Latest Nielsen Report Shows Android and iPhone Most Desired Smartphone



What a shocker! Nielsen’s latest findings show that not only do people want smartphones, but that those planning to move from a feature phone or upgrade from a current smartphone have spoken, and the mobile platforms they desire most are Android and iPhone. Again, hardly a shocking result based on all of the recent metrics that show Android nipping at the iPhone’s heels for the number one spot or holding the number one spot itself.

Nielsen’s own data pegs the iPhone and Blackberry tied at the top of the pack with 27 percent, but Android trails only by 5 percent at a total 22 percent. In terms of polling to see which OS was in the most demand, 35 percent said the iPhone would be their next smartphone choice while 28 percent yearn for Android.


The competition between both platforms will always be strong, but now that both have come into their own and hold respectable positions in the market, I could really use a break from all of the comparisons. How about you?

[via Nielsen]

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[Update]: Angry Birds Seasons Flies into the Android Market

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  1. I won’t be happy until Steve Jobs is penniless. Clearly, I’ll never be happy.

  2. With the new Windows 7 phones coming out will that replace Blackberry as the third most popular phone?

  3. Cool. Android needs to be number one :D And RIM can be second, third WP7(or windows mobile which ever you wanna use…), and last is fourth, Apple iOS. The bottom feeder…

  4. Windows Mobile at 14%?? I thought they were hovering around 2% just a few months ago :o

  5. Yea that pie chart seems way off.

  6. I’d like to see the same question on a global scale. If that was asked, Symbian would not have scored as low, and IOS as high. The interesting question is when will smartphones overtake feature phones?

  7. By 2012 is the world doesn’t end as speculated, then hopefully by then… I hate feature phones, they suck so much it’s not funny…

  8. Re-comment the one before was a total fail..

    Hopefully feature won’t even be thought of by 2012, if the world doesn’t end as speculated…

  9. when i read “Latest Nielsen Report…” i thought it said “Leslie Nielsen Report…”

    at first i was excited to see he didn’t die after all but began reporting on Android software

    i am disappoint

  10. They’re both fail :)

  11. Who are the lame folks that still want a Blackberry?? It’s like saying “I want a Ford Pinto”

  12. The lame folks that still want blackberry are the people that know android is still betaware and also know that the phones have shit reception and crap email and stupid blur, sense etc skins. Also same people who need their batteries to last more than 6 hrs…

  13. Blackberry is huge in the business world because the solid Outlook email connection. The company I work for (80K plus employees) just recently allowed the iPhone to be used/purchased as a company phone about 7 months ago. Eventually Android will be added, but Blackberry is still the preferred device in most major corporations.
    As for the Windows phones, I see them gaining popularity with first time smartphone buyers merely because most are already familiar with the Windows OS.

  14. Maybe I’m missing something, but the graph looks like Android is 3rd to me. Apple, Blackberry, and Android. Of course, even if I’m not wrong about the graph – the graph must be wrong because Android is first over all the others in my world.

  15. nevermind…I was looking at the pie graph and missed the second one. Two cheers for ignorance.

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