YouTube, Voice Search and Google Voice Receive Updates


youtubeVSGV Update1For those of you without automatic updates, it may be time to head to the Market to check for updates to YouTube, Voice Search and Google Voice.

What happened? Nothing major, one would venture to say. YouTube got commenting enabled and subscription viewing along with some tweaks. Voice Search had some improvements in its…voice searching (ya srs). And Google Voice just had some connection issues addressed.

Hey Google: How about GM5?

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  1. Cool thanks

  2. Hey Google: How about GV in Canada?

  3. Much faster voice to text.

  4. I guess they don’t thank their readers. I sent an email almost 2 hours ago about YouTube. I uninstalled Google voice after the update. Force close every time plus I never use it.

  5. Is this just for Frito? Doesn’t show up on my vibrant

  6. Got it on Vibrant with 2.2

  7. YouTube doesnt even show up in my “Downloads” section in the market …

  8. Hey Google, Video chat via Gtalk better come with fuckin gingerbread or it will be such a lame ass update

  9. I do want the new maps, but I’d rather have video chat first. Dont disappoint.

  10. Yeah, voice to text is much, much faster even over 3G.

  11. OH YEAH

  12. Must be froyo only, in between my stock vibrant’s regular freezes I was actually able to access the market, the updates aren’t available for me and my “classic” 2.1 vibrant.

  13. Nice, just updated all on my cyanogenmod Froyo Vibrant. I never cease to be impressed by the speed of this phone. It leaves everything else in the dust.

  14. Didn’t the Youtube update come out quite a few weeks ago?

  15. Come on, the maps update is next week. You should know this, Marissa said so at Le Web.

  16. When did GV add the “do not disturb” option?

  17. Still no advanced voice actions in the UK – unless we put on phoney American accents that is …

  18. Nice! The google voice update fixed the issues I was having; I can now finally toggle privacy mode on and off from the phone! Previously the button would just change random other settings in my account.

  19. YouTube now installs on my Nexus One! (Vodafone UK)
    The previous update failed the install process.

  20. ‘chrome to phone’ is also receiving an update…

  21. I can not get the voice search to update.

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