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google_nexus_s_21-500x540The Best Buy mobile blog just posted a Nexus S FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). The information posted reveals nothing new; but it does have some good information for those of you looking to get their hands on the phone as smoothly as possible.

A tiny snippet of the FAQ:

Will Best Buy be taking pre-orders for the Nexus S?
There will be no pre-orders on the Nexus S. Units will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis on launch day. We will use a ticketing system much like we do on Black Friday to allocate inventory and keep the process organized.

Will my local Best Buy be carrying the Nexus S? I talked to the staff there and they didn’t know.
Sorry for the confusion. We are still in the process of getting all of our stores prepared for launch. The Nexus S will be available on launch date in both locked and unlocked versions at all Best Buy stores, Best Buy Mobile stand-alone locations and online.

Will Best Buy Mobile stores that don’t usually sell T-Mobile carry the Nexus S, since it’s an unlocked device?
Yes. There will be inventory in all stores, as well as available for purchase online as a T-Mobile device and shipped to home.

Can I buy the Nexus S at a T-Mobile store?
No, T-Mobile stores will not be carrying the Nexus S at launch. Best Buy stores, Best Buy Mobile stand-alone stores and bestbuy.com and are currently the only points of distribution.

Will your stores have displays for the Nexus S so I can get a feel for the size, screen and other features?
Yes. Every Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile location will have either a mock or live unit for display purposes.

Will there be a limit on numbers of phones per order/customer?
Two per customer is the limit. Same rules apply to activated units and units purchased outright.

[via TMo News]

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  1. Well there it is in black and white :
    Does the Nexus S support T-Mobile’s 4g network?
    No. The Nexus S is a 3G device and does not support HSPA+ data.

    I guess I wont be getting one of these phones then.

  2. @going_home Yeah that bothers me to but unless you get more then 7.2mbps where you live then it doesn’t matter. People who were getting 5mbps on their old Android phone said that when they bought the Mytouch 4G they were still getting the same speeds.

  3. Does anyone know the price?!

  4. @Reap $529 off contract
    $199 with 2 year contract

  5. @jdog25 thanks I might pick me up one with a 2 year

  6. “No, T-Mobile stores will not be carrying the Nexus S “at launch.””
    I hope that lends greater credibility to the idea that they will release it through T-Mobile Later on. :)

  7. Love Android and everything it stands for!!! It was a real treat to spot a Droid figureine on the big bang theory tonight!!!!

  8. I had the my touch 4g and 4g is so spotty. so not offering 4g on the nexus s is fine with me. I live in the bay area and i was able to pre-order mine at the best buy by my house. they said they were only getting in 6 devices so happy I’m guaranteed mine. Guess it just matters where you live and if best buy is offering the device via pre order

  9. “Running the Neocore and Softweg benchmarks on the phone, I found that Gingerbread doesn’t improve raw CPU or graphics performance the way 2.2 did. But the phone scored faster than Samsung Froyo devices on the memory and file-management tasks, which is intriguing and could lead to the phone feeling faster.”

    Google fixed something Samsung still have problems with. Can’t wait for a leaked SGS with Gingerbread.

  10. I don’t understand why anyone would release a new phone on T-mobile without HSPA+ capabilities.

    No SD card!? Why does it feel like this phone is going to be a flop?

  11. “… both locked and unlocked versions…”
    Wait, there’s a locked version? I’m assuming this is the version on-contract? I thought ALL the Nexus S phones were unlocked!

  12. Guess they won’t really have to worry about the two phone limit at Best Buy the way this one is being accepted by the Android community. ;-)

  13. @acr, if the rom is from the sdk you will not notice any performance increases

  14. @ravi
    locked means on contract.

  15. in this case that is :P

  16. Alli know is that I will not but this phone. I’m gonna wait for my n1 to get the 2.3 update and thats pretty much like the nexus s just not 720p recording and a little smaller screen. Total disappointment from google

  17. I think I am going to wait for the Moto Olympus… or another dual core phone ;)

  18. I’d be interested if it wasn’t Samsung.

  19. Id be interested if it had AT&T 3G radios and a microSD slot. I would also rather have seen it with dual-core since that is the next-gen. Ill probably pick up a used AT&T N1 until the next Google phone.

  20. buy SIDEKICK TWIST!! Phone-Killer!!! Nexus look nice.. no qwerty? no insurance cover…

  21. I the iPhone 4 is 3g as well.

    4G isnt an established technology yet and won’t be until end of 2011.

    Right now what they’re releasing is nothing more then turbo 3g and unproven.

    I am definitely picking this shit up. Hoping though I qualify for the fucking upgrade!

  22. I think I’ve resolved to getting one. The G2 has HSPA+ but this has SAMOLED, 1GHz Hummingbird, a larger screen, Stock Gingerbread and is very sexy looking (to me at least).

    The MT4G has everything I need and want except its not stock android. I don’t want any skins because they delay upgrades so I’ve resolved to the NS. I’ll just have to get over not having the led notifications. I will miss that.

  23. I wonder how long us Nexus One owners will have to wait to get 2.3 ???

  24. Other than the screen, I don’t see a single good reason for buying this phone. Stacked against that are the obsolete processor, no card slot, and no HSPA+. Given the release date and the rushed impression the hardware limitations leave, I can’t help feeling that this phone is targeted at the game market and that Google accepted the hardware compromises rather than wait until after xmas.

  25. T-Mobile corporate customers cannot upgrade to the Nexus S at Best Buy, even if they are upgrade eligible. Best Buy cannot process T-Mobile corporate accounts. In other words, actual corporate developers cannot buy the “developer’s phone” unless they shell out $529.

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