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While we know this isn’t a Blackberry blog, the company who was just acquired by the software and hardware vendor – Research in Motion – had a lot of great things in store for Android. Their most ambitious offering was that home replacement suite we caught wind of a while back which introduced beautifully-styled 3D widgets and a unique launcher experience. Will it ever see the light of day? Probably not. (It’s also worthy to note that TAT makes some of the great live wallpapers which you use on your phones every day.)

It’s a shame for us considering they had some great ideas, and we’d even hoped Google would acquire them some day, but RIM beat them to the punch. We’re not yet sure how RIM will use their expertise, but as Android die-hards, we don’t care. We wish nothing but the best for TAT as they venture off into new territory, and we’ll wait for another knight in shining armor to bring us a prettier Android. [RIM via Crackberry]

The video for those of you who haven’t seen what they were working on for Android.

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  1. Fail… for us. Oh well seemed like one big gimmick anyway I personally would still pick launcher pro any day. what’s really astonishing is what has taken theses guys so long to place it on the market I mean they first showed it off around last march or something. And whoever can answer that question can also answer why the hell is swype still in Beta???

  2. TAT is like what HTC was a few years ago, you don’t know it but you have seen them all over the place because they have designed many UX’s for many different phones smart and dumb phones. Oh well Blackberry is going to die off soon.

  3. Gimmick is a good word for it. TAT always showed great stuff that had almost no practical use. For example, it’s much easier and faster to interact with a 2D list than a 3D virtual Rolodex.
    RIM should have bought Palm. It would have been the perfect marriage because it would have consolidated the industry. Instead, HP’s purchase of Palm was the mobile phone equivalent of mutually assured destruction — both Palm and RIM are now doomed.
    This really isn’t very negative for Android. Google already snagged the head of Palm’s user experience team to remake their OS (Honeycomb), and they have plenty of brilliant engineers to realize his vision.

  4. Damn How I wish they would of made a home like that it is sick looking now hopefully some devs can take something from this and incorporate it into their home features

  5. @Phineas – Man, you are spitting truth, totally agreed on the HP/Palm/RIM relationships… and I could not have said the rest better myself except for TAT is a lot bigger and better than JUST this TATHome replacement that Phandroid is plugging them for. They have done a TON of UI design work in the mobile industry for many years I was very impressed hearing what they had to say in Stockholm in September.

  6. Maybe Google will buy RIM and kill the ugly company.

  7. Lol, how is RIM going to use them? They don’t have ANY openGL support on ANY of their phones. Fail.

    They should stick with their current text-based UI.

  8. Competition is good for everyone. I recently made the switch from blackberry to android and boy is my fascinate a beauty. with RIM’s aquisition of QNX for a new os and TAT for a new UI, i strongly feel that blackberry will again be king…and i will then switch back

  9. Maybe I am bias, but am I the only one who feels that Blackberry is soon to be a thing of the past like the pre, and winmo phones? Unless RIM plans on TAT being their big blow to android (which seems pointless) I don’t see why these guys would hop on a soon to be sinking ship when they were coding for Skynet? Again I am biased towards android, but best of luck to the developers!

  10. Good for RIM. I was once a heavy BB user. I am glad they are still trying to stay competitive in the personal phone market.

    Anyone who thinks they are going under, no offense, but you are a fool. RIMs the standard for corporate phones, and for good reason, security. No other device offers the same level of security. A BB’s stock 4 digit lock cannot be cracked or backdoored like every other phone makers. If you guess wrong 10 times, that phone is now a brick with nothing on it. Until some other platform can be that secure RIM will still be the standard for Corporate phones.

    They don’t need the personal phone market, we buy A phone every 2 years…Corporations buy hundreds and thousands of phones from them at a time. RIM has no problem staying alive. They just may not be able to snag more of the personal phone market they are losing heavily to Droid and IOS. No big deal for them. Would they want the personal phone market, sure, more money for them…do they need it? Not really.

    Just like EMC, they build HDs for every major corporation. Yet you won’t own one in your own home, but you can bet any company around you is using their HDs to save all their data. Corporate markets rake in far more cash then personal ones do

  11. and for the record i LOVE my Droid X and wouldn’t leave to go back to a BB anytime soon. My BB was great, but not nearly as fast or good as a personal phone as a Droid can be. So no, i am not a droid hater/BB fanboy.

  12. and for the record i LOVE my Droid X and wouldn’t leave to go back to a BB anytime soon. My BB was great, but not nearly as fast or good as a personal phone as a Droid can be. So no, i am not a droid hater/BB fanboy.

  13. LOL – RIM doesn’t need the personal market? Then why the torch? Doesn’t look real corporate to me. It appears they are trying to make their way in, but they suck. No offense but RIM is going down hill. Android wants corporate accounts and dell just offered phones for free to everyone at Dell to drop their BB. SO, to suggest RIM has corporate on lock down is more naive than suggesting they need not expand to keep investors.

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