NetFlix Updated on Revue


Show of hands: Who likes the NetFlix app on their Logitech Revue GTV sets? Thought so.

Although it doesn’t seem to be on mass distribution yet, it seems a few Revue users have received an update to the NetFlix app. No word on when this one will hit the masses; but updates are updates, and polish is polish. Yay!

Here are a few screengrabs of the new look. Follow the link to SatelliteGuys down below for some more. There is also a video of it in action.

New NetFlix for GTV 1

New NetFlix for GTV 2

[via Android Central | Scott Greczkowski @ SatelliteGuys]

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  1. Looks exactly like it does on the PS3.
    No idea how it previously looked, but I know how it used to look on the PS3 and I absolutely love the new look.

  2. pretty cool .

    question when will netflix be on android devices namely smartphones specifically the htc evo 4G, it would be great to watch live streaming movies. ;)

  3. @maverick – Netflix said they are having trouble with android. Something about security and something about all the different firmware versions. I wouldn’t hold my breath

  4. That looks EXACTLY how it currently looks on the PS3.

  5. Just got the update on my samsung bluray now netflix is usable !!!

  6. If it doesn’t have search integration it’s useless. That is the ENTIRE POINT of Google TV.

  7. @matthew look at the pictures, search is hiding in there like waldo for you

  8. Still no update on my Revue. :(

  9. Does it enable surround sound?

  10. You guys are never going to believe this. I went to about 1 month ago and signed up for updates for when the SDK was going to be released. About 7 days later I receive an email stating that I was chosen to receive a free logitech revue and I clicked a link, entered in my address and other info, and on 12/1 I received the device from UPS! If you type in “Google to give away 10,000 logitech revue” into Google, you will see what I am talking about. I’m going to post pics and the letter from Google on my blog on Friday. I can’t do it now because my digital camera had to be RMA’d. But either way, I can’t believe this! I didn’t expect to get this device, I just wanted to be updated on the SDK so I could start developing for the GoogleTV Apps Marketplace!

    I am so happy! My wife said this is my Christmas present from Google. LOL

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