HTC Knight/Speedy/EVO Shift 4G Shown Off in Accessory Pics, ROM Leaks



Looks like the release of the HTC Knight — sometimes called the Speedy and possibly launching as the EVO Shift 4G — is just around the corner as a grouping of pictures showing off casing options give us our clearest look at promotional images of the device. The pictures were nabbed by HTCPedia via their online store showing off several different protective cases, but the real juice is what’s inside those cases. It is rumored the phone may launch for Sprint January 6th during CES, and with these images as any indication we are apt to think the date will definitely fall around that time.

Also leaked for the Knight is the official Android OS ROM. From the looks of that the phone won’t be running Gingerbread and will use the older version of HTC Sense, but we’ll wait for a little more cracking to be done before we pass any final judgement. More info on that can be found over at the always on top of things XDA.

[via TalkAndroid, IntoMobile]

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  1. Is that not just the Evo…………

  2. Smaller screen, I believe it is 3.7″

  3. Aww…..a baby EVO!

  4. Yeah it looks like a baby EVO.

  5. Looks like it does have a front-side camera after all – unless that little pinhole next to the earpiece is something else.

  6. Still not looking anything like a phone to get too excited about. Maybe an upgrade to the Hero, but certainly not a major killer of a phone.

  7. Protective case.. hmmm, no slide out keyboard or speaker? Ok by me. lol Hero replacement? Ok by me. :)

  8. Evo with smaller screen, slideout keyboard, better processor with a better gpu…orrr a g2 with no trackpad that looks like an evo .

  9. I want to know what the specs are going to be on the phone. I might just bring mine back and wait for it.

  10. A “baby evo” is exactly what I’m waiting for …. a full-featured android on Sprint that is not the size of a paperback book, since my phone lives in my pocket. I can’t imagine trying to pocket the Evo or even the Epic.

  11. I have the Hero and I’m itching for an upgrade. I need the specs for this phone, cuz it’s between the epic and evo for me.

  12. Dual core? I wont be buying a phone until dual core CPU’s are available.

    I am dying to replace my Hero though.

  13. A top flight GPU would be nice too. Galaxy S class at the bare minimum.

  14. I have a hero too and its a suck of a phone. I’m waiting for the official specs to this phone or the epic. Or I might just wait to see what the summer brings.

  15. It does have a slide-out qwerty keyboard. This is a phone to get excited about. It is like if the Epic 4g and the Evo got combined into one phone.

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