Notion Ink Adam Pre-Orders to Ship January 6



The Notion Ink Adam is now up for pre-order, and if you are among those planning to grab the long-awaited Android tablet it’s only fair to let you know you will still be waiting a few weeks longer. January 6th is the date pegged for the Adam to ship out to awaiting buyers. It also coincides nicely with CES, meaning we will no doubt be getting some hands-on time with the device on the show floor.

The Adam ranges from $375 to $550 depending on the options you choose.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. Finally. I’ve been waiting for this thing forever.

  2. Hmm, still no preorder email for me. Wonder what’s up.

  3. Yeah, you’ll be able to get some hands-on time with this, and easily 10 other tablets at CES. I wouldn’t even dream of pre-ordering this without seeing what will unveiled in roughly 25 days.

  4. @Art, check your spam folder. That’s where mine was.

  5. @Pasha, it arrived not long after I posted. Thanks though.

  6. I got my preorder in my spam. Says I have to wait til 12 pm PST, its 12:30… Hmm, good job with the QA there…

  7. Still haven’t got my email to preorder. Not in spam either. Is it available for the US?

  8. Should be, but even if you had it, you can’t pre-order it. Makes me want to do the pre-order less and less… 1 hour gone and still says 12 PST

  9. seems not everyone who has posted in the comments (family, yeah sure) has gotten an email, i hope they dont mess this up

    also because in the email it says you can only with order Visa and AmEx, no Mastercard or paypal, so a lot of people in europe wont be able to order even if they get the email

    didnt get a mail myself either, but i wouldnt preorder anyway, there are no pictures or videos of an actual product anywhere, no way i’m sending them $400+ for a rendering

  10. I’m with Mike on this one. I was very excited about this product and still am but the fact that a lot of questions still haven’t been answered like android market availability and don’t chirp in with he stated it will cause if it’s gonna be available it needs to be concrete and stated on the website instead of me having to dig through that worthless blog for his comments. Like Mike stated there needs to be video of it working especially with the UI he’s putting on it instead of pictures and renderings. I’m not sure what’s going on with the whole thing about Mastercard not being accepted for pre-order purchase but that just might have been the sign I needed to tap the breaks and wait for reviews from the tech blogs before I throw down that kind of cash for it. I believe and hope it’s gonna be a great product but there’s just too much secrecy with this thing especially this close to pre-order time

  11. I’ve seen videos of the prototype around. I’m very interested in this product but the pre-order isn’t immediately obvious. If you want my money, you’re gonna have to make it easy for me.

    The PixelQI screen is the biggest selling point for me.

  12. Will it include android market?

  13. its obvious they lack a lot of experience. the sales policy that has been put online is lacking all sorts of information, even showing _______ where info should be.

    they need to get their act together FAST, cause customers are already walking away, heard a lot of people decided not to preorder because all of this.

    Notion Ink needs to post real photos, real videos and a complete list of features, the time for mysteries has past.

    just my humble opinion :)

  14. Seems a bit suspect to me…if you read the terms and conditions it looks like it’s written by a 10 year old.

    Also the $50 shipping charge is a major fail!

  15. They confirmed that it will have android market along with there version of their own store just so you all know the android market will be with it

  16. Wow… $50 shipping. Also, it looks like it will ship in 6-8 weeks according to order page for those that did not get in early enough. I am going to wait and see what new Honeycomb tablets are announced next month and decide what to get.

  17. 50$ isnt that bad, i’ve seen much worse ($100+ for shipping something with fedex, from japan to europe).
    i also understand they picked that shipping price so its the same for everyone, worldwide.
    and the 6-8 weeks is for people who preorder, i think.
    i’m gonna wait until december 18th, apparently a video will be posted on that date, with full coverage of the Adam.
    i just hope the rumor about the Pixel Qi version being available again in 3 months is false :(

  18. Do they have other products available on the market? I mean, how can you trust them? i’ve only seen some renders of their device and some presentation of a prototype, sure it looks good on paper, but until I’ll see a positive review from an important and trustworthy website I won’t pay a dollar, they delayed the release over and over again, the initial release date June I believe!

    And I’m pretty sure it won’t have google Apps pre-installed, but that’s not a major issue for me because Android Market was installed on all devices that didn’t have it.

    In Europe the Pixel-Qi + 3G will cost around 750$ (including the shiping, custom taxes and VAT), shiping it directly from China is not a very good marketing strategy IMO. Is it that hard to find a retailer in the major

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