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We’ve been on the lookout for a Comcast Mobile app which – according to leaks by Android Central – was supposed to be out today. Considering the app was pushed back twice before, we wouldn’t be surprised if it suffered yet another delay. We’ve been checking all morning, but our fingers are tired. But we thought you should know anyway, and we’re dying for you folks (those who are waiting for this, in particular) to keep a lookout for it and hit us up if you see anything. We just want this app to be out already.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Yep, this has been ridiculous. They even have Comcast reps on their forums, but they take a long time to tell you anything about it, without having to beg for info. lol

  2. It’s so weird to see Comcast drop the ball….so weird…

  3. I love the Comcast app because I use it to remind myself about TV shows everyday, I tend to lose track of time when I’m reading articles on Phandroid.

  4. They ought to have notifications to help alert you when their network is down… again. ;)

  5. The Xfinity app is there!

  6. Installing now…

  7. I think I found it. It’s called XFINITY Mobile. I downloaded it with my Epic 4G on 2.1. Check it out.

  8. Xfinity Mobile is now on the Market!

  9. it’s up… search for xfinity

  10. The Xfinity android app is up ,and in the market, as of this afternoon, 12/7.

  11. Hey, guys. It was just released! Xfinity Mobile…get it from the Market now.

  12. would love something like this from mediacom…

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