Gamestring Demos World of Warcraft UI for Android, WoW Addiction Sees a Spike


How do you get a World of Warcraft player to leaver their bedroom? By letting them play WoW on their Android smartphone wherever they go. Gamestring is hard at work making it a reality, and they are ready to show off what they have accomplished. A video demo on the HTC Desire shows the implementation of an on-screen virtual joystick and buttons for controlling your character.

The game doesn’t actually live on your phone, though. It must be run from a host server over a wireless network, so while you could potentially form a setup that would allow for gameplay far from home, you might not ever get much further than your backyard. Which is a step in the right direction. A baby step, but at least it will get WoW players up and moving.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. Up and moving to the backyard and then it’s back to nothing but nothing.

  2. looks totally stupid.

    music is hot

  3. I have to admit (being a medium-core wow player myself) that while this may not seem like big news to the non-player…WoW/Android hybrid users everywhere are rejoycing.

  4. Video is blocked at work, but I’m curious how this works. I fiddled with Wyse PocketCloud awhile back and world of warcraft specifically refused to launch with RDP enabled in windows. I didn’t look much further into it as normal desktop operations were laggy enough over the remote connection on my N1, but perhaps Gamestring found some other, more effective method of running WoW by remote.

  5. SoKal26, I doubt your a medium-core wow player. Not even a hard-core player would be of much use to a WOW raid trying to play on a phone. You would get kicked from the party sooner than you could say “lol”! What a stupid idea…..if it was a native client and you could play over 3G then it would be worth it but to be restricted to smaller screen touch device on a wireless netowrk with you compuetr nearby just is completely stupid.

  6. @android fan
    Yes, i’m a medium-core player…whether u doubt it or not. I don’t raid often, stick to soloing and the classic 5-man dungeon setup…and i opperate on 4G, not 3G…so anything is possible. Me and my friends (as well as other users i’m sure) have been hoping for a mobile client and this is definitely one step in the right direction.

  7. Looks pretty laggy. Still better than nothing for wow adicts.

  8. I think participating in a raid on a phone would be silly but I can see farming at work as handy.

  9. @ SoKal26
    I’ll bet you have to solo with a personality like that, i mean seriously who would want to play on their phone if all you could do was solo? You could probly run a raid if you had a 3g phone, as Verizon and ATT run much better on 3g than Spirnt does on 4g, thats nothing but a gimmick to reel in misinformed consumers like yourself, 3g is BETTER!!!

  10. Yea… That’s what i though… YOU JUST GOT SERVED!!

  11. Great for chat, great for RP, great for checking the in-game calendar when it’s 4pm at work and you’re wondering, “When do I have to leave to get home for the Raid; did I make it 6, or 7, this week?”. Great for checking all your in-game mail when you suddenly realize, “Hey, I haven’t been in game for 4 days, and that mail was expiring in …aCK, four days!”

    I’d say ‘great for checking the AH’, but of course, Blizzard already lets us pay extra per month to do THAT from remote, so of course, We Wouldn’t Do That.

  12. I think most of you are missing the point.. playing wow on an android wouldn’t be used for raiding at all (As someone pointed out), BUT there’s no reason you couldn’t log in, craft some items for people, do some of the daily quests, check up on AH (yes there’s an app I know), chat with friends, and do just about everything but hard core raiding.

    Warcraft Raiding only!

  13. Ack stupid character filters: That last line should have read:
    Warcraft is NOT just for Raiding only.

  14. EXACTLY….JEEZ! Thank you DroidGnome.

  15. WRONG!

  16. The guy used a Desire for this game. It has one of the worst GPU. No wonder it lags.

  17. It would run better than most PCs on an iphone, even on the original iphone 2g this will run smoother than an evo

  18. I’ve played WoW for 6 years… there is no way you will ever be able to do anything useful on this. It’s cool that they are doing it, but it’s pointless. You also need to be careful how this program works since WoW also launches a hidden app called “Warden” that monitors for things like bots and exploits, which remoting could easily be mis-categorized in.

  19. Friggen right! Baby steps but great to see, as the technology gets a bit better hopefully we’ll see more of this.

  20. Lol…i just got served? What an ignoramus. Why would u WANT to do anything else but solo on a phone? Its a portable device….get in, do some quests….get out. I wouldn’t trust the connection for a dungeon, unless I don’t care if the team wipes (um, I usually do.) And ur smoking some hard core, baked to perfection, grade A+ crack rock if u think ur iphone 2g would run it better than the Evo.

    PS…what’s with the NoKal62 id? Are u that much of an ignorant prick that u think u can personally attack someone and they won’t get back at u? Or do u wanna be so much like me that u created your own “Bizzaro” from this Superman. Or maybe ur just gay and can’t stand the thought of not being able to bicker with me like a wife who pokes pointless arguments with her husband. (Its not my fault u let yourself go woman! Get off my pantleg damnit!) In any case…ur not worth any more of my ranting time. Get a life dude.

  21. hahahahaha @ the two nerds nerding it up. In a thread filled with rampant nerdery, you two are the nerdiest. (And SoKal26, you take the cake – NoKal62 is clearly, CLEARLY a troll, yet you took the bait and let him get his rocks off. Congratulations.)

  22. Lol, I’m glad u got ur rocks off…seeing him get HIS rocks off. Happy to help ;p

  23. Not ready for raiding maybe… but is amazing for grinding and farming. Who cares how choppy it is so long as its good enough to camp a mine at work or kill greenies while at the office.

  24. Actually, if you want to play wow on your phone right now, try out “WoW Keyboard”, available on the android market. (Shameless plug for my app, I know :-P)

  25. Cool idea, but it seems pointless. It runs so bad, but the video makes it seem like this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. LOL.

    I could see MAYBE crafting, AH, or maybe some minor shopping. I do not see this being viable at all to do a Quest or Instance. Which boils down to the App that we already have from Blizzard.

    You would get MORE functionality from an iPad, Tablet, or Netbook than your phone.

    “Gaming in the Cloud” is a great idea for PC, Laptops, Tablets, and Netbooks. The platforms so far… Gaiki, OnLive, and now this one all suffer from a MAJOR issue… LAG! OnLive is a cool idea, and after Beta testing it… it has potential if they can solve the lag, and the horrible scaled down graphics.

    That LAST place I am going to play any MMO or major game is on a damn phone. I think watching TV or Movies on a phone are ridiculous also

  26. The music playing in this video is (appropriately) called “Android Porn” by Kraddy. Imo it’s an awesome track especially when played loud.

  27. Oh… I didn’t realize it said the name of the track at the end of the video… Carry on, nothing to see here… :P

  28. I just won a timecard for three bucks. There is a bidsite, which just started, and they have time cards sometimes, easy to win. :) If anyone intrested in:

  29. The music is so intense for such a boring, crap game… Black ops FTW.

  30. BTW… you WoW sissies can argue all you want about stupid Gnome related blood elf crap… your all still virgins.

  31. I used to play WoW. Then I met my wife.

  32. Thank God she didn’t know I played WoW, or even know what it was. Otherwise, she probably wouldn’t be my wife.

  33. I like pizza.

    These posts are going nowhere.

  34. any way we could get this on the android market for free?

  35. Girlfriends, wives & boyfriends of wow addicts everywhere slit their wrists :-( Do it doggy style so they can do their dailies.

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