GameLoft’s Let’s Golf! 2 HD Available, Need for Speed Shift Coming to the Market, Pocket God Updated [GAMES]



GameLoft’s finally releawsed Let’s Golf! 2 HD for Android throughout this month of surprises that have already given us more than enough reason to celebrate the holiday season. If you weren’t turned away by the difficulty in downloading Dungeon Hunter HD for free last week, then jump on Let’s Golf 2. It’s golf, and that’s about it. 3 british pounds from GameLoft, which is about $4.70 if you happen to be a yankee.

For racing buffs, Need for Speed Shift won’t be exclusive to Verizon devices for long as EA’s going to be bringing the game to the Android market sometime this month. The news was broken throughout the Nexus S and Gingerbread madness yesterday, but everyone seems to have missed that little bit of information on the device’s features page.

Hopefully, EA follows suits with other titles – such as Madden NFL 2011 which Verizon will be serving up to Droid X users in a forthcoming over-the-air update.

Finally, Pocket God has been updated in the Android market to allow folks to install the game to their SD cards on Android 2.2. Not the biggest and most exciting of events, but considering this thing is more than 20MB large, we imagine a lot of you will be racing to get this. [via A&M, Pocket Gamer, Androinica]

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  1. Ummm, Need for Speed Shift ISN’T exclusive to Galaxy S phones. I think you meant Verizon phones (it launched with the Droid X).

  2. Whoops, got that mixed up with Asphalt (which also isn’t exclusive, but comes preinstalled as a demo on a lot of Galaxy S phones.)

  3. Another reason to not like Verizon Wireless,

  4. Wait dungeon defenders hd last week? More info on this!

  5. You mention problems downloading the free dungeon defenders. But dungeon defenders is a yet to be released game not.made by gameloft. That should be dungeon hunter if I am not mistaken

  6. Dungeon Defenders!?! We wish!! :P

  7. Let’s Golf! 2 HD for Android, did not work on my new Samsung Galaxy Tab (Sprint 12/03), so GameLoft’s gave me another game which did. They did say they are making a list of which games will and will not work on the Samsung Galaxy Tab (12/06).

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