Sprint: “Customers Will Pay a Premium for Simplicity”; No Tiered/Non-Unlimited Data for the Foreseeable Future



Thought they might feel that their hands are being forced to come up with a new pricing model for their smartphone data users due to moves by the two biggest carriers in America – AT&T and Verizon – Sprint says they’re not budging: customers value the simplicity that comes with Sprint’s “everything” plans, says Dan Hesse.

“…Even if it’s not in their best economic interest, they will go with the unlimited plan. We were the first to come out with truly unlimited text, voice and data with the Simply Everything plan.”

And when he was asked if Sprint would ever “go tiered,” Hesse responded “So far, we aren’t.” The “so far” isn’t the most reassuring response, but over time Sprint’s shown that they don’t like to venture too far off the beaten path. And if we’re going based on changes to their plans in the past 3-5 years, I’d guess they would like to think very carefully before pulling the trigger on something as big as capping data.

Speaking as a Sprint user myself, I’d have to say Hesse’s right: things are so simple that I don’t have to think about it. I don’t want to have to think about it. And I shouldn’t have to think about it. I’ve often thought about switching to Verizon: those DROIDs are very tempting. But every time I think I’m ready to pull the trigger, I look at Verizon’s plans and I quickly regress to being content where I am. Not just because Sprint’s plans are simple, but because they make me confident when I go to pay my bills each month.

Obviously, not everyone feels the same. And I’m not saying Verizon isn’t in tune with the industry, nor am I saying what they’re doing is wrong. But for Sprint, their strategy is as simple as their plans are and it’s worked for them. For now, changing would only be for the sake of change. I’m only one guy with one opinion, though. A biased one considering I pay them $95 each month. I’d still like to hear your thoughts: who provides more value in the wireless industry? Does Verizon’s network justify the high cost of admission for any and everything you want to do with them? Are AT&T’s plans way too limiting? Does T-Mobile still rule in the “affordable” department with the recent changes to their plans? [All Things D]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Im on verizon and I kind of wish they would change their plans some. I know they put alot of money into their network but I think if they lowered their prices a little to be closer to sprints prices they could gain a lot more customers that way, although I can’t see verizon changing anytime soon to lower prices.

  2. Sprint plans even with my EVO and 4G premium are still preferred by me than any other provider’s plans. I never have to worry about data usages and minutes used or texts. I laugh when I still talk to people that don’t have unlimited text, they get concerned about their usage.

  3. I too am a Sprint customer and you couldn’t have put it better. I have ventured to the VZW website because of the “X” and then pricing came around and then I hit the red “X” in the top right of my browser. No thanks. I’m happy with my Epic, Service and monthly bill.

  4. I was with Verizon for a year and dropped them for Sprint. I’ve been with Sprint for 6 years and haven’t looked back :D their plans are simply the best for my situation. Never had an issue with them.

  5. If anyone has ever done any looking at other carriers your head will spin trying to compare rates. Sprint by far is the easiest of carriers to figure what your bill will be.

    Q, is right. I don’t want to think about it nor should I have to

  6. I have AT&T I pay $140.00 for 2 phones. Here is my plan:
    1400 Mintues Shared
    Unlimited Text
    1st Phone: 2GB of Data
    2nd Phone: 200MB of Data

    The Minutes cost me $70, the text $30, the data plans $45 (combined) oh plus the $9.99 for the 2nd phone.

    Now the “simple” part: i get 25% off the phone plan I have
    so thats $17.50 off…

    So um yeah simplicity would be great! LOL

  7. I am very happy as a Sprint customer. When it comes to price to coverage its not even that much better on Verizon. The app called map viewer allows you to see the coverage of other carriers and its maybe I bar higher in some areas on Verizon. Unless Sprint really screws things up I’ll be with them forever.

  8. Wow I pay $169.99 a month for three phones (two of which are Evo’s) 1500 land line minutes shares, mobile to any mobile free. Mon-Fri nights start at 6pm and unlimited everything else. Yes simple is an understatement.

  9. Now I do get an “A” list so I can choose ten people to call and its unlimited. I also have mobile to mobile or any AT&T customer is unlimited. My nights start at 9!!!! However, i must say I have good coverage…..however i havent switched providers in 4 year so……..I think I am liking Sprint

  10. I think T-mobile is the cheapest carrier and I’m don’t care about their 5gb data cap. I use my phone all day, download a lot of stuff and going onto a lot of websites, but I still only use 2.5gb of data.

    Plus, T-mobile has a faster 4g network.

    The only thing, in my opinion, that’s better about Sprint, is their phone choices. Instead of having multiple high end phones, Sprint only focuses on one or two phones, the Evo and the Epic, and they, along with HTC, get the os updates to the Evo very quickly.

    I currently have about 15 months left on my contract, but when its up, I might decide to switch to Sprint, even though its a little bit more money, so then I can have a phone that remains Sprint’s top phone for almost 8 months!!!

    The only thing that will cause me to stay with T-mobile is if they decide to give their phones stock android and remain extremely loyal to those phones. Although the G2 has stock android, it has been too soon to know how quickly they will upgrade the g2 to Gingerbread.

  11. I pay $105/month for 4 phones, two with data plans. Got to love T-Mobile and their no-contract pricing. Oh, and T-Mobile also has tiered data plans, not just AT&T and Verizon. Basically, Sprint is the only hold-out. I switched from Sprint to T-Mobile because Sprint sucked so much, it was worth paying $400 to cancel my contract to go with a company that has lower priced no contract pricing. Why anyone still uses a contract is beyond me. The rest of the world has woken up, when will the US market?

  12. Crazy values flying there, seems like i’m on total opposite of the mobile phone user spectrum :). I pay 6.9€ for 1GB of internet (i use max 200-300MB anyway, plus many MB on WiFi), 0.12€/minute or 0.06€/SMS, no monthly prepaid minutes, 0€ monthly fee. In short, i pay 0€ (prepaid minutes, SMS) + 6.9€ (1GB internet) + value according to real usage of minutes/SMS.

  13. I left T-Mobile in sept for sprint i was a faithful T-mobile customer since 2003 to me they always had the best rates but once i did my research Sprint had them beat!!!

  14. all set with an old ass pac tel network from 20+ years ago. Verizon is a joke.

  15. This is exactly why my days at VZW are numbered. Sprint proves that when it comes to the practice of confusing customers the two biggest carriers use it as a money making tool. Now let the comments come from the people who feel the need to teach us about capitalism in 3….2…1

  16. I have 5 lines. My total bill monthly is 185.00 (including my employee discount)

    What I pay for 5 lines some people pay for 2 or 3.

    Yeah Sprint may not get the best phones all the time but the simply everything family plan can’t be beat.

  17. YES!
    Go Sprint!!!

  18. I left AT&T and Tmobile for Sprint and haven’t looked back.

  19. I don’t necessarily *love* Sprint any more than any other telco or company but so far they have yet to be beaten in cost/coverage in my area. Even with the $10 to uncap 3G and grant access to my city’s and other cities’ Wimax networks it costs less than the other carriers. Split a plan with my girlfriend and we each pay about $65 for all the minutes we could possibly use and unlimited everything else. Friends with iPhones and Droids are breaking $100/month for that kind of thing. That really adds up and yearly upgrade subsidies allow me to scratch my techie itch every summer with whatever the year’s current upgrade is.

    The second another carrier beats them I will be glad to switch but the closest so far is TMO with their excellent rate plans but their coverage can’t touch Sprint’s coverage with their own towers and free roaming on VZW during those few times when I am out in the boonies where VZW really does have better coverage. Win-win in my opinion.

  20. @Chris
    $185 for 5 phones? I pay $105 for 4 with T-Mobile including data. It would cost me $5 more for a 5th line ($110 total). You’re getting ripped off by Sprint and paying a “premium for their simplicity”. I’ll translate for you, “SUCKER”!

  21. @jerbear
    T-Mobile has free roaming (including data) when in non-T-Mobile areas. I have yet to get any type of roaming fees, phone or data, even though there’s a little gap on my way to Columbus, Ohio where the phones switch to AT&T. I’ve yet to not have coverage with my T-Mobile phone, and I do a lot of traveling, including internationally. How does your Sprint phones work when outside the country? Unless you have one or two specific models, good luck getting a Sprint or Verizon phone to work outside the US and Canada.

  22. I like Verizon. I think their should be tiers but there should always be an unlimited option that is priced to compete. I have unlimited texting and data, but not unlimited calling. I just don’t talk on my device that often so I don’t want to deal with the costs of that, and because I made that call I spend the same amount as I would for Sprint. I like Sprints style, but the service isn’t as great as Verizon. I travel a lot so my coverage needs to be broad. Plus LTE looks to completely outclass Wimax. I like Sprint over At&t and T-mobile. If I ever had to change from Verizon I would head over to sprint. If you guys remember back. Verizon is trying out price drops and plans similar to Sprint so my hope is that they will drop their prices to remain competitive.

  23. I’m on AT&T, $130 per month.
    -3 Lines
    -700 minutes with rollover
    -Unlimited Text/MMS on all lines
    -Unlimited Data on one line (grandfathered in at just $10/mo lol)

    I wouldn’t mind switching, considering the phones AT&T offers are horrid, but I’m grandfathered in from the days of Cingular. I can’t get anywhere near the same deal anywhere else.

  24. I only pay $80 for my Evo: unlimited 3G/4G data, unlimited mobile to mobile, free roaming, unlimited text, free USB/Wifi tethering (thanks Android!), and the confidence to know that 50% of my calls won’t drop like a certain other carrier’s

  25. I use a 3rd party carrier where I am. It is a t-mobile affliate. I pay 123$ a month for two phones, unlimited text, unlimited web, 400 minutes. I know that’s not a lot of talk time, but my “nights” start at 5. Of course weekends are free. The great thing is when I travel I can piggyback on either att or tmobile since my company has made deals with both. I don’t get at&t 3G, but I do get t-mobile’s hspa+ (typing from my G2). I have often thought about changing company’s but I am frugal person.

    On a different note; Excellent post! Phandroid makes my day at work much easier.

  26. Eric Haymann … did you ever consider getting a Google Voice number for both phones and dumping the $30 text plan? We did and it works great.

  27. @teckel Something wrong with your math, T-Mo wanted to chargee me $185 for three phones with data. You must only have data on one line.

  28. @teckel. LOL I have unlimited everything. 4 phones plus a galaxy tab.

    unlimited talk, text, and data…

    I’ve shopped around specifically with t-mo big red and they have nothing that comes close to what I’m paying for everything I get.

  29. Totally agree! I thought I wanted to try Verizon. I tried out Droids X, 2, and Incredible. None of them compared to my Evo. Sprint service is as good, sometimes better than Verizon in my area. I came to my senses, and decided to stay with Sprint. Have been a happy Sprint customer for 7 yrs. now. With taxes and my employee discount, I pay $72/mo for my Evo on the everything plan. The grass is greener over here!

  30. Lets not forget sprint has unlimited mobile to ANY mobile. You don’t use any minute when calling any cell phone on any carrier…verizon,t-mobile, ect. No friend circles, no calling after certain hours. No worries no hassle.

  31. I’m a former iPhone/AT&T customer who explicitly switched to Sprint because of their policies on unlimited data – it made the EVO 4G and wireless tethering with it especially appealing.

    As others have said, even though I often haven’t used much more than other providers data caps anyway, I love that I don’t have to think about it.

    If and when Sprint ever does ditch it though, it’s probably very likely I’d switch to Verizon and LTE. But so far, Sprint is doing everything I’d want to keep me a happy and loyal customer.

  32. On Sprint now close to 10 years.
    3 phones 1500 min shared data & txt for 130.

    One thing I wish Sprint would change is adjusting the third+ line to have data or not to save a few bucks.

  33. what about metro-pcs $40 unlimited everything… sorry just had too….. on the lighter side i have to say sprint has been the best choice for me and i truly cant complaint.

  34. I’ve been with sprint for a long time. Right now I have a Sprint Evo , before that a sprint HEro before that one a Sprint HTC PRO . So in my case I have tested all the top brands sprint can deliver. I just want better. I like my Evo but it does not have everything I want. I want Amole screen, watch movies, rhapsody, or ZUNE . PULL OUT key board , I mean a phone like that will be priceless. Or sprint can get the iphone that will seal the deal . Verizon, At & t AND T mobile are kicking ass right now … sprint is putting everything on THE BACKS OF THE Evo ,,,,,, I NEED A BAD ASS PHONE SO FAR HAVE REALLY GOT ONE WILL CLOSE TO IT BUT ITS NOT A BAD ASS PHONE

  35. I love it. For YEARS and years they have been trying to push CRAP content on their customers. Crappy video, games, etc. Now that the phones are actually worth the content, the jack the prices and plans…god damned criminals! Jus sayin.

  36. Sprint rules…great coverage, great phone (Evo), great pricing, great plan…

    I also love not ever having to ever worry about using up too many minutes even though we have the family 1500 plan. Since we can call any cell phone from any carrier at no charge, we never have to worry. So unlike other plans I’d been with before.

  37. use to be on Tmo with 2 G1s and 2 reg phones with 1000 mins/unlimted text and data only paid $160 for all 4 phones with my wifes discount. now were with vzw with 2 crapy ass droids, paying $160 for 700 mins/unlimted text and data with my wifes discount, should of never left Tmo, cant wait for our contracts to end, going back to Tmo next year

  38. One more thing…

    We tried Verizon for a few weeks too…I had the Incredible and my wife had the Eris. We switched mainly because of the purported superior coverage of Verizon. Bear in mind that having been with Sprint for years, we’d hardly ever lost any calls and had been pretty satisfied. Imagine our dismay once we had the Verizon phones when, the second day after the purchase, my wife’s phone dropped two calls; one at home and one in an area not far from our house. I thought about taking Verizon to court and accusing them of false advertising.

  39. Verizon is an example of the old “toll collector” Telecom companies of yesteryear. They may not realize yet that folks want an overall experience that doesn’t include getting screwed (5GB cap) or nickel and dimed (any of Verizon’s stupid services that you could otherwise get for free).

    Sprint is ahead of the curve.

  40. @teckel
    Chris is probably using 5 smartphones with unlimited everything, and you’ll probably using 5 flip phones “LG Dlites” text and voice only.

    Apples to Apples Sprint beats out anyone price wise.

  41. Tiered AT&T data combined with the Epic’s keyboard and front facing pushed me from a future Captivate owner to an Epic owner. I had a G1 on AT&T, so Sprint’s 3G seems plenty fast, and when I get in 4G I’m quite impressed. Till I have to get my Sparq out. Battery hog.

  42. I have a prepaid phone and do send 20 sms per month, 5 calls per month.

  43. Yes, T-Mobile is much better!!!

  44. Sprint for at least 10 years. I look at pricing all the time. 5 phones. 4 of them smartphones. I write the check for $247 doing whatever we want. Doesn’t feel too bad and I have not seen better. Never any connection issues… Though,paying the extra $10 for 4g when I don’t get it in my ‘burb yet is annoying.

  45. I notice how everyone with sprint keeps saying unlimited mobile to mobile. I’m with tmobile and I have unlimited everything.
    Not just mobile to mobile. I can call landlines and 1-800 numbers and not worry about which minutes am I using. So technically sprint customers your talk is only unlimited if your calling another cell phone. So I’ll stick with tmobile and truly unlimited talk, text and web.

  46. Each carrier has their strengths and weaknesses. T-mobile- for their price, Verizon- for the smart phones and great network, Sprint- a cheaper way to get a great network like you get with Verizon, AT&T? Just plain shit. They dont have ANY pros.

  47. Sprint rules hands down when it comes to plans and service !

  48. OK, to the Sprint fans out there…
    Verizon customer here that has considered switching to Sprint since they have “cheaper” plans and I like the Epic. (I’ve had no other problems with Verizon, mainly looking to save money.) I’ve tried configuring a plan with Sprint to match my needs, and I have yet to make it work out cheaper. I need two lines with 700 or less shared minutes – 1 line being a smartphone with unlimited data and 100+ texts, the other line a simple feature phone with no text/data.

    Right now, I can do it with Verizon for $95 a month using their Smartphones Talk Free promo; would be $105 otherwise. On Sprint, I couldn’t find any family plan including data lower than 1500 min, and I didn’t see anyway to “ala carte” add data or text to a basic family plan since only one line needs it. The Everything Data Family is way more expensive than what I can get with Verizon. Anyone want to tell me the best Sprint can do for those things I need (honestly, maybe I’m missing something)?

  49. technically i have sprint (virgin mobile/boost mobile) and i have been on a sprint based network for years and 60 a month for unlimited everything is a price point i love its like the author said i shouldnt have to think about it keep it in the back of my mind ” ok ive talked such and such minutes so far this month and used such and such data and such and such texts” i had verizon and ive had alltel and alltel was supposed to be a better carrier honestly sprint is the most cost effective as far as cdma goes gsm carriers are geared towards businessmen that travel internationally and want to use their phones worldwide and be able to talk like they do in the states but i can honestly say im happy with virgin mobile/boost mobile/sprint in general always had them allways will

  50. Some of u guys should ask about discounts I have 900 mind and the fav five for 59$ and they take 20% of that which is about 47 plus. Data which is 23$ after my discount and free insurance so I pay about 75 bucks a month but its gona be less because I changed my plan to 450mins because I never go over about 300 so im looking at about 60$ phone bill just ask about company discounts

  51. Have been with Sprint for 6+ years on the family plan. No hassle with minute monitoring, love the Hero phone, Premium user so new phone yearly at best price…

    Simple plan=happy family=happy wife=happy me!!

  52. I’m on verizon, 3 smart phones and 1 clan shell. 700 minutes shared with “10”friends and family numbers, unlimited text, and insurance all the way around. After my work discount that only verizon offers, I’m at 145. Beat that.

  53. I have 5 lines with Sprint. I pay $42 for 4 phones and 56 for my epic. I get a discount because spritn has an agreement with the company I work for. I have Any mobile Anytime family plan. I have the best plan in the USA because I have unlimited text, data,GPS,TV, and 1500 minutes that we can use to call land lines phones. We usually use 500 minutes and we waste 1000 minutes every month. On the other hand, my brother is with A&TT and pays for his iphone (one line) $126. He wants to go with sprint.
    I am not kidding around. If you want to save money and have good phones such as the EVO or EPIC or even the Transform check Spritn out today. You will be happy to save some money every month. This message is from a happy Spritn costumer.

  54. sprint ceo also said that 4g was not going to cost any extra and boom $10.00 was added, so the point here is what he said now do not mean anything to me, i just do not trust him any more.

  55. Oh, I’m also adding another droid x at christmas and doubling my minutes for another 40, plus 9 for insurance.

  56. If verizon would stop charging me $40 a month for 450 minutes I dont use (I only use 150 avg) I wouldnt mind thier tiered data usage so much.

  57. imho, sprint rocks. i like the simple plans. The have excellent customer service, whom i can always understand. The plans are priced well, and give me the features i want. I’ve lived in major metroplexes, and smaller towns, and the signal has been avg to excellent.
    tmo is the only other provider i’d try, if i was ever inclined to. I like their no-contract option. I think all carriers should do that. I also like that I can use _any_ GSM-based phone on their network. that’s the way it should be. i buy the phone, and it should work on every carrier.

  58. @ teckel, and how are you getting this prices, i have a familly plan with tmobile for two lines and i am paying 139.99 how is it possible that you paying less for four line?

  59. I get a chuckle whenever I see a tmobile user desperately trying to prove a point. I switched from tmobile to sprint…not because of the price (tho sprint’s is better)…not because of the coverage (tho sprint’s is better)…but because everytime I called tmobile customer support (and I had to quite often), I got an idiot who did not know wtf he/she was talking about. In the meantime, I have called sprint’s customer service ZERO times since switching. Hassle free is more than just a simple contract.

  60. I have 5 lines with Sprint, all smart phones with 2 Evos, 1500 shared landline minutes, all with unlimited text and data, any mobile, night at 7pm, 2 lines with asurion insurance, etc….
    After my 25% corp discount and $20 recurring credit, my bill with tax is around $140.

    No other carrier can come close to that.
    I also have a Nexus One on an old flex pay plan with $5 t-zone (web) that I’ll keep as long as I can. Where I live T-mobile coverage sucks, I can hardly get 3g inside of buildings, on Sprint, I get solid 3g almost everywhere. Sprint 4g is as spotty as T-mobile 3g here.

  61. My family has four phones on the Sprint everything plan, (three EVO’s and a Pre,) all heavily used. Everyone appreciates not having to monitor usage and the monthly bill is a fixed budget item. Brilliant!

  62. I have been a T-Mobile customer for 5 years and am about to leave them, possibly for Sprint. While I do enjoy my no contract Even More Plus plan (2 lines, 750 minutes, unlimited text, one Android data and one old 9.99 web2go plan), I can’t switch to a new dumbphone and get unlimited for 9.99 any longer. Now the 9.99 is only good for 200 Mb. The plan prices and data tiers are AWFUL and are the reason I will be leaving. Customer service in the last year has gone steeply downhill, too, both in the stores and at customer care.

  63. I work in a Military facility…w/tmobile: as soon as I walked in the door, no more cell phone. w/Sprint: I have three bars. If I was at a conference, w/tmobile as soon as I walked into the conference room and they shut the doors…no more phone. w/Sprint…not a problem. LOL itsawrap. It is one thing to hear Big Red or AT&T put up a fight, I have no experience w/them…but anyone using tmobile should (stop pretending/lying) go hide in the corner and be quiet.

  64. I hate tiered data plans, and they are a large part of why I was willing to switch to Sprint from T-Mo when the Epic came out. I remember the times when everyone complained about tiered data and calling plans and FINALLY the carriers caught on and started offering unlimited talk/text/data plans. Now everyone seems to complain about unlimited plans and wants to go back to tiered plans, and I think it’s kinda baffling. It’s driven more by the average wallet in these shaky economic times than actual usage patterns.

    In this age of always on/always connected smart phones designed more for their internet connected features than their call abilities I can’t see why people are so willing to swallow such small tiered data plans, ESPECIALLY considering the increased internet speeds we’re seeing. I hear the arguments about “well I only use 200mb of data a month” and my answer to that is: you might as well go back to a feature phone then, because you’re not using a modern Android phone to anywhere near its potential.

  65. I always hear about Verizon’s superior network. A lot of people don’t realize that Sprint customers don’t pay roaming charges (including data roaming). That includes roaming on Verizon’s “superior network.” It just makes sense to not have to pay Verizon’s rates and still get the benefit of roaming on their network. You get the best of both worlds, in my opinion.

  66. some of you just sound stupid as heck. we will go with brian for a moment. lets ask ourselves why has tmobile been rated #1 in customer service for the last bazillion years in a row??? you can clown tmo on other things but customer service is not one of them. and as for you losing service, thats just your area. im a police officer and can get service with tmobile inside of the cell block, where as sprint doesnt even get service in the station period! and i had sprint for years and their customer service was worse than att to be realistic. everyone on here can claim to get better service on any carrier, its just dependant on location.

  67. @Moe Are you serious? Sprint has simply everything plan for $99.99. That means unlimited talk, text, and web so get our facts straight before you open that shithole of a mouth of yours. People bring up the any mobile any time because most people use cell phones these days and less landlines.

  68. T-Mobile old school here, 4 phones-all android. Family share plan with 2700 minutes, myfav, unlimited txt and data on all devices $200. Have the Nexus 1 and the Heuwei Comet that is giving me mobile hotspot and tethering for free. 2 G 1’s that I am about to upgrade to Nexus S’s. Never leaving this plan, they did away with myfavs and data went from $25 to $29 also the minutes has went down.

  69. “…im a police officer and can get service with tmobile inside of the cell block…” I call BS! -grin-

  70. @Teckel

    Funny that you’re calling someone a sucker for being on Sprint. Looking at Chris’s stats the lines on his family share have EVERYTHING. Unlimited Data, Text and mobile to mobile minutes. You are on the crappy prepaid T-Mobile phones. Of course you pay less because you get less. Respond to this with your sms caps and how many minutes you have 4 lines sharing and we’ll see who the sucker is.

  71. I am an employee of VZ (24 yrs) and dropped them for Sprint. VZW is way too expensive. I have a VZ company issued BB that I use at work and can honestly say I have gotten equal signals on the VZ BB as I get on my EVO. Dropped calls about equal. VZ ” superior” network is mostly a function of great advertising and slightly better penetration into rural markets because VZ has the advantage of the old legacy Bell Telephone access. If I ever can’t get a Sprint signal, I just roam for free on VZ network. I pay half of what I payed on VZ, even including my VZ employee discount. Don’t believe the VZ hype. I only wish Sprint had more Motorola Android handsets…

  72. @45(Moe)

    Sprint Simply Everything Plan is $99.99 for unlimited talk, text, data. Alot of Sprint customers like me have the $69.99 Everything Data with Any Mobile Anytime because we don’t call landlines much. So Moe your “talk” falls flat.


  73. I stay with T-Mobile…

  74. Love Sprint and will never leave

    SERO is the cheapest

  75. I have the T-Mobile Loyalty Plan (2 lines with unlimited talk) for 79.99. I have one additional line for 40 a month(also unlimited). I pay 10 dollars for unlimited text for all three lines. Each phone has the 20 a month Android Preferred Data plan. Our phones are Nexus One, G2, Mytouch 4G, we each have unlimited talk, text, and data for 190 a month.

    Can anyone beat that? After tax its a little more than 70 a person for UNLIMITED EVERYTHING.

  76. With T-Mobile I pay $105 per month with 4 phones, three of which are Android phones: G1, G2, and Vibrant. The other is my wife’s “standard” sliding keyboard texting phone as she wants a no-nonsense phone for work. We have unlimited family messaging, 700 minutes, and “unlimited” data. It’s so cheap because we don’t have a contract, and T-Mobile offers discounted pricing to non-contract customers.

    Don’t hate me just because I only pay $105 per month with T-Mobile for 4 phones. Switch from your crappy cellular company to T-Mobile and go with a no contract plan, as the rest of the world does.

  77. @SylusF
    Sorry, you’re just ignorant. I’m not on a pre-paid plan, I’m on a no contract plan! You can’t wrap your mind around it because you’ve probably never heard of such a thing with your crappy cellular company. I have 3 Android phones (G1, G2, & Vibrant) and a 4th phone that’s a standard sliding keyboard phone. Ulimited messaging, data, and 700 minutes for $105.

    So, before you jump to conclusions and call someone a sucker, you should educate yourself as you look like a total fool. Don’t be ignorant, educatate yourself and leave your suck-ass cell company for T-Mobile and their no contract pricing. Anyone who doesn’t is a fool and a sucker.

  78. @Teckel
    Not everyone is SUCKER enough to be paying $500 Plus for an unlocked phone. I have Sprint everything data plan with 27% corp discount and $20 recurring credit and I get yearly phone upgrade. As an gadget lover, its a really great deal to get a full subsidized phone every year and pay around $40 a month.

  79. I WAS w/ AT&T for 9 years. Kids are getting older, in need of a family plan. I sacrificed and sold a *NO contract*, jailbroken Iphone 3gs for Sprint’s service. A no-brainer and no regrets on that move what so ever!
    But the HUGE mistake was the device purchase. Online offer, 2-Palm Pre’s FREE & NO activation.. SOUNDS GREAT, HUH!! I have had these phones for 1 month!!!
    Just Thurs, woke up w/ screen frozen, so I thought. Turns out, a hairline crack started inside screen
    (no mishandling what so ever!)has disabled touchscreen and is completely useless. W/in last 24hrs it has spiderwebbed across, even w/o me using it. Needless to say, the phone is NOT user friendly at all!!
    To add to that, my son’s phone was sent back the 1st day. Youtube, web or any video would not play. So he has had a refurbished phone from day ONE.
    I am in desperate need of advice or direction because my next plan doesn’t seem rational but it’s still affordable!!
    So since I am just w/in the 30 day guarantee, they are waiving my 2nd months bill, in return I order a refurb Palm Pre for $50 which is being applied to the credit on my acct.
    OK, great and thank you Sprint!! However, I asked the acct. manager if instead of waiving my next months bill, I would send back the broken Pre but purchase the Evo4, for the “new customer price” $149.00-169.00.
    I’d even pay 199.00 but NOT 479.00- early upgrade cost!! They won’t do it!! I’ve been in my contract for LESS than one month and am forced to have 2 refurb phones!!!! They would rather lose money and credit me than make money from a new purchase all because of an 11 month wait for an upgrade.. Really? Geez, add on another year. Make it a 3yr contract, It’s worth it!!!
    It’s not rocket science to figure out this business transaction!
    So I am now considering adding 2 more lines.
    Online discount..(EVO*149.00* -for me & Instinct*Free* -my son’s) of course after my bill is credited, and my refurbished Pre.
    I’d being paying less for 4 phones/mo vs my 1 Iphone.
    Or I just bitch up a storm, waste more time and probably not get anywhere w/ any manager!
    Ideas? advice? a directional start? I would appreciate any feedback :)
    Thanks so much

  80. ive had nextel (before sprint bought them), tmobile, verizon and now SPRINT. so ive “tested” all their networks. nextel was cool was the push to talk but their service sucked…to many dropped calls but i dont talk much either way. tmobile was good but left them cause they had no good phones. the sidekicks were there #1 phone. i then got verizon which was a mistake cause it was way more expensive then tmobile or even nextel. each month i was being charged a different amount for weird reasons. i live in santa ana, ca and go all over so cal and didnt really have good service in the important parts with verizon so cause of that plus the high rates i switched the sprint and got the EVO, which is the best phone ive ever had, and love sprint so far. the service is better, especially in santa ana.
    gotta love sprint cause they dont follow the rest of the companies.

  81. Sprint has limited data at 3g. Unless I skipped over it, this hasn’t been mentioned by anyone. I just got off the phone with Sprint and they said when I move from a 4g area to a 3g area my data would be capped at 5G. I’m never at my house, I live where I work and am always traveling. So, except when I’m home for Christmas I would be paying for 4g and usually not getting it AND have my data capped at 5G, which is about 2 netflix movies a month. I was ready to move from AT&T to Sprint, but I’m grandfathered in with unlimited data at least on my phone, so maybe not such a good idea.

  82. @Jaimie…sorry Bro, but you should’ve done your research. Anyone w/an ounce of cell phone acumen knows that the only thing Palm Pres are good for is being thrown at your Mother-in-law’s head.

  83. @Janice Fuller…”Sprint’s 3G is capped at 5G”….unless you’re asking for some sort of weird data setup that nobody has heard of, Negative. Sprint’s Data is unlimited. Along with their Roaming, Text and Mobile-to-Mobile calls. #Fail

  84. Sprint is the best network!!!! The phones are nice the plans are simple and affordable. I can actually say I’ve been with all the companies T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon…..but Sprint has never given me any issues…..I wouldn’t change at all!!!

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