Samsung Giving Away £200 Worth of Content For Each Galaxy Tab Bought Until March 2011 [UK]



Starting today, Galaxy Tab owners in the UK can get £200 worth of free content whenever they purchase a Samsung Galaxy Tab. You’ll be given a voucher code inside the box which enables you to download 50 MP3s from eMusic, 15 Movies, 7 games by GameLoft, and 5 eBooks. If you bought one today, you should be seeing the code packaged with the tab itself. And if you want in on this promotion, you’ll have until February 28th, 2011 to buy it. Full details straight ahead. [via EuroDroid]


Music, movies and more worth £200 for new Samsung Galaxy Tab owners

8th December, London, UK – Samsung today announced the availability of a free entertainment package worth £200 for anyone buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab before Christmas. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one, or even a gift for yourself, the Galaxy Tab now comes with free music, movies, games and eBooks so you can start enjoying the many experiences your Galaxy Tab has to offer straight away.

The ultra-portable Samsung Galaxy Tab is the perfect size for reading, listening to music, playing games and watching movies on the move and the entertainment package lets people enjoy their Galaxy Tab out of the box – as they can get started choosing their favourite music, movies, games and books right away at no extra cost. The package includes a choice of 50 MP3s from eMusic, 15 movies from Samsung Movies including Sex and the City 2, 7 games developed and adapted by Gameloft for the seven inch device and 5 eBooks of your choice from WHSmith’s best-seller list.

Simon Stanford, Managing Director, Mobile, Samsung UK and Ireland said: “We’ve used our strategic partnerships with leading brands to put together an entertainment package that will let people enjoy the Galaxy Tab straight away. We’re committed to offering the best entertainment experience as well as the best value and we wanted to give our customers even more to enjoy when they open a Galaxy Tab this Christmas.”

To redeem the entertainment package worth £200, consumers simply log on to and enter their unique code found in their Galaxy Tab box.

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  1. People who already bought one enter their imei on the register page to get the same deal.

  2. Good deal, but why don’t they just cut the price by 200 bucks?

  3. Samsung is really struggling with these. BestBuy has a $40 off coupon…not a lot but still a lot of random promotions with those.

  4. “50 MP3s from eMusic, 15 Movies, 7 games by GameLoft, and 5 eBooks”

    all trash.

  5. I wouldn’t say they’re struggling, they have still sold over 1 million and plan (hope?) to sell 1.5 by years end, that’s not too shabby.

  6. It’s not a good deal at all, ANYONE can get 50 free MP3’s just by signing up to eMusic. Some of the 7 games are already pre-installed on the tab anyway, and there was some restriction on the movies too.

  7. @Steven Skwarkowski

    They really aren’t. They passed their 2010 sales predication a while ago.

    @Michael 1 game preinstalled, 1 game available for download later. That leaves 5 extra. This deal runs next year and gameloft are bringing more games out.

    It’s not an amazing deal, but it is quite good. Labelling it “not a good deal at all” is pretty incorrect. If it wasn’t good at all, no one would use it, but they are.

  8. Still waiting for a wifi only version

  9. Yeah ithink the wifi one should have been out along time ago…I mean if new tabs beat them to the punch then they are going to wish they came out with it along time ago. But Ether way is cool with me cause I think the new tabs will be better

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