Turn Your Android Phone Into a Windows Phone 7 with this Metro UI Launcher



Love the Android operating system but envious of Windows Phone 7 and its Metro UI? Can’t say we feel the same, but just in case you fall into that category you are in luck. Windows Phone Android is a new launcher application that will transform your handset’s UI into the operating system you never wanted, right down to the Internet Explorer tile icon. It is currently available in the Android Market, though consider it in the early stages of development. Check out the video below and decide if it’s worth your $2.99.

[via PocketNow, thanks marx]

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  1. This can’t copy WP7 because if it did then your phone wouldn’t have multi-tasking LMAO

  2. I wouldn’t pay $2.99 for this lame UI

  3. This could be fun..

  4. lol @ $2.99

  5. No thanks. I think I’d rather own a real WP7 phone. If you can’t duplicate that smooth UI of the Samsung Focus on the android, don’t bother skinning my droid.

  6. If the dev paid me $2.99 I would still not install the fugly thing…
    “Hey, let’s ditch the screen where I can place 30 app icons and widgets and have just 6 ugly blue tiles on the screen!”

  7. I’m sure that the Android version of this will be much clunkier and lame. Want a Windows Phone 7 that asks you for your password a million times in 1 minute? Than this is the app for you. Want a Windows Phone 7 that is elegant and does not ask you for your password enough to make you hate your phone? Then get a real Windows Phone 7.

  8. Ah no! Where are all the WP7 lame transitions/animations?

  9. The thing I like about this is that it shows just how Microsoft, Apple and all of their fanboys completely miss why Android is the better system. Theres barely anything either of them can do that can’t be done on Android via an app. And you can’t say “its not baked into the phone” since there really isn’t a such thing on Android. Even if it was baked into the phone it would still be a replaceable app. The iFools and Micronuts think when we say customization we mean wallpapers and arranging icons. They really don’t have the slightest clue on what their phones really can’t do.

  10. I like the music in the video more.

  11. Actually, what I would really like is the hardware from one of those fancy Windows 7 phones running the Android OS.

  12. what josef said J:D

  13. There’s a free lite version in market too… this could be hot once it gets more features… dev says hubs and live tiles coming.

  14. Now why the HELL would I do this…Windows..stick with computers..Android is too good to be messed with ! ! ! !

  15. lol i love all the microsoft hate here on phandroid…I’ll say it again…Apple and Android lovers have so much in common :)

    But anyway

    Finally, I was just saying the other day…as much as i love android(and for the most part, this site), I would love to have the UI on android and here it is :)

    Definitely going to check this out before i decide to return my mytouch 4g today

  16. what a dumb app its just blocks

  17. @storm

    iFools – that’s a funny one :)

    I get what you are saying about Android, but I think it’s strength is also it’s weakness. Time will tell. I personally just want a phone that works and is a joy to use. I could not stand my Android MyTouch I got that released in October. The minute I started using WP7 my brain stopped hurting from all the unfettered craziness of Android. It’s not for everyone.

  18. although looking at it, it lacks the transitions that i ahve on my HD7…wonder would it be worth it to try it and see where they will go with it…

    Ashame it cant copy the zune software fully while keeping Android market lol

  19. @bluemountainb – WTF are you talking about? You haven’t ever used an Android phone, have you? Why are you here?

  20. @James I was just about to say that. I think he means iOS because I get asked for a password like once every few months on Android but on iOS it is several times a day.

  21. LOL @ Momma B – the OS is just blocks LOL

  22. make it free! I wouldn’t pay for it though. I’m going to get the focus, If I don’t get 2.2 before next year. Lol.

  23. Looks like someone beat me to it. I was gonna do something like this a while back but felt I had better things to do. Regardless, it’s not showing in the market for Droid Eris…

  24. is there even skins for WP7 or is there gonna be like 15 phones with a bunch of Blocks as a UI in “the coming months”?

  25. I agree with the above… WinMo7 UI is definatly a step back for user friendlyness.

  26. WP7 UI looks like a bunch of kids threw a few random colored blocks together.

    It’s like going from a graphical user interface to a DOS based text interface.

    No thanks. I’d rather use the crappy iPhone than WP7.

  27. For anyone wondering the music is from an all girl band called Bond. Good stuff classical with a twist.

  28. another +1 to android…options are what make the OS great. I’m not saying I want that on my phone, but at least I have the option to

  29. @James

    LOL, yes I have used an Android phone and my husband too. We both gladly upgraded to WP7.

    Funny b/c I am usually accusing iFools, LOL, of never having used the WP7 before they right something stupid like “DOA” after every article. My husband and I are both business consultants and we hated Android. Competition is sweet, isn’t it?! =)

  30. this isn’t even worth using if the developer paid you $2.99

  31. @bluemountainb Thats cool my grandma like stuff simple too.

  32. @Storm14K.
    Exactly…thats the beauty of Android…

  33. @jdog

    LOL, I think a lot of people like simple = the phone works, doh!

  34. Not nearly as sharp as the custom “WP7 theme” posted in the Themes forum, now THAT I would pay for!

  35. I disagree with the lack of not being user friendly
    With most of my android phones…
    The Simple look of the UI makes it less busy looking than a bunch of widgets on android but even more advanced with the interactions of the live tiles when you compare it to OS
    and then when you jump into each of the hubs, it delivers a much more easy and just pleasant experience…

    With all that the android fanatics and apple fanatics say about what it lacks, In my opinion…and i stress MY OPINION…it does quite a few things better then Android and IOS.

  36. SMH, I wouldn’t even pirate this POS app

  37. @bluemountainb You have never used an Android phone you troll, I have been using and for 2 years and in that time I have never had one app that made me sign in with my password multiple times. Now on a iPod Touch with iOS it asks me like 5 to 10 times in one day for my password but you don’t even know how Android works and you want us to take you serious.
    GTFO troll

  38. @carmendiva Is it true that if you let the screen turn off that when you turn it back on you have to load the app all over again?
    Also is it true that some apps like games take minutes to start because of load times compared to seconds on Android?
    Can you chose to download a home replacement and make your phone look like an iPhone or Android phone?
    What is the biggest Micro Sd card I can put in one of those phones?
    Do any of them have a Super LCD or a Super AMOLED screen?
    Is it true that they run on last year Snapdragon chips?
    What I’m trying to say is Android FTW

  39. It works but its boring! I am getting my refund.

  40. This is so dumb. If you want a WM7 phone just get one. They will be free in a couple months and than joining the KIN in the graveyard soon SUCKERS. LMAO

  41. @Jdog25–That was cute….However, nothing you said is a key factor truly makes the OS(Android) or breaks it(WP7) and some of it’s exaggeration.

    Case in point…Takes minutes to load application? I have had nothing but top of the line devices with Android…Gone are the dark days of the Eris…I would not have this phone if it took longer then 5-7 seconds to do anything

    Home replacement–An Android thing….Which most of times I read, the reason to download them is usually because the stock launcher, sense launcher, blur launcher, etc. are laggy and things like launcher pro/adw or whatever speed it up

    Micro Sd card–I can’t speak on that. My HD7 doesn’t have an SD…Which is fine with me and other WP7 do…I’ve heard you can have a 32GB card in some…

    The Venue Pro and Samsung Focus both use Super Amoled

    Last years Snapdragon processor–yet still can keep up with speed compared to my mytouch 4g I also own and other various Android Devices

    So i am not seeing your point

  42. I can’t believe you are resorting to calling me a troll =) I mean, seriously. To each their own and I am certainly entitled to my opinion. Consumers (i.e. not business people with hectic lifestyles) may actually love Android and I’m ok with that. However, when you connect to a corporate network you have to set up a password for your phone. The android is constantly asking you for your password because of it’s “open” nature. Your data isn’t as secure so they lock you down all the time…and I mean, ALL THE TIME. I even had it hang up on someone who was calling me when I tried to answer it and it asked me for my password instead. Talk about inefficiency. I’m sorry you don’t like my comments, but seriously I think it’s useful for Android fans to understand that there are other perspectives out there. Maybe there are some things you all should fix on your phone too?!?

  43. just to add. Amazon is selling any WM7 for a penny. Go get them if you want them. No one is buying WM phones. If you need it for work get a BB if you need it for fun get an Andriod. Simple.

  44. @Jaswinder, to me Sales are not everything….Case in point, the iphone sales more then any one android phone….It takes the whole swarm of Android phones from the latest Mytouch 4g to the crappiest of backflips to actually be able to beat the sales of the iphone…But the Iphone and it’s OS really are not that spectacular of a phone to me…Yet it’s sales say it is a great phone because millions buy it…But many will disagree that is a great phone

  45. @bluemountain
    It might have been a lil bit better if you had mentioned corporate network in your first post mentioning “asking for my password multiple times.”
    Just saying…
    Yea Android isnt the best for that type of thing. I dont really know cuz I dont use my phone for that, but maybe a 3rd party app like Touchdown might help?

  46. Some terrible camera work in that vid…

  47. I doesn’t make any sense is that why if 2 people are so convinced that WP7 is better then Android, why do they feel the need you post comments on a all Android website? Isn’t that what sites like Engadget are for. The reason you came back is to compare this app with WP7 just to see if you made the right choice. I leave comments on all Apple sites taking about the things that are wrong with iOS but that is because I own an iPod Touch 4. I think Android is better then WP7 but I will never go and troll one of their sites unless I like both Android and WP7. The only reason that I write bad comments on an Apple site is because I think they should improve on different parts of the OS and at the moment they are 50/50 with Android. I don’t think that iOS makes a good phone OS so that is why I stick with my Nexus One.

  48. Jdog25, idk if that was directed towards me or not
    But i do own an android phone so i don’t consider myself a troll(anybody who recognizes my name from the forum would know i’ve owned quite a few over the past year)…

    I don’t think Android is a bad OS…But I don’t think WP7 is a bad OS either

  49. Jdog25, idk if that was directed towards me or not
    But i do own an android phone so i don’t consider myself a troll(anybody who recognizes my name from the forum would know i’ve owned quite a few over the past year)…

    I don’t think Android is a bad OS…But I don’t think WP7 is a bad OS either

  50. Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship or limitation, or both. The synonymous term freedom of expression is sometimes used to indicate not only freedom of verbal speech but any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used.


  51. You two should really learn to explain your point of view because your first comments really sounded like you were both trolling Phandroid. I try to include that I own both a iPod Touch and an Android phone on sites that are for one OS only or everybody thinks your trollin.


  52. I went back to read my initial and subsequent posts and at no point did i come off as a troll. i even stated that I love android in my initial posts…While you and others stated the “benefits” of android and it’s features, i merely took the time to discuss the “benefits” of WP7…and i even prefaced what i said with “my opinion” as to not offend anyone…

    As far as bluemountain, i dont think he is a troll. I think he merely typed incorrectly.
    In fact none of the 50+ post from any user was trolling but merely a debate over Windows phone 7 and Android

  53. Wow, a lot of these posts sound like what Apple fanboys would say…just for Android. I thought it’d be a bit better with the Android community. WP7 has a very impressive UI regarded by design communities and your favorite tech blogs. I own both a Nexus One and WP7 handset. I choose my WP7 over the Android for the UI/UX experience that is far better in pretty much every way over my Nexus One (equipped with Launcher Pro).

  54. If the dev paid me $2.99 I would still not install the fugly thing…
    “Hey, let’s ditch the screen where I can place 30 app icons and widgets and have just 6 ugly blue tiles on the screen!”

    Agreed. Also, fuck you for posting this phandroid

  55. @bluemountainb so I think you misunderstood why you have to put in a password each time for Exchange Activesync and any other corporate email application. It’s not Android that requires a password but a protocol your IT administrator requires. I know that there are open exchange accounts out there but honestly for the sake of security I would rather have those security protocols put into place just in case my phone was lost or stolen. Also, if you are having problems with the phone asking for a password to answer a call then you should of kept it updated and made sure it wasn’t the application causing the problem. It wasn’t the OS causing that problem.

  56. And just to make it clear I use a corporate email account that has information about patients meaning if I let that information out I could be sent to jail and fine a hefty amount under HIPPA. Maybe you just want to let all your info be seen by someone who swiped your phone…

  57. What’s the difference between tiles and icons WP7? One is larger than the other. Who wants tiles taking up the whole screen? That’s like me starting my computer and instead of a background i have tiles taking up my whole screen. Horrible design. Just horrible. I really hope WP7 is Kin all over again. They deserve to FAIL with an idea/OS like that.

  58. Its the Jitterbug of Smart phones….

  59. lol yes because i computer and a smart phone are the same thing haha


    So my IT deparatment has put more stringent settings on Android Phones because of it’s open nature, I agree!! And, yeah, I know what an Exchange Server is. But they didn’t have to put the same level on iPhones, Blackberries or Windows Phones. Again, I think the open nature of the OS is its weakness and its strength. But there are some of us that may not be inclined to use it because of that. You all need to understand that there are some people that are not going to go with the android craze, k. It’s our perogative and not the end of the world for you. I am not trolling, I used the phone for 3 months and I liked it the first day. I can see why a general consumer might have fun with it.

  61. I am in love with my Epic, but I have to admit that I think WP7 looks more futuristic than Android. Granted, between ROMS and all the different themes and home replacements, etc, etc, you could probably make your UI pretty futuristic, but to me, this WP7 looks neat. Stop hating on people for their personal opinions as to a visual aesthetic. I’m looking at you, JDog25.

  62. I think the problem between them is that the android guy/girl is wondering why you would come on a site like phandroid if you don’t own a android phone knowing if you say something negative about android there will be backlash. Undertand under the law freedom of speech also includes common sense. Coming into a forum and saying somehting anti- andorid is not a very responsible thing IMO. Basically keep it to yourself because it reality we are talking about the app and this app sucks balls. As for WP7 I could care less it doesn’t catch my eye is looks dull and if android gives you a headache then you have more problems than just that. Basically go to Wp7 site and lick all there pussys cause to be honest you came in here and look for a fight and that is not right so I beleive he is right for calling you a troll. And I never seen your screen name lol so your not famous nor no one caers who you are lol

  63. @ohboy I don’t hate on opinions I hate on trolls and since they said they weren’t trolling I said I was sorry. Look at me all you want.

  64. Thanks JOker

  65. Windows Phone looks like another iPhone, BORING. No thanks on this app, if I wanted the UI $400 phone to be boring, I would’ve bought an actual Windows Phone.

  66. BTW wait til Microsoft ditches WP7 like they did with every smartphone OS prior to this one. I had a WP5 phone, NO UPGRADES. I got a WP6.5 phone, NO UPGRADES. WHAT THE HELL? Windows Phone is a waste of money. Once they upgrade the OS, it is outdated.

  67. Joker, no one said i was famous lol
    and i wasnt looking for a “fight”
    i dont get off on cyber fights with random strangers.
    I come to the site because i like to be updated on things
    that interest me(android) and it was interesting that another thing that interest me(WP7) was being mentioned so i posted.
    Obviously, ppl get offended when anything is said to praise another OS…It’s just a phone not that big of a deal as so many people have made it. It’s a phoneeeee but thanks for the amusing post :)

  68. You guys suck….I’m the most Android biased person around. And this ish is alright…Android ftw tho

  69. I read all of your contents and everyone had a valid point, concern, and praise for the app. What I don’t understand is that if someone has a difference of opinion, why such a hostile retort? When I got my Blackberry phone I loved it. Until I ran into RIM’s storm that killed my thoughts on RIM. There are great things that blackberry phones do better than android phones. Iphones do some things better than android phones. I’ve never played with the new windows phone but I’m sure they do some things better than android phones. Android phones do some things better than other phones. Respect. Name calling is unnecessary.

  70. must be a slow news day to print this useless piece of info…if I wanted a WP7 I would buy it, also wouldn’t be on an Android blog???

  71. carmendiva
    u guys are fucking trolls i understand what you mean with the whole freedom of speech bullshit but come on seriously ?everyone on this site are most likely android owners or fans of the OS… HENCE THE NAME (PHANDROID) so quite obviously if you come on here saing you enjoy WP7 over ANDROID URE OBVIOUSLY TRYING 2 CREATE DRAMA this isnt even about WP7 its about an app …and y r u guys even on here if u like WP7 SO MUCH? fuck talking about u like being informed go 2 engadget .com 2 be informed dnt come on phandroid talkin shit about the empire google created

  72. I would rather have the wp7 unlock screen than the launcher…

  73. I like the transitions WP7 gives for screen rotation and other areas in the phone when selecting a tile.. IMO that is the only thing that android needs.. other than that.. Android is at a level 8, IOS is at a level 5, and WP7 is at a 3.

    i put android in a level 8 because they can clean up the UI and make it a little more gorgeous. maybe 2.3 will be the answer.
    and talking about UI and the looks of it. i hate the folder icon when you throe all your apps together.. is there an app to change the pic of it?

  74. *throw

  75. As an HD7 owner I think these comments are soooo hilarious. Watch all the hardcore Android fanboys ignite into flames!

    Andriod rocks in it’s own right… well the newer versions anyway. I wonder how many sleepless nights the android hardcores have had as of late now that they have to troll iPhone AND WP7 forums spreading their propaganda.

    To each their own guys. If WP7 isn’t for you then just let it be. Microcrap has the right to try for a market share. In the case of Windows 7 and WP7 you have to give them some props.

  76. as an afterthought fonts are licensed not sold… is Segoi UI usable for this kind of thing?

  77. Someone said above that android is more then just changing a wallpaper or customizing. But isn’t Windows Phone more then just tiles? Their overall OS is nice looking inside the individual tiles.

  78. So if i say, I like WP7 that automatically means I’m a troll? Ha ok, good logic

  79. Did anyone actually post anything about the app?

  80. You know, I just downloaded an alternative launcher from the Android market to try on my HTC Desire. After about twenty seconds of playing around I thought Wow! that’s one fugly UI, and uninstalled it immediately. Come to discover it was yet another a Metro UI imitator. Eeesh!

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