Hefty Droid X Maintenance Update Coming; Adds Madden NFL 2011?


Droid-Life just stumbled upon new information about a maintenace update heading out for the Motorola DROID X sometime soon. Some of the highlight enhancements include preloaded Adobe Flash Player, MyVerizon, and Madden NFL 2011.

Wait, what? Well we already knew EA was bringing Madden NFL 2011 to Android, but it sounds like Verizon – through their partnership with the NFL – got first dibs on it. Those of you on the DROID X (or any Verizon phone, for that matter) should proceed with caution when new “games” are preinstalled as these often tend to be time-limited demos which urge you to buy the full game. And unless you’re rooted, you can’t get rid of the demo 99% of the time.

We’ll see whenever Verizon officially pushes this one out though. A list of other improvements from software version 2.3.340.MB810.Verizon.blahblahblah (just know it isn’t Gingerbread) can be seen in the image above, courtesy of Droid-Life.


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Never mind the “enhancements.” Just make it stop rebooting five times a day and fix the moody wifi issues. It’s the little things in life, you know, like a phone that works the way it’s supposed to.

  2. Your device is up to date, no update required at this time. I’ll keep my eye out though.

  3. So…wait. Why don’t they start putting these games in the Market? I have the NFS Shift demo, and the myTouch 4G got Rock Band. Seriously EA, if you want to make money, this is the best way to do it.


  4. Really just want unlock lag & gallery issue

  5. Seriously fix the unlock lag and the camera still slightly changes colors while taking video. Why can’t this be Gingerbread? ):

  6. Fix the damn camcorder! I hope thats not all they’re going to fix on the DX or I might have to jump ship from moto. Hate to say that but 2.2 was a total botch and we shouldn’t have had to live with these bugs this long…

  7. Oh yeah! And I just wanted to say
    Thank you Verizon for all the extra bloat ware! My phone was running to fast. Appreciate that…

  8. Why arent people running RubiX on the X? it kills in performance and battery life versus stock.

  9. Will the sms sorting issue be sorted out?

  10. I had nfs demo on my DX and couldn’t delete or uninstall. I finally gave in and payed for it then decided to uninstall to save space since I wasn’t playing it and it dissapeared. Imagine that, its there until you pay for it and then its completely gone! I have no idea where my game or money went now or how to re download it.

  11. @Nlsme I get the same msg.

  12. @Nelibily, you can google for a workaround regarding wifi issue. I reset my router to wpa/wpa2, aes and 802.11/g. That workaround resolved the wifi issues for DX.

  13. Fix the dam phone from freezing when you turn it off and back on and you repeatedly have to pull out the battery over and over to get phone working


  15. OK, first, Android has plenty of problems, but let’s clear some stuff up (From a family of 3 Droid X):

    1. The WiFi works. I’m not sure about the moody comments except to say as in almost everything, it’s your router settings not your phone/XBOX/laptop/etc.
    2. None of my phones reboot repeatedly. You have either loaded some trash you shouldn’t, rooted it, or simple have a bad phone.

    Like I said, plenty to gripe about, but those 2 aren’t really their problem.

  16. @mark m

    Yeah, I have a suggestion: don’t use all caps.

  17. Mark if you wait im sure some really sick android phones are coming soon. Nexus s just came out. At this point I would wait

  18. My phone is completely stock I haven’t done anything to it and my wifi totally sucks since 2.2. , but I have learned my lesson. Come upgrade time farewell Motorola.

  19. Funny, cause see, I always thought when a device required you to change the settings of your router to very specific authenticaion protocols, specific encryptions, and limit IEEE standards by only allowing wireless G, severely limiting functionality of your router, that this was an issue with the device. Lucky for me the fine commentors on this page have pointed out that it is clearly the fault of your router, and the reason you can’t use wifi in your home is your router is not configured correctly. Similarly you cannot use public wifi because their routers are not configured correctly, your friends wifi cause his router is not configured correctly, nor is your office, or the hotel you stayed in last nigh… if only people knew.

  20. Yeah it’s defitinely NOT the router, all of my other phones, devices, etc work without ANY issue on the router, but the phone has problems on EVERY router.

    Does anyone know when this update is being pushed out?? I’ve checked on the phone a few times but it says I’m up to date.

  21. I’ve checked my DX several times today and it still says I’m up to date. I’ve unrooted and even uninstalled Visionary+.I did just move and I’m considered roaming so I switched to my company’s wireless which should solve that problem, but still no joy. I also changed my service address on vzw.com. Frustrated!!

  22. I’m a fan, just not a fanboy. iphone 4 ?… Sucks. Droid x since the 2.2 update?… Really sucks. Telling you an update has been released but then repeatedly telling you your phone is up to date when try to update?… Completely sucks! Priceless. Lol. :D

  23. Anyone else have issues when texting back and forth with someone on their DX and your outbound SMS’s hang up and don’t send because you receive a text at the same time? Rather than just queue it up and send a few seconds later, it will hang on mine for like 2 minutes and then finally say that it failed to send, forcing me to manually hit the resend. This happens in the stock SMS app as well as Handcent, so it appears to be the device and/or the Android SMS handling on the DX. This and the wifi issues are probably the most annoying to me about this device.

  24. “Sometime Soon” That’s what they said about 2.2….Funny how VZW keeps you waiting and waiting and waiting….

  25. @Wetworx

    yes! my phone does the same thing daily.

  26. Just got the update and I’m not with the moto feedback network.

  27. Well I got the update this morning…kind of. It updated…then failed. System version says 2.3.15.MB810 but Droid Version says 2.2. No Madden, no nothin. It does seem to autofocus better with the camera. What am I missing? Oh and I did a hardreset after the fail…but will not re-update now.. any ideas?

  28. Have had the phone since day one and have not had one single issue that you guys are talking about here. Can connect to any wi-fi net work no rebooting and it is super fast with about 25 apps installed. What the problem???

  29. Absolutely the best phone I have ever had. If you are having these kind of problems. Fact reset your phone and don’t install in apps that are worthless and not written well on your device. Peace, and long live the Droid X

  30. My droid x is packed with problems… its like having a muscle car that breaks down every time you drive it. Put an su in front of it SUX!

  31. i have had the phone for about two months now and have had no problems, don’t like fat around the edges so i rooted it and removed it and everything works fine… just wondering if i should pull the root out before the update (mine is loaded and waiting to install, it reminds me often)

  32. strange. my droid x works awesomely. i got rid of the crap apps that were old or poorly written and it runs fast, smooth, wi fi works great (altho i wish it supported N only networks :/), and I couldn’t be happier.

    Also I got the maintenance update yesterday morning.

  33. Had the X for a month now and totally love it. Haven’t had any of the problems described here. I finally downloaded Madden tonight and played the demo. Not bad for a “cell phone” game. Just wish I could delete all the crapware that VZW pre-installs.

  34. Anyone who says they have had no.problems with the droid x is full of crap, and f.u. verizon for forcing me to have apps that i dont want on my phone.

  35. Almost a month since update, my x spontaneously reboots or freezes and needs a battery pull three to five times a day. Damn I can’t wait til I’m eligible for an upgrade!

  36. I can connect to more routers with my DX than I can on most laptops: I didn’t root, I didn’t have to change to strictly wireless g, I do have a wireless n router so don’t say anything about that, and I’ve used my phone on A LOT of routers of different brands, with different wireless settings, of different password styles, and different internet providers.

    Maybe some of you just blow with troubleshooting, and not even complicated troubleshooting like trying again troubleshooting.

  37. Same experience as Curtis. Regardless of your Phone vendor, Android phones, including the Droid X work well with routers Android is LINUX, right? So why shouldn’t they? One does need to be careful NOT to fill them completely with apps, and to care for the batteries, as directed. Same for iPhone, and Blackberry.
    Needing constant battery pulls mean that the batteries have not been treated properly, or you are using a Blackberry. RIM OS has this problem not Android. Androids are not a RED camera, don’t expect professional quality optics. but a Class 10 memory card helps. I want Gingerbread soon on Droid X, please.

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