Dec 4th, 2010

netflix logo
Not that we should expect to see the fruits of that labor any time soon! The PS3 version of Netflix uses HTML5 for its UI and I hear more kudos (including my own) than nays for its appearance. And given GTV’s new suede shoes that looks an awful lot like the PS3 version, it’s safe to say it is also powered by HTML5.

HTML5 will be the weapon of choice for iOS and Android applications. Given its cross-platform portability and ability to be updated from the Netflix side without having to send out updates for every change in the UI, I’d say we have a winner. John Ciancutti, VP of Personalization Technology has said:

That’s where HTML5 comes in. The technology is delivered from Netflix servers every time you launch our application. This means we can constantly update, test and improve the experience we offer. We’ve already run several experiments on the PS3, for example, and we’re working hard on more as I write this. Our customers don’t have to go through a manual process to install new software every time we make a change, it “just happens.”

[via Into Mobile]