NOOKcolor Teardown, Shows Us Where it Gets that Color



The NOOKcolor is an eReader running Android that makes no pretensions about being a tablet (though with a little root you’d be surprised what it can do), so likewise, the new toy from Barnes & Noble keeps it pretty simple on the inside as well. After the removal of a few simple screws you can get access to all the magic that makes this thing an eReader with a little more. The main ‘more’ here is a color screen, which is revealed to be LG-made. If you are interested in seeing the step by step or getting the nitty gritty on what all is inside, head to the source link below for all the hardware porn you can feast your eyes at.

[via ZDNet]

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  1. nice, never got the point of an ereader though. oh btw FIRST!

  2. Neat. What else can you do with a rooted NookColor?

  3. @Ann
    Have a look at for the info you seek :)

  4. I never understood why they would want to cripple the Nook Color, but making it an e-reader when it could have been a tablet.

  5. ill be picking one up in a few weeks to root and use as a tab until ASUS releases there new Android and Windows tablet convertibles sometime around March.

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