Apple Decides 12 More Patents Were Violated


Not to be outdone by Motorola, Apple is going to try to win the numbers game by adding 12 more patents to their lawsuit to bring the total up to 24.

11 of the 12 patents are:

U.S. Patent No. 5,455,599: “Object-oriented graphic system”
U.S. Patent No. 5,519,867: “Object-oriented multitasking system”
U.S. Patent No. 5,566,337: “Method and apparatus for distributing events in an operating system”
U.S. Patent No. 5,915,131: “Method and apparatus for handling I/O requests utilizing separate programming interfaces to access separate I/O services”
U.S. Patent No. 5,929,852: “Encapsulated network entity reference of a network component system”
U.S. Patent No. 5,946,647: “System and method for performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data”
U.S. Patent No. 5,969,705: “Message protocol for controlling a user interface from an inactive application program”
U.S. Patent No. 6,275,983: “Object-oriented operating system”
U.S. Patent No. 6,343,263: “Real-time signal processing system for serially transmitted data”
U.S. Patent No. 6,424,354: “Object-oriented event notification system with listener registration of both interests and methods”
U.S. Patent No. RE39,486: “Extensible, replaceable network component system”

The move to add the 12 patents to the suit is in response to Motorola attempting to invalidate the patents mentioned above.

Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs has said “We can sit by and watch competitors steal our patented inventions, or we can do something about it, we’ve decided to do something about it.”

[via Apple Insider]

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  1. Now do they go into detail about how or are these patents just really words

  2. Seems a bit vague to me.

  3. object oriented graphic system…. holy crap the ps3 violates that too with the XMB! ZOMG apple could sue everybody cause they apparently own every single damn thing that THEY did NOT invent! HOLY SHIT!

    gah i fuking hate apple, they are a bunch of non progressive communists

  4. It seems more and more that anything can be patented…

  5. Then why don’t you just freaking sue everybody in the whole industry APPLE jeeze.

  6. Hmmm, yeah of course. If you can’t beat em, sue em!

    @Covert are there “progressive communists”?

  7. Object Oriented Operating System…Do they expect everyone else to use FORTRAN or something?

  8. Multitasking? Android had that way before iOS

  9. Multitasking? How the hell do they have a patent on that if the iphone has only had a (limited) multitasking experience since this summer, when my trusty old G1 had it since Oct. 2008. WTF apple.

  10. Argh… Software patents must die. This list is just ridiculous. It’s just sad that these huge companies have spent incredible amounts of time and money on building their patent portfolios, so it’s not in their interest to ever get rid of the system. And so the consumer and small businesses will continue paying the price.

    Way to go, corporate asshats.

  11. Steve jobs is a tool….and mad cuz Google beats apple,and he can’t stop it

  12. Haha you guys are mad. If you invent something you should patent it. It’s common sense. If there were no patents filed then apple is fully within it’s rights to pantent similar inventions. It’s not their fault whoever “invented it first” failed to patent it.

  13. It baffles me how Apple manages to get these patents. If your average Joe (or even moderate companies) were to submit the exact same patent request as Apple, it would be shot down instantly for being too vague and unspecific.

  14. iOS has multitasking from the start it was not open to developers.

  15. Sounds like its that time of the month again for Apple. Steve blowjob needs to change his name to Agnes.

  16. “Real-time signal processing system for serially transmitted data? really well i guess the rest of the world will not use real time we will use when phone gets signal send to cpu to be processed. Apple you suck

  17. I have patented the letters ‘E’, ‘P’, and ‘A’. So since they are used in Apple, I want compensation. Oh, and I am going to patent suing people for the simple matter of trying to stop competition. mwhahahahahahahahahaha

    And I thought that any of the lawsuits contained the word “multitasking” without the phrase “we won’t let people….”

  18. well i am going to cut down my back yard apple tree, do not want to be sue by apple, hahaha,

  19. How the hell can you have a patent for OO-OS? or “Real-time signal processing system for serially transmitted data” even better, “Object-oriented multitasking system”

    You shouldn’t be able to patent software development methodologies that you learn at uni courses!

  20. APPLE should rethink their multitasking “patent” when one hd to JAILBREAK their iphones in order to do anything multitasking in their system. jeez apple get a life, and let companies expand equally, or is steve just scared everyone will be turned into an android? :3.

  21. @ TECHLOADED; Actually, there are little to no difference between communists and progressives.

    Progressives may try to deny it but their political philosophy is right in line with communism.

    The only difference is progressives will argue they’re not communists, while communists readily acknowledge they’re progessive ideals.

  22. Lol who is going to patent “oblong brick shaped device” first?

  23. They’re basically patenting fundamental programming paradigms – seriously?
    That is like when you have a patent for saying the earth is turning around the sun and make everyone else say something else.

  24. Just more proof that the American patent system needs work.
    “Object orientated operating system” I can’t even summon the words to this keyboard at how angry I am. Many of these wouldn’t even be appropriate.

    Every modern, and I mean every, operating system probably from the advent of Windows 95 have been object orientated. It’s hard to make big projects with procedural or functional code.

    That shouldn’t even be a valid patent, never mind about one to claim infringement on.

    I might as well try patenting walking on two legs or using a washing machine, right now! I might be rich in the future, you never know :D.

  25. “Object-oriented graphic system”
    Duh, how else would you make a graphic system in Java (a very object-oriented language”

    “Object-oriented multitasking system”
    Isn’t Android using Linux’s multitasking which it had long before smartphones even existed?

    And the others are just as ridiculous.

  26. @Astridax: I don’t think Windows (any Windows) is object oriented, just take a look at the Windows API. The Linux kernel is written entirely in C, so that’s not object-oriented either.

  27. How about you lazy droiders read the actual patents? You know the actual patents are much more than the title, they are a number of pages each. I like how there are about 10 ‘genius’ droiders coming to conclusions after reading the title only. Go read the patents! Read more than 6 words before you judge a patent!
    Hint: There are thousands of patents with “object oriented” in the title or patent. How can you guys think that’s all there is in the patent? Of course there’s more than object oriented graphic systems you chowder heads!

  28. FYI If the motorola complained about just the TITLE of the patent only and ignored all the other pages and pages of explanation inside the actual patent, they would be laughed right out of court. All of you commenters here are just retarded (droiders THINK they are nerds but really are just retarded). Then everybody here is like “duh steve jobs’ you can’t patent that, meanwhile you’re so dumb you think a patent consists of only 6 words each. Go read the Full Actual patents!!

  29. Apple= comunism= back side= :p

  30. Indeed, there is more to the patents than the title (I have browsed through them). HOWEVER, object-oriented programming is the industry leading method for larger projects simply because it is easy to divide work among many programmers. It is only natural that (sooner or later) this method would be used to program graphics systems, operating systems, multi-tasking systems, etc. Now, when programming in an object-oriented environment there are certain universal design patterns that are often used to divide the project into smaller, more manageable parts. Software engineers study these patterns and good software engineers know which patterns to use in a given project and work setting (as a computer science student I have studied these patterns myself). Maybe Apple was the first to use these methods in these types of projects, but how can they patent something that is a universal solution and most any software engineer, given the task, would come up with something very similar? This is exactly what Motorola has done. Namely:
    -Let’s write something.
    -Object-oriented programming is the best way to do this
    -By nature of object-oriented programming, what we have come up with is very similar to what Apple has done

    Another example of general ideas that Apple patents is augmented reality. PLEASE tell me we all haven’t thought of it before. It’s just like laser tag except with your cell phones… The thing is that Apple was the first to sit down, start coding it and PATENT IT.

  31. U.S. Patent No. 5,519,867: “Object-oriented multitasking system” iStuff has multitasking now?

  32. Haha I love how the 20 pro android commentators before me All are completely lost as to what a patent even is. All of you think a patent only consists of 6 words! More proof that the ‘android nerd’ is just a bitter ignorant geek that Thinks they know everything. You genius androiders are like ‘these patents seem vague to me’ and ‘these titles could justify suing everybody’, Obviously you dummies. You guys say how ‘angry’ you are and how ‘ridiculous’ all these patents are, that’s because you only read 6 words and didn’t even think about reading the other thousands of sentences inside all these patents. These are just patent TITLES you android geniuses, do you guys know what a “title” is? According to the dictionary; ti·tle [tahyt-l] noun, adjective, verb, -tled, -tling. –noun 1. the distinguishing name of a book, poem, picture, piece of music, or the like. 2. a descriptive heading or caption, as of a chapter, section, or other part of a book. Bahahaha!

  33. Douchebag troll is a douchebag. Let’s not feed the douchebag troll.

  34. Jobs is such a douche, I’m sure Apple’s attornys told him these patents are weak, but he probably insisted on going through with it. I can’t wait until that pos finally dies.

  35. You had to write the same stuff differently in 3 different comments within 4 comments of each other?

    I’ve read 1 of the patents that Apple brought against Moto originally and that was nothing more than the Observer design pattern which should not be patentable – it’s used by practically everybody, including me. I doubt any of these are much better.

  36. People shouldn’t make assumptions from a few words, the patent itself should go more in-depth and shows how they’ve breached the patent. They are merely titles that’s it’s probably categorized under.

  37. Ha got to love apple phanboys maybe he is suckin on the apple teet and just cant face it that android is better and all apple can do about it is try and sue the companies who make better products then his shitty iphone that depending on how you hold it cant make a call. SO @Iosrules go back and sit in your room by yourself with your iphone maybe you can post a few more words and their definitions from the dictionary. What a clown

  38. @ios, have you ever read anything lengthy that apple put together, all it ever does is repeat and rephrase… there patents ARE Vague, as MOST software patents are.

    just look at there EULA for iTunes….. EVERY TIME it updates, there are 58 pages of EULA! that is total utter bullshit! there only need be 2 pages to cover all of the info.

    next time you try to defend apple, pick a better approach. we’re not saying only apple’s software patents are stupid, we are saying MOST are, because a lot of companies have vague patents like that, but actually using them in court because your CEO is home crying that he is getting his ass kicked by Android is the pathetic part.

  39. em…..most folks here seem foreign to the concept of patents and ignorant of Apple being one of the first if not the first company to believe in personal computing and make it happen. Apple had a huge role to play in developing the technologies that we all use today and hence the above patents.

    Arguing about the patent system is a different thing and criticizing Apple for defending its patents is silly given most if not all corporations do it.

    The bottom line is everything is patented and either you have cross licencing deals given you will definitely violate one or the other patent or you have the sue frenzy.

  40. Hopefully the following will add some factual info to the debate, rather than simply wasting keystrokes slagging everyone off. The patents themselves are available, (google is your friend) for example here’s the first one….

    U.S. Patent No. 5,455,599: “Object-oriented graphic system” can be found in full here


    I’ll leave the detailed analysis to those with more time….

  41. @ Raul
    Apple did not INVENT a single thing.
    They might have polished or dumbed down what others invent, that is all.

  42. And before some smart ass calls me a “android nerd”, I do not own an android device. I own a device running REAL Linux.
    But I do like to keep up with tech news, unlike iTards that believe all the crap coming out of Steve Jobs dirty lying mouth.

  43. @Raul- Apple did not invent Personal computing (are you really that stupid?). I can name off scores of home computer systems that where sold before Apple systems. Also Apple didn’t invent the mouse or the GUI or object based programming.

    Stop being an ignorant I-tard, it gets really annoying having to correct every I-tard over and over again.

    P.S.- Don’t ignorantly reply by calling me a Windows fan, as I typing this message from my Ubuntu system. (Just thought I would go ahead and preemptively cut off your ignorant reply)

  44. just because apple made modern computers MAINSTREAM does not mean A. they invented the process to do so, B. they invented everything computer related as result or C. we should give them credit for everything related to 10110110 because they did something good for computers.

    i know apples history in great detail. i love the OLD apple, i HATE steve jobs. no company should “own” these patents and they certainly shouldn’t sue over someone else using something.

  45. anyone interested to patent “water drinking process by homo sapiens aka human”

  46. steve jobs is afraid of the repeatation of the history


    in just 8-9 months Android share rise to 25% from 10%, 8% more than iPhone+iPad combined

    in mobile arena iOS will end up with “less than 10%” position like MacOSX

  47. eat my patents.

    seriously, this has to come to an end. patents are destructive.

  48. I’m not believing anything steve jobs says, if the patent was awarded, then that means it had some merit that an expert in the field thought was worthy at the patent office. Patent offices around the world awarded them patents. And yes patents are vague but every last person above my original comment only referred to the title. I just wanted to let these dumb smart asses know they really don’t know anything about this.
    And how many patents does google have? According to google patents 200 (including applications) and while not counting the companies they own’s patents. Patents are a fundamental right that existed since the greeks, was in the magna carta, and been around since the US started. All businesses deal with this in one way or another, one way being a trade secret ie the coke/kfc recipe.
    And why do you think job’s attorney’s said to not sue and he insisted. This happens a lot in tech business, motorola will show which patents they think were infringed, so does apple, they may come to deal where they split it and avoid court costs or go to court and let the courts decide. All defendant companies do this. They both seem like good companies though, it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.
    And for those people who think apple didn’t invent anything, (you can read this anywhere and it’s clearly referenced throughout the net) what they did was make a $50,000 computer much more simplified and usable so it would cost $1,000. They did not copy Xerox, Xerox gave them permission to look at their labs all they wanted for two days for a stake in the company. It’s all documented in wikipedia, and if you call bull on the references in wikipedia, motley fool, fortune, encarta, then you’re a delusional android fan. The woz is in the us patent inventor’s hall of fame in dc, you don’t get there by being as dumb as you jerks make him out to be. Apple is taking on all the big phone makers with android, htc, samsung, etc etc, and they were still ranked better by consumer reports in spite of the so called bad antenna. Look it up they said even though the antenna etc, it still ranks on top. That’s definitely an unbiased critic.

  49. iosrules, you believe too much of what you hear. just because a patent was awarded doesn’t mean they all had much “merit” i think we all know this world is full of corrupt people, and lazy people, if apple walks in saying they want to patent something i bet they only take one glance at it to make sure that it isn’t already taken and they award it, there is no much “merit” to the process and that is simply what is wrong with the process.
    and again nobody said apple WASN’t good… everything we do with computers today can be thanked to apple for leading the way…. but NOW steve jobs is really running a muck of things, when he was FIRST with the company he did great things but since his return he has been quiet crazed and out of his mind in many aspects.

    all i can say is don’t be so ignorant as to beleive EVERYTHING you hear… make up your own mind, that is what i am doing, i think the patent system is wrong, it allows too many vague terms to slip through, and the SYSTEM needs to be fixed, but apple using that flaw in court is just down right stupid.

  50. I’m going to patent something; it will read something like this:
    US patent #69,696,969: Method and apparatus for butt-raping the general public and forcing them to like it.
    I just hope Apple hasn’t tried to patent this themselves, I’ll be extremely saddened if so. Although, there seems to be strong evidence that something like this has already been used on someome by the name of “iosrules”.

  51. Apple should crawl back into their petty overcontrolled universe.
    They file tons of patents a year, how come such vague patent definitions can make it through? I hope they didn’t patent finger touchscreens, otherwise I would probably have to touch the screen by my ass in order not to violate their patent…

  52. Object oriented multi-tasking system? More like Apple violated that one themselves.

  53. Covert – so what proof do you have jobs went crazy after he got sick? YOU shouldn’t believe everything you hear. I had a lot of ReferenceS who are harsh apple critics backing up my points, CR and Encarta who is owned by MSN. Look up Bill Gate’s original reaction to the iphone, he’s not biased for apple clearly and he still said it was a revolutionary phone. You tell me to not believe everything I hear but apparently everything I hear is supported by competitors and fierce critics of apple. I don’t think you know how to support something. Just because you say he’s crazy doesn’t prove anything. Stop repeating it, prove it!
    And sure of course there are lazy crooked people in the world dealing with patents but that’s why I said that patent offices all around the world, like in asia and eu where competitors could bribe the officials much easier and it would help their country’s gdp etc, all over the world Apple Still gets awarded patents. You don’t want me to believe all I hear but according to you, all officials, everywhere in the world, along with consumer reports, msn newspapers, all other reporters are ALL in cahoots with jobs? That is so ridiculous and stupid, it sounds like you watch too many movies. I’d like to challenge you to support your crazy claim with real references, not Phandroid. I found Consumer Reports, MSN, and Bill Gates giving praise to Apple, who exactly do you have backing up your points?
    (And once again can you people please read more than the title? And after you do that, try reading competitors patents also for a comparison? Or do you prefer to stay ignorant but keep complaining non stop about things you know nothing about?)

  54. iOS rules: referenced his points from all over, competitors, critics, and experts in other parts of the world.
    Covert & Alexander: Zero references, name calling.
    Certainly you’d be able to have some references no? Not even one? The people who resort to name calling sound more delusional than the person who cites unbiased references FYI.

  55. I’m waiting for Xerox to suddenly appear and kill all of Apple’s patents. Apple would not have survived after the Apple II series if it weren’t for Xerox. If you recall your computer history, Apple and Microsoft stole much of their technology and from that profited. I used to really like Apple and their products, but in the last year and a half, I have lost all respect for the company and Steve Jobs as a person. I won’t ever buy an Apple product, and I really hope that they fall victim to their own arrogance and bitter jealousy of more inovative companies.

  56. Ha ha, you guys can cite references as much as you want, it changes NOTHING about the mindset and the way Apple operates, which is the primary reason I would never own an Apple product. I don’t need to cite any sources for me to show how brainwashed the Apple followers are…. They do a pretty good job of doing this themselves. It’s like their insecurity forces them to have to TRY to prove they’re above all while just looking like petty fools. MOST (read: not all) people that I know who use Apple products have this odd mentality that they have to try to compete and preach about why their devices are the best, I just don’t get it. Don’t go telling me that it’s “only the people that I know” because it extends all the way out to people who I’ve never met before. Which reminds me, the age old battle between Apple and their PowerPC cpu’s vs PC’s and how they always boasted about them and how they were the best and how much Intel sucks and then what happened? Yeah you tell me. Android is on the rise, you can deny it or you can deny it, but there is no denying it (you see what I did there?). So, go ahead guys, continue to try to “prove” yourselves, we’ll sit here amused with your efforts. Maybe if you put more effort toward doing something more creative and helpful than trying to disprove people on an Android-centric forum, you’d be a better person. I’m not out here to win anything, but it’s quite apparent that the two fanboys here are. The funny part is that I resorted to NO name calling in my previous post, I was making more of a humorous situation based on what was going on in here and yet I got told that I had resorted to name calling vs providing facts? Name calling would have been:
    “Well, iosrules is a douche for trying to post in an android forum, what a koolaid drinking tool!
    Android FTW!!!oneone1111”
    I wasn’t trying to prove anything, so call me delusional all you want, I don’t care. The only thing proved was that you lack reading comprehension. Like I said, I’m not trying to win anything, but you’re free to continue arguing to your hearts content (I urge you to continue! or you can just completely ignore this post and pretend you didn’t read it, I apologize for any broken egos). Someone once said that fighting over the internet is like the special olympics; Even if you win, you’re still retarded.

  57. Great come back alexandria, ‘i dont believe in facts’, is that supposed to Help
    your case? Alexandria is living in a fantasy world he made up then, let me guess you love gwbush too. You two stick to your gut feeling no matter how many facts prove you wrong. If you’re against citing references and fact finding then were talking a different language here, you’re an unenlightened imbecile stuck in the dark ages mentality. You say we believe anything we hear but at least we fact check. You specifically opposed fact references! You’re an idiot, a dumb idiot. And at the end of the day, in spite of that bad antenna call from consumer reports, CR says with our ‘bad’ antenna and bad att network we STILL beat all the smartphones on the market. Your graphics suck, your app store is empty, your hardware is comparable at best, developers think it’s a pain the ass to customize android for each and every phone (why most of you can’t get android updates or any Good games), so your phone sucks. Plus all your $200 phones don’t come with memory, you have to buy it yourselves. I got twice as much memory for $200 as the eve 4g and it’s quality flash memory not shock susceptible memory like you guys. You have a lot of phone manufacturers on your team and still can’t beat apple’s 4th attempt at a phone. Even bill gates praises it, it’s based on facts though, so I won’t bother you with those.

    And empty kranium: according to a news story in motley fool you’re completely wrong, xerox allowed apple to see their labs, then they invested in apple (please Prove me wrong). How is that taking their ideas if they were allowed by xerox to do so? Once again though, facts don’t matter to android users, you yank your arguments out of your ass and can’t back them up at all. Keep living in your fantasy factless world.

  58. Shit now apple is gonna sue pc users and other mass computer makers for having multi tasking abilities next apple is gonna sue the world for people for not using their products.

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