HTC Jumping Into e-Ink and 3D Technology?



We’re not 100% certain this holds implications for their Android lineup – let alone the entirety of their smartphone strategy – but HTC’s looking to hire a “Display and Camera Design Engineer” with the following qualities: have familiarity with 3D display and imaging technologies, with some of those technologies being TFT-LCD, PMOLED, AMOLED, E-Ink, and they threw on a nice big “etc.” at the end for good measure.

This doesn’t immediately map out the company’s future, but it does raise some questions. The strongest pertains to that dual-book tablet design we saw pop up in patent documents earlier this year. It’s possible HTC could still be wanting to jump into the e-Reader game alongside the tablet market (which we already expected them to.) The most interesting is 3D though: just what could they want to do?

While HTC’s produced some of the best phones in the industry over the years, it’s not often we see them jump far ahead of the pack in terms of innovations or stray too far from their smartphone strategy. They’re always that half a step behind or ahead, it seems, with no wide margin to speak of. Things could be changing soon for them, but it’s impossible to know exactly what will happen, how it will happen, and when it will happen.

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  1. I guess 3D is the future of displays.

  2. eink is pretty neat i had the samsung alias 2 and it had eink it was a nice technology i think it could work well on smartphones

  3. please make a glasses-free 3D android tablet!! i’d love to watch 3D movies on something the size of a Tab or an ipad, as well as all those games that ESPN is broadcasting in 3D. i’d gladly pay for that type of content

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