Chrome to Phone Gets an Update, as well



One more Google App for the docket, Chrome to Phone has received it’s very own update as well. The changelog for the latest version notes the addition of a history tab to track links sent to your phone. These can be sorted by how recently they were beamed over to your device. Other than that, we assume some bugfixes are under the hood and general tweaks and enhancements. Grab it from the Market now.

[thanks to the many that sent this in!]

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  1. There is no need to write a post about every app that gets an update… this is a simple update that adds history feature

  2. It still doesn’t support Google Apps accounts.

  3. @ lame not everyone knows about it.

  4. If someone could reach out to Google and ask them why this app is still unavailable in Mexico, I’d appreciate it. I hate having to use MarketAccess to access Gapps

  5. @dan not everyone knows about every single app update… im saying this is routine… there is no point to report it… apps update every day

  6. if you don’t like, just keep scrolling.

    i enjoy these updates, keep em up!

  7. @lame um, just don’t click on the link. Phandroid should be reporting all Android news. Updates to the fundamental apps that are available to the phone _IS_ news.

    It’s also nice that they give a few details on what the update adds/changes.

  8. @ Lame, Google apps do not get updates ” every day ” so its cool to know when they do because it probably brings big changes. Keep up the good work :)

  9. @2 Steve Watson:
    It does, but your domain administrator must enable it. It’s a GAFYD issue, and it’ll be force-rolled out to all GAFYD domain accounts in the coming months unless you opt-in early.

  10. @lame

    why not?, better than having no updated news of any sort lol

  11. @lame
    speak for yourself please. dont like it it, ignore it. this android site is everything android. as might as well post a few android updates in the market if not all

  12. still not found in market.
    N1 with froyo @ indonesia.

  13. What a bunch of complaining @ss ppl, you guys should own iphones instead !!!

  14. Cool about time they added more features to the actual app. Hopefully some day they could add a Phone to Chrome app. That would be sick.

  15. @Ace Curry – android2cloud i believe is the name of it.

  16. Well it’s about time Google. Way to make the app the way it should have been from day 1.

  17. @lame,

    There’s no reason to write a comment on every Phandroid story that doesn’t interest you. Just move along…

    I personally like the stories about what’s in updates that are important to a large group of users…

  18. @lame….i choose not to auto update….so i like knowing when an update is available..and guess what? I dont even mind seeing posts about apps i havent installed. Why dont you make your own site and post only info about the apps you like..and be your only follower

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