Playstation Phone Launching in March?



What is a day without another Playstation Phone rumor? This time a source inside of Sony Ericsson has supposedly confirmed a March timeframe for the launch of the Android-based gaming device/smartphone. The story is the phone will also be shown off at MWC in February, meaning any imminent rumored launch events would turn out to be bogus.

In case you missed it, extra code for gaming buttons was uncovered in the Gingerbread SDK, all but confirming that this next-gen device will hold that version of Android when it tries to steal the hearts of mobile gamers everywhere.

[via USEB]

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  1. Curious to see how this does. Doesn’t really excite me at this point int time.

  2. First… hopefullyits better than what was ib the video

  3. Only problem is …when you get pissed off while playing a game and throw the controller, you won’t be able to call for a replacement!

  4. knowing Sony ericson it’ll launch with gingerbread in march/april and honeycomb update will be coming in december 2012!!

  5. @bela totally agree with you, i wonder how its gonna do, i love playstation and my ps3 but i think the psp and pspgo are dumb and pointless, im more than sure its gonna be like that.

  6. @ dork. I agree. Once the nintendo 3d comes out, Psp will be no more. sony should stick with ps3!

  7. @dork
    The PSP Go is pointless. Original PSP, not so much. It does just about everything our phones do, just without a Cellular radio in it. Toss a 4G radio in it, it’ll be gold. The games will be different than ye olde PSP games though. Which leads me to…
    That said, the speculated model for gaming on the PSPhone is titles falling near or under the $9.99 price point. And when the 3DS comes out, the PSP will still be around. It does a helluva lot more than a DS ever will. (I am an owner and user of both though).

    My concern is battery life. So far, I can drain my Incredible’s battery in like 2-3 hours of gaming. That’s a major no-no for a phone. Toss in high or even medium-high end mobile graphics and I become terrified for my battery. I’d sooner see a pocketable brick sized phone with a huge battery and a bluetooth headset than a smaller phone with a smaller battery.

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