Lockscreen Gestures Come to Droid in Latest CyanogenMod Release Candidate



CyanogenMod has doen it again, bringing in some nifty functionality to the ROM for rooted phones that really sets it apart from the pack. CM6.1 RC5 is the latest for the Motorola Droid, and it brings along lockscreen gestures. This will allow you to assign and dictate gestures (much like gesture search) from the lockscreen to quickly pop open your favorite apps and services.

You can get it now for the Droid, but no word when it might reach other CM builds. We get the feeling it will, though.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Works on N1 has of RC2.

  2. Probably it’s already on all of them, but I can confirm it’s on Nexus too.

  3. I want it on my droid 2!!!! Port please

  4. This is in the nightly builds for all platforms. It is in all RC builds that were built after 11/26 I think.

  5. According to the CM 6.1 changelog, lockscreen gestures are common to all of the CM 6.1 final builds


  6. it’s on the EVO, but doesn’t work… shows trails but doesn’t open any apps. very disappointing!

  7. also for rc3 on slide :P perhaps the title should have been “Lockscreen Guestures Come With Latest CyanogenMod Release Candidate”

  8. @ImRuss247 have you created any gestures yet? in settings > cyanogenmod > input settings > lockscreen gestures > build gestures

  9. Works on the CDMA Hero RC1 as well—i think since nightly 145 onward

  10. Working on EVO with RC2.

  11. It works on the G2 as of the RC3 release.

  12. …and yet no 4g.

  13. I use this on CM6.1 RC3, great feature. I had to turn the sensitivity down to about 2 though.

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