‘Tis the Season: Check Out These Android Christmas Ornaments



Thanksgiving has passed, the Eight Nights of Hanukkah have waned away, so we all know what that means. It’s time to trim the tree! And what better way for a geek to deck the halls than with a set of awesome Android Christmas ornaments. Before you get to excited, we must burst the bubble and let you know these can’t be purchased anywhere. They are the handiwork of some readers of one of our favorite blogs, DroidLife, and they are one of a kind.

Made from clay and painted up with festive scarves, this is the kind of thing that makes the Android community so cool. Here is a bit of advice for their makers, though: make more and sell them, there are people who wouldn’t think twice to drop down some money for a set! The Angry Birds ornament alone would be a big hit on Etsy.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Way too ugly IMO…

  2. if you look near the top of the picture there is alot more of those ornaments maybe they are android manufacturers

  3. Hey I want these,, Make EM’ and sell EM’ Please……

  4. cheap quality. not even worth a dollar

  5. Geez 1 & 4 – are you related to Scrooge?
    This is someones hobby and I think they look great.
    Kudos to the maker’s of these who actually do stuff.
    Boo to the nay-sayers who sit on and talk out of their posteriors…

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