$1000 Bounty Offered to First Person to Crack Google TV Root



While the networks are doing all they can to shut down Google TV (for reasons we don’t quite comprehend), there are others who want nothing more than to break the whole thing wide open. Such is the case with the offering of the “Google TV Root Bounty,” a $1000 reward being offered up over at MagicAndroidApps for the first person to complete a successful root via software hacking. The bounty bends the definition of “root” slightly by asking that for the prize to be claimed the Google TV box will have to accept the installation of third party applications, and accomplish it before Google unveils the Android Market for the device.

A little bit of ingenuity and work is all that separates some lucky duck from a solid grand and the ability to play Android apps in the living room. Can someone jump on this, please?

[thanks, Mr. Android!]

Kevin Krause
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  1. Already done… I just submitted. No need for anyone to attempt this. Thanks

  2. Im sure this is in the works already….

  3. google had this in the cards from the beginning, just like Microsoft with Kinect

    dont give the people the things that the big corporations have historically not wanted to give…you know…the things that piss off partners and hit bank accounts…

    but hey….if the public takes lemons and makes lemonade….it’s on them…

  4. You’re very welcome! This story needs as much coverage as possible!

  5. While this is great and all, they need to find a work around to gain true, full internet sites. Which I guess would come with rooting the device?

  6. The TV dont offer full internet? I can’t wait to see this thing rooted with everything operational.

  7. We need this ASAP!

    Someone needs to somehow mask that Google TV is making a request to networks that are blocking content. Let their servers believe it is coming from a simple PC.

    This should be very doable!

    Then I will go and buy a Google TV immediately and I’m sure everyone else will as well. I think a developer at Google TV, sony, or logitech should “leak” how to do it.

  8. Yep, I want the root app that allows you to manually set the browser type and OS that is reported to the website’s server.

    Stream me that TV show. Nothing to block here, just plain old Firefox on Win7, not one of those evil Google TVs.

  9. only $1000? That’s really not much unless its a very easy method to root. Would you spend days on end trying this for a lousy g-note if you weren’t already willing to do it for free.

  10. @Donkey3000
    Considering that this will probably be achieved by some college student, $1000 will be a good chunck of change and likely to provide the drive to go another night without sleep.

  11. As long as I can install CyanogenMod on it… I’m happy :P

  12. . Sijoy wrote on November 29, 2010

    Already done… I just submitted. No need for anyone to attempt this. Thanks

    Is there really any validity to this statement? and if so when will we see it public as I am waiting to turn my GTV into a real media player


  13. We are getting close!

  14. Even “when” we get root, that doesn’t mean we will get to have unblocked access to the media outlets. From my understanding it is being blocked based on the flash version, if just getting root would allow us to use sites such as hulu, why can’t I watch hulu on my rooted Android phone with flash?

  15. Sphinx, actually you can. Just sounds like you haven’t researched how.

  16. @Donkey3000 we hack devices to hack them, not to make a couple bucks.

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