Verizon 4G LTE Details Incoming December 1st


While we’ve already gotten a whiff of the 30-40 cities getting LTE in Verizon’s initial launch, there are more details to be had: when? What? How much? Thankfully, they’ll be holding a press conference December 1st (that’s tomorrow) to shed some light on it all. We won’t know much until then, but when we do learn of Big Red’s plans on the teleconference tomorrow, we’ll be right here to bring you all of the details. [via Press Release]


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  1. 4g was supposed to bring broadband to areas of the US that couldn’t have it before. So why will it be 2013 before it comes? Small town America gets put on the backburner yet again. I hope their announcement tomorrow changes this and also places a light on their 4g data plans for phones. Pricing details could make or break the decision for many. Still the best coverage, soon to be the fastest. Market placement couldnt be stronger for Verizon. Now just get it to the small towns and compete with Sprints pricing. Just sayin…

  2. I hope LTE phones will allow me to use European sim cards when I travel to Europe. I don’t like any of Verizon’s world phones at the moment.

  3. I have a bad feeling that Verizon is going to use 4G to raise their prices. Especially when they claim to have the “fastest” 4G.

  4. Small towns don’t generate enough revenue. They are, well, too small. If you are going to spend billions upgrading your network capabilities, you are going to do it where you can get the greatest return on your investment.

  5. I wish they’d stop advertising it as “4G” since it’s not true 4G.

  6. From vzw’s perspectives greed is probably good. They will only drop their prices when they stopped being the dog.

  7. They will probably announce how much it’ll suck!. jk but yeah they have begun advertising it and they have not one place or device that has LTE… so wat’s up big red?
    I guess they don’t want to get left behind Tmobile’s and Sprint’s “4G”, or should I say way faster 3G?
    Regardless I love on my G2!

  8. Toastnjam: Of all things you could wish for, why wish that? You could always wish that they had never advertised 3G, since according to the itu, they don’t meet all of the standards for 3G either. Stfu, you loser. It is 4th generation technology, whether you like it or not. Wasting your time whining like a bitch is not going to change a thing. Get a life.

  9. This may be enough for me to ditch T-Blow.

  10. 1st, details about which cities have been on for weeks. 2nd, you might want to compare the launch cities with the cities that have an NFL franchise. Third, thus IS 4th generation technology. 5th, I live in a small town and won’t see LTE for a while too and that’s just fine because that is a smart business decision. There has to be enough users and usage to generate return in investment. As a Verizon shareholder, I’m glad Verizonwireless prioritizes the larger cities. Last but not least, you can’t be the best and the cheapest. You’re one or the other because it costs a lot more money to be the best.

  11. cost alot more to be the best yes, but unfortunately verizon is FAR from the best at anything.

  12. @tim242 Go look up the specs for the fourth gen network. This is not even close to what a 4G network will be. This is at most a slight boost to 3G.

  13. @swazedahustla, i agree.

  14. @the 12 year old: Lte and wimax are 4G techs. As with every other tech, there will be speed enhancements. Did you know that 3G started at just 120k? Hspa+ is an evolution of 3G. Lte and Wimax are next gen. Even tmobile is switching to Lte in the future. You need to realize G’s are more than speed alone. It’s more the capabilities. According to your precious itu, simultaneous voice and data is a required standard for 3G. Why no cries of fake 3G? Stfu. K, thanks.

  15. @uninformedswazed: Verizon isn’t the best? Oh really, then please enlighten me. Which carrier is best? They have the largest overall network. Largest 3G network. Soon to be largest 4G network, which will be on the best spectrum, allowing for the best building penetration. Dropped calls barely exist. Thet have best call quality. Best selection of phones. Best marketing. But, you’re right. They aren’t best at anything.

  16. Yes the great hope that LTE is finally going to make everything compatible… Unless the carriers broadcast on the same frequencies then it won’t be compatible.. If you look at GSM, you can buy a phone that has all 4 frequencies for phone service.. Now if you look at the 2 GSM carriers in the US, they both use the same 3G technology, but operate in different frequencies.. can you buy a phone that has both 3G freq’s ?.. or one that has the US and the European 3G freq’s ? … exactly what makes people believe that LTE is going to change this in any way ?

  17. Why should a Verizon phone be compatible with att’s network, or visa versa? The phone market is becoming less and less competitive. Selling phones that will only work on their own network is one of the few ways left to be competitive. Where would att be if the iphone they sold worked on other networks? Like it or not, they have to make good profits and be competitive to bring us what they do. It isn’t free, and they don’t owe us anything.

  18. tim242: You are my hero! Seriously!!! HAHAHAHA!!! You just owned all of these twits on here. Well done.

  19. @tim242
    As I stated, I don’t see things changing in the US… But the argument can be made that the phone that you purchase is yours, not the carriers. I really don’t know why (other than upsetting the carriers) one of the handset manufactures doesn’t just make a handset with all the frequencies needed to work with all the networks, and just sell it themselves.

  20. Yeah, tim242 is real mature. He’s certainly my hero too! (if he actually knew what the hell he was talking about instead of just shootin off his piehole)
    Nobody is knocking Verizon and their network, just stating facts that LTE isn’t true “4G”. Do a little research before ragging on everyone’s comments. Your immaturity is shining through!

  21. ToastnJam you can’t act mature by calling someone out out being immature. I’m sure you dont know everything about LTE either so stop hating. Plus nowhere did tim242 say anything about Verizon 4g being real 4g he said its 4th generation technology, so you can go stfu.

  22. @tim242 You owned em fools, cause you are the dumbest twit on here… you should be banned from posting your ignorance is superior and you are happy be subservient. Think about it this way….. You buy a car and the manufacturer says you can only fuel at Circle K and no other gas station. So Circle K be the responsible enterprise raises fuel prices leaving you stuck in a small county without no other Circle K’s. Who ever told you tha competition is bad your point is baseless. Maybe if you ever leave the small ass crack town you are from and see Europe maybe you will see true competition……….

    —> American…..if you want to see me see me on Twitter @Z-Liberator

  23. I was sleepless and searching info… and there is rumors about a BlackBerry Storm 3 to be launch as one of the first lte 4G devices late December or early on 2011. while other rumors say 4G phones will come towards the middle of 2011 I’m holding on my storm 2 (wish i don’t really like) waiting for something better than the storm for the launch of lte 4G (hoping it will be accessible and w the two cameras one for recording and pix and the other for video calls and of course to be Global too) I just wonder how far ahead or advance will be this first 4G LTE phone devices compared to the Iphone (rumors that it will launch in Vzw in February)and other devices out there. Hopefully we won’t have to wait for too long to find out.

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