Huawei Ideos X5 and X6 Officially Announced


Huawei-IDEOS-x6-Android-FroyoBack in October we talked about the Ideos X5 and X6; everything then was an official rumor. A few days back, Huawei made the official announcement in Australia. Both phones will launch with Android 2.2, nothing mentioned or official on 2.3.

Part of the press release:

“More than half of all Australians are already using Huawei‟s products, including mobile phones, tablets and wireless dongles, which are customised and rebadged by the operator,” said Mark Treadwell, Head of Devices Marketing, Huawei Australia. “While we will continue to work closely with our key partners, Huawei will now also have a brand of its own.”

“We believe that people have been paying too much for the latest mobile technology and we can give consumers a choice of affordable mobile devices without compromising on innovative design and cutting-edge technology. This is about making high-tech devices within everyone‟s reach,” Mr. Treadwell explained.

The X6 is the higher end of the two phones. Expect some features like a 4.1″ screen, Dolby Mobile surround sound, HDMI port and a 5MP camera with HD recording; just a few of this things to expect. The X5 is no slouch itself. A 3.8 inch WVGA screen, HSPA, GPS, Wi-Fi, and a 5MP camera(sorry, doesn’t look like HD for this one).

No details on pricing have been revealed.

[via Unwired View | Full Press Release]

Tyler Miller

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  1. Woohoo! Go Huawei!

  2. I want one of those… too bad it’ll never come to the states..

    P.s. Tyler dude you put “X5” twice in the first sentence of your article… threw me off a little bit lol…

  3. i dont think ive ever actually seen a huawei in real life are they not in the states or letting other companies take the branding

  4. Did I? I think you’re trippin, yo.

  5. How do you neglect to mention the processor..? Had to click through to Unwired to find it.

    Phones look good, definitely eager to give them a good look over.

  6. Huawei is already on sale in the US. The T-Mobile Comet is the Huawei Ideos.


    Also if you return to the original Chinese-language posts from October you would notice a spec sheet that lists quadband UMTS which includes the AWS band (aka T-Mobile US 1700) as one of the options.


  7. the x6 listed as a coming soon model on spice mobile India’s web site though re-branded as spice mi-410

  8. CricKet wireless offers the Huawei Ascend as a smartphone. Not as good as the X5 / X6. Hopefully CricKet will be offering these soon – word is they’re gonna drop several smartphones in early 2011.

  9. the x5 has already been released in australia for $349 !!

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