it was not our fault our phones died, its all samsungs fault, they should be shipping us new phones with 2.2 installed, Hopefully when the phones return they got 2.2 installed on them….

  44. My Galaxy Vibrant also froze after the update. My father has the same phone and his did also. It won’t get past a flashing Galaxy logo. And what I thought was a free warranty isn’t. Bell World in Sudbury charges $35 for sending you phone out for repair! I refused to get a loaner phone since this would cost me another $25. Bell also refuses to put my payments on hold! They provided this update without sufficient testing. So basically, Bell broke my phone, and they insist I keep paying! How is this fair? What kind of customer service is this? I think there should be a recall on the Galaxy Vibrant.

  45. Just got a replacement for my first Galaxy S Vibrant which bricked after a month. A month after bringing it in I got a brand new replacement. Updated to 2.2, the phone bricked last night after a day and a half! Super pissed. I’m sure if this is common after the 2.2 upgrade the wait for a new phone is going to be longer now.. Loved the phone while it worked but seriously really bad luck with this phone.

  46. no your not alone on the update im from usa and i still havent gotten it isnt there anything we can do to get a refund or something on these crappy phones ive gotten lost so many times cause my gps so much for the fix ive about cussed some people out about the phone i dont know what to

  47. I have a Vibrant S, and so far, no sign of an 2.2 update. I’m in the USA, and most news stories discuss the EU regarding updates. Now, more recently, the news stories of the Galaxy S 2.2 update is fading. So I’m wondering if I’m the only one still running 2.1?

  48. Don’t upgrade your BELL GT i9000m phone… It will brick… and Samsung will not help you so far (5 calls) to social hub support center.

  49. It will brick… cause the internal sd card failure…

  50. ThompsonPaul
    u have to enter in restore mode and select wipe information ( the options that erase all data and left u cellphone like new) that fix the problem with the contacts

  51. FROYO freezes the phone. I advice ppl to not get it

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