Dec 9th, 2010

google_nexus_s_21-500x540The Best Buy mobile blog just posted a Nexus S FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). The information posted reveals nothing new; but it does have some good information for those of you looking to get their hands on the phone as smoothly as possible.

A tiny snippet of the FAQ:

Will Best Buy be taking pre-orders for the Nexus S?
There will be no pre-orders on the Nexus S. Units will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis on launch day. We will use a ticketing system much like we do on Black Friday to allocate inventory and keep the process organized.

Will my local Best Buy be carrying the Nexus S? I talked to the staff there and they didn’t know.
Sorry for the confusion. We are still in the process of getting all of our stores prepared for launch. The Nexus S will be available on launch date in both locked and unlocked versions at all Best Buy stores, Best Buy Mobile stand-alone locations and online.

Will Best Buy Mobile stores that don’t usually sell T-Mobile carry the Nexus S, since it’s an unlocked device?
Yes. There will be inventory in all stores, as well as available for purchase online as a T-Mobile device and shipped to home.

Can I buy the Nexus S at a T-Mobile store?
No, T-Mobile stores will not be carrying the Nexus S at launch. Best Buy stores, Best Buy Mobile stand-alone stores and and are currently the only points of distribution.

Will your stores have displays for the Nexus S so I can get a feel for the size, screen and other features?
Yes. Every Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile location will have either a mock or live unit for display purposes.

Will there be a limit on numbers of phones per order/customer?
Two per customer is the limit. Same rules apply to activated units and units purchased outright.

[via TMo News]

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