Wrong! Android Team’s Dan Morrill Says No 1GHz Requirement for Gingerbread



Let’s all let out a collective sigh of relief: Android Open Source and Compatibility Tech Lead Dan Morrill has sent out a reassuring tweet cutting down the rumors flying that Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) will require a 1GHz processor minimum. The requirement was the word from an LG rep via their Facebook page, but Morrill had this to say:

“Random note: there’s no hard minimum processor requirement for Gingerbread. Trust me, if there were I’d know.”

So there you have it. And furthermore, it seems it is still technically possible for phones such as the Motorola Droid to receive Gingerbread (and we should have known as much based on the numerous ROMs already floating around for sub-1GHz devices) as Morrill clarified any “requirements” are very similar to those for Froyo:

“…Android has never had hard processor reqmts, tho older devices do fall behind. GB H/W needs are similar to FY.”

We’ll shake our internet finger at LG and ask that they get their facts straight before getting a community of Android users all shook up over their fallacious statements. But let’s also remember that even though a 1GHz minimum doesn’t exist it does not mean all phones with lower-specced processors will still receive Gingerbread.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Verizon US Droid X, 2.3.340.MB810 Update just hit East Coast. Downloading now.

  2. When will you less technical guys stop equating MHz/GHz with the power of a processor? It depends on how the CPU is designed, what kind (if any) of co-processors are available, etc.

  3. We all knew this already because this blog posted two stories exactly like this MONTHS ago. These two posts have cost you a lot of credibility, at least in my eyes.

  4. Glad you caught the ‘tumor’ quickly ;)

  5. Thats why instead of trust what other people say, I trust what the people at google say, And why would there be a minimum anyway. Its not like there ever was one before. There are many other factors that could cause a phone not to et gingerbread. Such as HDDspace. If it can’t fit you can’t install it now can you?

  6. I read somewhere (maybe engadget or android&me) that gingerbread will probably run BETTER than Froyo on low-specced devices

  7. Gingerbread works on a rooted eris. but laggy and without camera support

  8. You can trust the people at Google all you want. They aren’t the ones porting GB to the individual handsets. Ultimately, it will be the manufacturer, followed by the carrier, who will decide if the handset gets upgraded.

    Stop mixing apples and oranges.

    Khalid, three valid options for you:

    1. shut up
    2. start your own Android site
    3. shut up

    Thanks for playing. We have some lovely parting gifts for you.

  9. @Khalid. As you can see, this was posted in regards to what Dan Morrill says likely in response to LG’s statement. It is noteworthy to mention as it just happened yesterday – as opposed to what you may have read months ago. It is a statement challenging a different statement in which we reported on yesterday, made by a representative of a large company who has had 2.3 recently made available to them to test on their devices.

    I do not see the problem, I’m sorry if we have lost credibility in your eyes.

  10. @Khalid. Couldn’t agree more.
    @Phandroid. How dare you post news on your Android news site. May your servers crash and your children die in a fire.

  11. Great, i’m very happy to hear that. Yesterday on my htc wildfire i have installed the last rom from Cyanogenmod (6.1.0 rc2) and with jit enabled and overclock to 768Mhz, i obtained a magnificient 5.2 MFLOPS!

  12. I want that teddy android for me…ups! pardon for my girlfriend, for my girlfriend. hehe

  13. @8 It sounds like someone has some serious anger issues. That’s not healthy, you know.
    Whilst I could write the PHP files and create the database necessary (I wouldn’t personally want to rely on WordPress) I wouldn’t want to have to rewrite all of the news (almost all of the smaller tech blogs essentially write posts based on stories from the larger blogs and news organisations, and that’s no insult) the guys here do. It’s almost funny that you get so defensive over one comment.

  14. @9 I get that you felt you had to comment on it, but I’m sure a very similar issue came up several months ago via some rumor and someone at Google debunked it. I just felt it ridiculous that it needed talking about again. My apologies if what I described didn’t actually happen.

    @8 That’s how you handle criticism.

  15. If you’re looking for a job, LG is having an open spot for Customer Support Rep.

  16. “tho older devices do fall behind”

    G1,Sapphire users, this is for us :_(

  17. #16, at what point do you want to keep using an older phone? I mean this is no different than anything else.

    while a 5 year old pc can run ubuntu just fine, it’s not going to be as smooth as something newer than that.

    same thing applies here.

  18. #16 your phone won’t explode because it’s not running the latest version of Android, it will continue to work exactly like it does today. I would say anyone who bought a G1 has had pretty good value from Google’s update thus far.

  19. lol

    did someone say he wanted a plush toy as his gf?

  20. What i want to know is why did Google wait so long to debunk this? Reports came out months ago that a 1GHz processor was necessary for Gingerbread

  21. @20 and at the time Google debunked the rumour.

  22. I think it might be possible form Google, but for mobile phones’ brands they will not do that for us because they would like us to buy the new model like HTC. My phone was taken for granted, HTC Tattoo
    Last year, at this time, HTC said HTC Tattoo will be updated to be android 2.0+ now there is nothing happen :(

  23. Its soooo funny how some people get really piss off, about dumb things. Sound like to me phandroid posted the story yesterday, do to lg comment made yesterday.. which somebody from google addresses! Who cares what was said months ago. The statement was made only yesterday. Look, if that piss off my advice to you is, DONT COME BACK TO PHANDROID FOR NEWS! Lol that felt better. Phandroid is a cool ass website and the only one I go to. I even stop going to engadgets

  24. Where did he get that giant plushy droid? That’s what I want to know!

  25. Silly LG, tricks are for kids.

  26. duh!! LG cause there aint NOOO WAYYY the G2 doesnt get gingerbread lol… what a bunch of bah humbugs (u see wat i did there, gingerbread, bah humbug, christmas lol)

  27. So. Very High hopes my G2 will get Gingerbread. well it all depends on T-Mobile but hopefully faster than my friend’s LG Ally gets 2.2 lol

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