Verizon Advertises a Motorola DROID X… running iOS



There’s nothing like a good marketing blunder to kick the earlier parts of the week off. Verizon’s marketing department wants you to know that you can speak where you want to go into your phone and never get lost again, and they give a little visual of the application which helps you do just that. The only problem? Their DROID X is running iOS, apparently. We know you guys want the iPhone to come to your carrier, but I’m certain this just isn’t the way to do it. [Verizon via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. wow / i see one less position at vz on this one….

  2. LOL. This is good :).

  3. proof the droid x isnt worth your money :P motorola and there damn locked bootloaders

  4. LMAO, R&D must have lost it’s budget to drop the ball this much hahaha.

  5. They have also been changing the aspect ration of the screen in commercials. They did it during Monday Night Football two weeks ago. It looks suspiciously like an EVO. I grabbed my tape measure and sure enough… the screen ratio of the X in the commercial didn’t match the X I had. Yes, it’s that big a POS that they will do ANYTHING to get rid of it.

  6. This is why I would never go to VRW, they honestly believe they are smarter than us and pull anything and we’ll “never know.”

  7. The droid x is an awesome phone. Blows the evo out of the water. In EVERY aspect save for the ffc(doesn’t matter to me) and 4g(practically non-existent). Battery life, call quality, durability, picture/video quality ALL blow the evo out of the water. And personally, the evo has no style whatsoever.

  8. Maybe they are hinting at a possible release?!?!

  9. These ads are always subcontracted to 3rd parties. So, it’s the supervisor at the ad agency who approved this ad that should be in hot water. It doesn’t get much more boneheaded than this.

  10. Maybe it was just rooted with dual boot and iOS

  11. Evo 4G gives you 3 wishes, one of which can be an iphone.

    But Droid X has an iphone inside it.

  12. See, this is a GREAT reminder of why moto locked the bootloader.

    NEVER, EVER EVER do we have to worry about the horror of a DroidX EVER running iOS.

    Nightmares averted. Thank You moto. Customer for life.

  13. I am a former Verizon customer. They screwed me on the Bluetooth fiasco a while ago and botched my class action lawsuit settlement. I am happy with Sprint. I don’t ever plan on going to Verizon, I see Sprint as much *less* evil. No carrier has everything, at least in America, they all have closed phone models and won’t work on other networks. I just see Verizon as being *more* evil than Sprint.


  14. @austin you are retarded. Its one of the best android devices out. I see ur one of the retards who still try to use the locked bootloader as an excuse to not want the phone though you know its one of the greatest. Rooting isn’t everything! Also it doesn’t seem to be stopping people who even do know about rooting. That’s because they know we been passed that! You are stuck in the times of the locked bootloader jealousy! Lol loser.

  15. This whole ad is fishy… did the writer even speak english? The text at top doesn’t make sense…

  16. @Drew – It appears that the right side of the ad was cut off….

  17. viral marketing, creating a buzz, well done big red

  18. @Nisme

    Your red truck is shinier than my red truck, point well taken especially when this article has absolutely nothing to do with Evo 4G. 4G works just fine in my city and a lot of major ones across the U.S, though it may continue to elude whatever backwater trailer park you posted that comment from. There, consider that a grown up version of pushing you down and kicking dirt on your face.

  19. Marketing blunder aside, the DroidX is an awesome phone! I went from the droid to the x, both are excellent phones. I love the large screen, camera and video quality. I have never used the evo and no desire for one and I am sure that is an awesome phone as well.

  20. Why on earth are people discussing comparisons etween the EVO and the Droid X here? This has NOTHING to do with the EVO WHATSOEVER! Do you always sit around arguing which phone is better no matter what the topic at hand is?

  21. I have a g2 and really am unimpressed with the droid x. Screen isn’t crisp the buttons on the phone make it feel cheap and the U.I…eww speed is pretty good. I would never get it.

  22. What…the…hell… is this? Well first I’m gonna say the Droid X is the KING of Android just don’t argue with that and second….I just don’t understand this ad.

  23. tmobile!!
    FTW and other carriers.
    : ]

  24. I don’t care about the whole o.s. nonsense. I have the droid, which I like. I have never had an Iphone, but I bet it would be alright if I did. But can someone tell me how it is known this phone is running iOS? I just don’t really understand from the advertisement.

  25. @Alex king? Are you serious? Name one thing aside from a god-awful huge screen that the x has over the dinc. Oh yeah wait there is NOTHING. And once froyo arrives on the fascinate it will be the most superior verizon phone by far. Dinc is king for now and will soon be dethroned by the fascinate. King lol…

  26. Droid X- Ftw. F- y’all haters. Keep sipping from the Tit.

  27. Um, the Droid X has an HDMI out, a bigger screen, a more durable build, and a battery that lasts way longer than the HTC Incredibles. I know, I had one.

    With that said, I love the HTC EVO…my dad has one, and I like the dimensions of the screen much more on the EVO, than my X.

  28. I had the Droid Incredible, horrible phone, HTC’s UI is sloppy and the battery doesen’t last more than a couple hours without needing to be charged, it did , however, have a nice camera. I decided I needed a new phone because that Incredib;e was anything but so I took it back and was faced with the decision, Droid X or Fascinate … I chose the Fascinate.

    It is larger than the Incredible, without being too lage and the Super Amoled screen is AMAZING! I like touch wiz, though allot of people don’t, but for me it was the right choice. I feel the Fascinate is a bit more refined or polished than the X. Both are good phones (I’m not saying the X sucks or anything).

    The Incredible though, HORRIBLE.

  29. Thats kind of proof of iPhone coming to Verizon. Them using that photo means they have it in their advertising department, likely from an ad they are working on for the iPhone.

  30. @Colby
    my incredible runs for 18 hours on one charge from 100% to 10%. Is so much faster than the droid or droid x, not sloppy at all. Sounds like you got a dud. or installed evey app possible and bogged down your OS… Either way the Incredible is under rated and doesn’t get enough respect. Just because you had a bad experience doesn’t mean it is a HORRIBLE phone.

  31. @subhelix: because the DX screen is showing an iOS version of Google Maps not the android version. Obviously a photoshop screwup on Verizons part.

  32. Hahaha its funny how all of a sudden a ramble between Evo and X owners started. Honestly, the Evo wins hands down. Im not rambling. But when you have 2.2.1 on the Evo, and a 4G data connection with 10+ mb/s on 1 bar, the X is nothing. :P

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  40. Looks like they fixed it. Its not iOS anymore

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