Pictures Taken from the Samsung GT-i9200 find their way onto Picasa



Some new pictures have found their way onto Picasa courtesy of what could be the Samsung GT-i9200, otherwise known as the “Galaxy S2” that’s been in the rumor mill lately. There’s nothing much to say here except the camera quality looks like it’ll be quite as decent as the one found on the Galaxy S line of devices. Now we just want to actually see the thing. [via Samsung Hub]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yeah who cares if someone is taking pictures with a device that we cant see…

  2. Its hard to figure out the camera quality with this pic! Something like sunset or vibrant colored flowers would tell more of a story!

  3. I really hope it looks like the mock ups we’ve seen in the past.

  4. I’m excited. Which to get – the Nexus S or the Galaxy S2???

  5. LOl why do i even check this site for info anymore…

  6. @abba: I would imagine that the Nexus S and the Galaxy S2 are similar in hardware. I’d go with the Nexus S for the vanilla Android and much faster OS updates. the Nexus S will also become the new Developer device so your options are going to be best with the Nexus S

  7. I’m going with the Nexus S because everyone knows the Nexus One is still better then a Galaxy S phone and it’s a 11 month old phone. I do expect the Galaxy S2 to have better specs or they might just be bringing the Nexus S specs to the mass market just like HTC did 5 months after the Nexus One with the Desire, Incredible and the EVO. Anyways they will be top of the line with Hardware internal and external but software always trumps hardware with Android.

  8. That’s one ugly phone right there!

  9. So wait… what is it that is indicating to us this might be from a GT-i9200??

  10. Nexus One has had more issues than Galaxy S and in no way other than software updates is it better. 4inch superamoled DLNA better camera firmware and camera and so on.

  11. Great picture Quality.

  12. Galaxy S2 is probably going to resemble an iPhone 4, I just hope they don’t use glass for the back like apple did, that was absolutely retarded.

  13. @jdog
    lol nexus one better than galaxy s? Lol typical htc fanboy.

  14. Nexus one is flawed yes. But so is galaxy s. Plus the UI is SHIT. GPS sucks. The feel of a galaxy s phone sucks. Its light weight cheap plastic. Nexus one was built great, You know it when you hold it in your hand. Samsung might have some better hardware but Htc knows android. Just my opionion.

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