KDDI Goes GaGa for their Androids — Lady GaGa, that is


There is something to be said for an advertising campaign that relies on star power to move a product rather than mentioning any aspect of the actual product. That’s fine and all, but somewhere we are missing the connection between Lady GaGa (especially the track “Poker Face”) and the Sharp IS03. But we will secede that for the Japanese and KDDI au, it might be enough to get people into to stores. NTT DoCoMo did it with Darth Vader, anyway, right?

[via Engadget]

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  1. Ummmmm…its Android and Gaga…pure WIN! It makes no sense at all, but really…does it need to?

  2. guess it’s a slow news day….

  3. They are also using Usain Bolt in their Ad campaign.

  4. I would have preferred close up of the actual phone screen running a content rich app like SWM or something along those lines

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