Nov 30th, 2010

WinAmp has been in beta for a little while, and just as the TweetDeck team was, they”ve been moving fast to incoporate new features and eventually get to a 1.0 release. Today marks that day and you can find the final release of WinAmp for Android in the Android market now. It adds SHOUTcast support for those who were waiting on it. (And we know a lot of you were.)


The free, online streaming radio service adds over 44,000 channels of online music and talk shows right to the palm of your hand, a fine alternative to some of the subscription-based offerings currently available. Although the software version is 0.9.2, it sounds like WinAmp is just about ready to consider bringing on the final release. (And it already feels like one: there really aren’t any complaints we have save for a few features to bring it up to par with its competitors.) Go ahead and find it in the Android market today. [via TechCrunch]