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Flash Player just updated to 10.2 for desktop computing, and though we don’t know when it will be making to leap to mobile, we have been hit with a new update to Flash Player 10.1 for Android. Mysteriously absent are any indications of what is new in the update, so we will assume it is nothing major and probably just fixing bugs/general enhancements. The update will bring your Flash up to You can grab it in the Android Market now.

[Thanks, Eric!]

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  1. Sure thing….thanks

  2. You guys are fast…….it’s great to get all my android news from you guys……..keep it up.

  3. Fourth!!

  4. Great! Let me go download the updwait a minute, my Vibrant can only use Flash Lite.

  5. LOL @ pimpstrong. poor guy =P

  6. This news should be forwarded to Samsung. :P

  7. It’s the preparation for gingerbread.

  8. Thank you phandroid the best info I found in here.

  9. it bugs me so much when people complain about galaxy s on 2.1 having flash lite. if you don’t want to be patient with samsung, just flash a 2.2 rom and you’ll have flash just like anyone else w/ 2.2.

  10. The desktop version of 10.2 of the flash player is a beta… a technical preview. It is on for a reason and that is that it is a beta. They also have a 64-bit player aka Square on the labs site… it is a technical preview… So will there be a mobile version of 10.2… as a betting man I would say yes… but I think that the desktop has to get there first.
    It seems like many of the optimizations they are making in the desktop version are helping the mobile team… but I think the Molehill release is a way off for mobile.

    Molehill is a future inclusion that allows for kick ass 3d support.

  11. Please can someone tell me where i can get a flash player for the galaxy i9000s im a complete newbie so laymans terms would be appreciated

    thanks guys

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