Motorola Droid 2.2.1 Update Now Rolling Out



Earlier last week we reported on a new update for the Motorola Droid that would be going out in the coming days, and sure enough people from all over have been hitting us up to let us know they have received it. The update isn’t the Gingerbread you might be looking for (and no one expected it to be), but it does bring along general maintenance tweaks and an updated Twitter app. Also included are some new Amazon and News & Weather widgets, a new GMail user interface, and improved Exchange ActiveSync.

We haven’t seen the update first-hand on our end, but as with all OTAs they may take some time. So be patient, young grasshopper, it shouldn’t be too far off if you haven’t got it just yet.

[thanks to all that tipped us off!]

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  1. I dont see any difference with the Gmail app

  2. I received the update but have not noticed any changes. I cannot find the new amazon widget, and was not able to notice any difference in the news and weather widget. I may be missing something, but I just don’t know.

  3. Misinformation: The update is available for Motorola Feedback Network members (I should know, I’m a Moto feedback network member). They have use beta testing the software. It’s not out for general public yet.

  4. I wonder if they are just updating the Gmail app to whats already in the app store. So if you’ve already got that version, there would be no difference.

    Still haven’t got my update yet.

  5. The Droid X 2.21 update also came out last night.

  6. Totally screwed up my streaming audio. DONT INSTALL unless you want that feature to be toast on your Motorola Droid. I dont have a droidx etc just a regular droid and was happy to stream audio every day. This AM I got a message to upgrade so I did. Right afterwards my I went to stream audio and it sound like someone in slow motion. Have no idea what they did but it broke my phone. NOT HAPPY not HAPPY at all.
    How do I UNDO is my only question..

  7. I stand corrected, I was talking about the Droid X update that’s being tested by Moto Feedback Network.

  8. PLEASE help me to DUMP this patch. My Flash streaming is now broken.

  9. I received the update this morning. If you had previously downloaded the latest Twitter and Gmail apps from the Market, there is quite literally nothing visibly new here. The News & Weather widget does not appear to be any different, and there is no Amazon widget.

  10. Im in the united states but im on vacation and would I receive the update even though im out of the country

  11. Meanwhile, in Europe… The Motorola Milestone is in 2.1 and waiiiitiiiiing.

  12. I received it last night and can detect absolutely no difference.

    Question though… I use Pandora and have continued to have the audio quality problem endemic to Pandora on the Droid 1 (every other song the audio quality goes to sh*t). Supposedly it was a function of the specific audio codec built into the OS for the Droid 1, to be fixed in some unspecified future release. I can’t use Pandora here at work, but does anyone know if this was fixed in this maintenance release or if there is any other currently available fix?

  13. “improved Exchange ActiveSync” but still no way to undelete or move messages between folders. Lame.

  14. Randy Bullard,

    The every other song poor quality of Pandora is from Pandora. They are doing that so that you are more inclined to purchase the pandora one thing. They totally destroyed the beauty of pandora. They also put a monthly limit on how many hours you can listen to music, and there were a few other changes. I switched to last.fm, because it’s free and the song quality is unchanged.

    I got the update, and it seems like my droid is running much faster. but that’s about it..

  15. Barbara M – Regarding Pandora…. do you have evidence of this or have it on some authority, or is this a personal conspiracy theory? Because several months ago I did extensive research on the problem and found multiple seemingly authoritative sources that said it was in fact a problem with the specific codec on the Droid 1 that Pandora uses. Pandora did/does not have this problem on other Android devices that don’t have the codec issue, and the problem wasn’t fixed by subscribing to Pandora (which seems to undermine your point). If you’ve actually got this on good authority or could provide a link, I would like to read it. Personally I’ve tried many other streaming music apps and strongly prefer Pandora for a variety of reasons.

  16. @ everyone..and thats what happens when you have to be the first to install

  17. The update totally screwed up my streaming audio…
    But I was able to fix it myself by simply uninstalling Flash and reinstalling it. Now things are completely back to normal.. Thank goodness.

  18. Hoping to see this update for the Milestone as well.

  19. this update unrooted my Droid

  20. Does the update take off the “Unknown Sources” option under the Application Settings?

  21. Received update no Amazon widget same email

  22. Got my update this morning, mine is working fine so for…..

  23. I recieved this update last night. I have yet to notice anything different

  24. Phone is definitely quicker.

  25. Got update. Very few minor issues, and will wait to see if those calm down before going off the deep end like some tend to do. I’m not one to over react when an update comes and flood comment boards about the update.

    So far, it appears it is simple housekeeping for gingerbread, which I am looking forward to. Not much else here.

    Go on, nothing to see here…move along

  26. I got my droid updated and then my phone would not ring when I got a phone call. Whenever someone called me the screen would light up but the phone wouldn’t vibrate or make a noise. I went to a Verizon store and they told me I had to take off Norton antivirus and the task killer I had. Once I did that my phone started behaving normally. Just thought I would throw out this info.

  27. I noticed an update a few days ago and honestly, I don’t see any difference or inhanced proformance in my Moto DROID. I saw more changes in the last update. I think they were in such a rush to beat the apple phones that they rolled the original Moto DROID

  28. I had to Trash and reset Facebook widget. Market looks more like itunes store. Otherwise, I don’t see much change.

  29. Anybody out there figure this out yet?

    First off if you have rooted your droid x you will want to skip the most recent update being offered by verizon… I had successfully rooted my droid x an was happily enjoying the free wireless tether which apparently does not work after the update.

    Has anyone figured out a solution? I thought I could simply re-root the phone but the phone becomes no-responsive in the final phase of the process. I am using rootmyx2 which worked like a charm until the update…and though it’s intended to root the droid x I was able to root a droid 2 as well..

    Is there a way to undo carrier updates?

    Any advice would be appreciated-



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