Dec 9th, 2010

Who is Eric J? That’s what a lot of people are asking after AndroidForums member viperguy586 accidentally found a bizarre easter egg on the HTC Incredible. The oddity was confirmed by several members and then ned4spd8874 posted the following video for all to see:

Basically you just:

  • Open the software keyboard
  • Hold down “B” until you get an “)”
  • Hold down “V” until you get an “(“
  • You suddenly see the following as an auto-correct option

)(HTC_RUDB_v00.04.03_EricJ. )


So who is Eric J? Probably an HTC or Android programmer who left himself a little call sign. Or maybe he was debugging and accidentally forgot to delete a snippet of code. Regardless of how it got there, the bottom line is that it’s completely useless. Just a fun little random side note to help you while away the hours.

Give it a try on your phone and let us know if it works in the comments!