Apple Lays Down the Banhammer on Android Magazine App



Providing its content isn’t totally obscene or illegal, there is one thing Google won’t do based simply on content focused on something other than Android: ban it from the Market. But Apple on the other hand likes to ban things seemingly just for kicks, the latest case involving the denial of and application from Danish magazine publisher Media Provider. What was so wrong with the app that it should be banned? It was an e-magazine with content centered around Android.

I know, I know. The shock value of an app being banned from the Apple App Store is no longer what it once was — it seems Apple will ban your app for any of a myriad of reasons — but it’s just down right silly to deny an application because it talks about something other than your products. I’ll just put it this way: the iPhone is the North Korea of the mobile world, except in North Korea they are probably led to believe the iPhone was designed by the supreme leader Kim Jong Il himself.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. I will bomb your cities, yours ships for insulting the Beloved Leader and the Democratic People’s Republic of Apple.

  2. I really LOL-ed at the last sentence. Brilliant analogy.

  3. Where’s the owner of banlandia when you need em? lol

  4. lmao that is insanity. so basically, if it is news and it has to do with android….apple just doesnt allow it. wow wow.

  5. Man, if that picture doesn’t scream “Cult Leaded” I don’t know what does. Creepy!

  6. This is why we all love our Android phones, regardless of make/model….we will never surrender to such tyranny by apple!

  7. wow, in the pic jobs looks very evil… can anyone do a photoshop of him as a sith lord or saruman?

  8. apple is literally threatened by android. no longer the power dominance in the smartphone department and #### poor reviews of their latest flagship.

    android rules all others drool!! :)

  9. I want a black turtleneck… :(

  10. Can someone photoshop a hybrid picture of Steve Jobs with Kim Jong Ill?

  11. This article is further proof that Android fanboys aren’t very bright.

  12. Just Another indication that android is really getting under apples skin. I converted my good friend and he loves android.

  13. @Stoopid website – Go give Steve Jobs a nice BJ and/or HJ you cult minded Apple fanboy. His/her comment is only about 1 or 2 comments above mine.

  14. [Jobs] All your content are belong to us!!11!! [/Jobs]

  15. It’s funny how many people I see complaining about their iphones.
    And how many people I see defecting to Android. I know alot of (nontrendy) normal people that want a smart phone but won’t go the Apple route.
    People want freedom and want to be able to access to whatever apps., not have someone tell them what they can and can’t have…

  16. Many years ago, when my friends asked why I would never own an Apple product, I said because they were just another evil corp but this time with too much of a smile for my taste, they couldn’t understand what I was saying. The kool-aid was too tasty for most people then. Now…. well, now more people are seeing them for who they really are. Once again, Apple IS NOT your friend!

  17. Steve just needs to get him some of that good Cali medical, fire himself up a hogleg, kick back in his chair with his Android phone, and chill the £u©k out!!!

  18. Someone by the name of Steve needs to grow up. What a Job.

  19. Android fans are so insecure, they need constant validation. Who cares if Apple bans an app which is nothing but an advertisement for a competitor’s product? Really, that makes your phone better? Please, grow a brain.

  20. I don’t think Apple is evil, they just sell access to a very pretty walled garden. Unfortunately inside that garden the lord and savior Jobs is holding amway-esque jamborees and the other people inside keep pushing that same old “everything else sucks except Apple” second commandment on you night and day. If they would just put their stuff out there without all the crap I would consider buying their products.

  21. If you’ve never dated an extremely jealous woman before, and I have, this ranks right up there. lol.

  22. “I really LOLed.” Who says that? (Android fanboys, apparently.)

    Are you twelve?

  23. Yeah they ban everything and anything, they banned the SWM app also. Love that North Korean line !

  24. There is an Apple fanboy making retarded comments under different names to “try” and sound cool. Stfu loser.

  25. Android Fanboys! That’s why your phones can’t multitask better than iOS! What the F is a droid? Crappy android phones! Iphones will always be the best! They are real smartphones! Steve Jobs is amazing! Obey him! Obey him!

  26. @classic fanboy stupidity (or whatever your next name will be)

    I’m sure you’ve heard of a site called They constantly post articles validating Apple products. Don’t think you’re better than anyone else here.

  27. The reason might be simpler than what has been suggested. In Apple’s TOS, I believe there is a clause which says an app can’t be named after a competitor.

  28. Actually I think more information is needed either way. First of all no mention is made of why it was banned. If it was sending phone or user information to another location it could be banned, or if it was trying to access other parts of the hardware it could be banned, or if… I find the information to be very one sided and biased in this case. However, if it was only banned because it gives information about Android, then that seems a little odd. Of course, most people here don’t need any reason to form opinions other than anything Apple = wrong.

  29. wow I love android as much as everyone else, but some of these comments are just asinine. Seriously, what do you expect for Apple to just allow an app centered around it’s competitor? Should Ford let GM advertise in their showroom? Come one people.
    And those who complain about Apple being an evil corp, what do you think Google is? A non profit? Seriously people need to get a grip (starting with the author of this blog post) and grow up.
    Pure silliness.

  30. Oh well, the free market is over rated anyways, lol.

  31. @JamesB Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but Apple sometime around the beginning of the year demanded that all mentions of Android be removed from the application descriptions in their store or they would ban the app. You could no longer say something like “MyApp for iPhone, Android etc..” Now whether they still demand this or not I don’t know but I am just about certain that I read articles on this. So no I don’t think its strange at all that this was banned. Jobs got mad after Google ramped up the Android features and went all out nuts.

    To me all of this says you don’t have the better product. You can talk all you want about curation, better experience and on and on. But if you have to shield your users from any form of news or info on competing products then you must already know your product can’t compare and you better keep your users in the dark as much as possible. The North Korea analogy was spot on. Many of the Apple fans I run into get seemingly MOST of their news filtered through Apple enthusiast sites. And when I expose the raw truth to them they are always look to be in shock.

  32. @jd, your analogy fails. It would be more along the lines of Ford restricting where you can drive that new truck you bought to prevent you from visiting a GM showroom.

  33. @jd Free market man. If you use Linux for instance and visit a Linux site you’ll see a crap load of Windows advertisements. Do you think Google would ban an Apple magazine? I highly doubt it. And besides Apple has no problem making use of those Google apps on their devices that obviously promote Google do they…

  34. @grow up. I see you are new to the internet. Welcome! You should take some time to learn about things like smilies and short hand like text messaging language. Then you won’t make a fool of yourself. LOL

  35. @JamesB

    Read the source link, it has quotes as to why it was rejected.

  36. According to Cult of Mac, the reason for the ban:
    “So what’s the problem?” Dixon asked, knowing full well what the problem was.

    “You know… your magazine,” replied the Apple rep, who identified himself only as Richard. “It’s just about Android…. we can’t have that in our App Store.”

    The site also notes that their are apps in the App store focused on Windows Phone 7 and other competing products. This shows me that Apple is threatened by Android, and childish moves like this make me realize how power hungry and controlling Apple really is.


  37. @ Phandroid

    Would it be possible to look into getting a new comment system? It’s hard not having an edit feature and not having tiered replies. Disqus is really nice. Thanks.

  38. @ stoopid website Go troll somewhere else ifool!

    Apple should be investigated for this kind of trash.

    This is just like me using my prepaid phone top-up card with ASDA mobile in the UK at Sainsburys and Carphone Warehouse and not being allowed to top-up because it is a competitor of Sainsburys and Carphone Warehouse don’t sell ASDA mobile. Load of BS, cause e top-ups are supposed to be able to be done anywhere.

    Wonder what they would say if I tried paying for something with an ASDA credit card…

  39. We will crush the Rebellion and its Rebel spies. HA!

  40. I’m not a fan of iPhony or Jobs but it’s hard to argue with the success of their products or stocks. We can praise android or bash the dark sith Jobs, in the end it is all meaningless.


  42. Heck that is the analogy I make to friends. I am sure I have used it on the forums as well :D.

  43. Although I do find this article funny, you can’t blame Jobs for keeping stuff like this out of his app store. Its actually pretty smart. I love android, I have the DX. Its a great phone, but even though I have never used an iPhone, I’m sure its a great phone. Wish people would keep things in perspective.

  44. I love the new Kindle commercial where it talks about woman who used to read Kindle books on her Iphone but decided to move over to Android, but still has access to her books. Excellent jab from Kindle….like every other major company, they know Android is taking the world by storm. Either jump on the wagon or get left in the dust. (ie: apple peelings)

  45. If they wana ban this app I think Google should pull YouTube and google voice from the apple app store and if they still wont allow this app in the market pull all Google apps from apple and this is coming from a Guy who own a iPhone and Droid but I’m starting to hate apple

  46. Jobs may as well ban AngryBirds and every other game that originally came out on the Iphone and is now being ported to Android.

  47. We don’t want your crappy apps on our amazing app store. You guys have like 20 good apps, the others are crap.

  48. iPhone owners just don’t seem to get it. They pay a lot of money for these phones and for the horrible service, but also, it seems, that they pay for censorship. It’s like these people are scared to make up their own minds so they pay a company to do it for them. With that said, I guess the iPhone can make your life easier, because you just don’t have as many decisions to make.

    Whats next? Is Apple going to start filtering out phone calls for you? Maybe they can start blacklisting phone numbers from within Google, or Microsoft offices?

    It doesn’t matter whether it’s an Android related application or something else. If I was an iPhone owner, I would be furious at the fact that the only applications I can download are ones approved by Apple, where the only approval factor is clearly whether Apple makes an extra dime or not. This is the same as an internet provider filtering websites for their own monetary gain. Its just wrong.

  49. there not allowed cell phones in north korea but i get what you mean and the only products apple should make are ipods and itunes they are better then windows meadia player

  50. Is anyone even surprised by this? I’m not.

  51. Apple is like Scientology.

  52. hahaha you guys are nuts, its ok cause at the end of the day he is just another hitler that wears turtle necks and jeans and seems not to have any more clothes to wear but yet, i say burn the woman and children of this apple cult and hang steve jobs…the world will be a better place lmao

  53. @Jose

    I have long noticed that his public appearances have always been in that black half-turtleneck, blue jeans, and old sneakers. He must have his entire closet outfitted with this ensemble, he pays people to wear out his tennis shoes for him and then he puts them on for an appearance.

    Gives credence to the cult angle…

  54. I thought everyone knew why Steve Jobs wears a tutleneck everytime he’s in public…’s to hide that android tattoo he’s got! ;)

  55. Ahhhhhh! Its nice out here at the Android camp. New versions of software popping up on almost a daily basis. New high end devices dropping constantly. We have developers coming from all around. Android’s in cars, tablet’s and even the United States military has considered using the software on the battlefield. How can Apple or any other company compete with that?
    Google is literally the opposite of Apple. To all you crApple fangirls out there, I just want to say iphone is starting to become the Android alternative. The shift has already begun. Android is a juggernaut. An unstoppable force to be reckoned with that has old Steve shaking in his boots while the $hit runs down his leg! Iphone 4, what a botched attempt at a smartphone. I do things with my Droid X that most people can’t do with their Macbook’s. Android is the wave of the future…

  56. Interesting how they’ve ported Android over to iphone. Hmmm now why would you want to do that ha ha? I don’t see any content android users trying to port Ios over to an android phone.
    Kind of reminds me of the beginning of Weeds where everyone is riding around their cookie cutter cars, living in there cookie cutter houses, using your cookie cutters iphones. Where’s the fun in everybody having the same exact phone???

  57. @Dannyboy: “Where’s the fun in everybody having the same exact phone”
    Exactly!! Which is why I can’t understand so many Android users bashing other Android users phones. Who cares if you bought an Epic and I’ve got a Fascinate?? Their both Android….grow up and stop putting each others’ brand of phone down!

  58. It’s like this quote ‘A people should not be afraid of it’s government. The government should be afraid of it’s people’.
    Jobs and Co need to be taught that they need to listen to what WE want and WE should not slobber over everything they tell us we want. Unfortunately the fan-boys will not be able to take their iphone out of 1 hand or their **** out the other to flip 1 finger in the air!

  59. @ ToastnJam
    I agree with you but I don’t really see a lot of people bashing each other’s Android phones. From what I see most people respect the other phones. Except the backflip, that one was a mistake :)

  60. daylight comes and we bomb ur ho-ome! lol

  61. “Interesting how they’ve ported Android over to iphone. Hmmm now why would you want to do that ha ha? I don’t see any content android users trying to port Ios over to an android phone.”

    The iPhone is closed source and so porting of iOS to different hardware would be practically impossible. You first would need to get the source code which if you don’t work at Apple with some security clearance, would be extremely difficult. People porting Android to the iPhone have access to the source code so they can make the necessary modifications to the operating system to get it working on the iPhone.

  62. Jobs cannot handle the success of any other OS, let alone the Android OS. I had the iPhone for 6 months, between AT&T and the IP4 I couldn’t wait to return to Verizon and Get a Droid X.

    Man up Jobs, face the music and get with the new world order, there are other compelling platforms other than yours.

    Oh and the iPhone is FRAGMENTED, yes it is. I know people who still use the original iphone and iPhone 2 and they did not get the the iOS 4 treatment. If you have a 3GS, you got a screwed up phone that is a good paper weight since their build was crap.

    In fact has anyone noticed lately that Apple is has bugs in their iOS and that fixing things time daylight savings time just weren’t a priority.

    I can say all of that and yet still use a Macbook laptop, its my laptop of choice just not my phone of choice. Droid simply does, apples simply rot.

  63. The comments here are proof of concept.

  64. Can’t wait for Bing ads to start showing up on Google’s search websites.

  65. “the iPhone is the North Korea of the mobile world, except in North Korea they are probably led to believe the iPhone was designed by the supreme leader Kim Jong Il himself.”

    LOL! Now THAT’s good humour :D

  66. Once upon a time I liked the look of guys in black turtlenecks…

  67. @Lulu: “I really lol-ed….”

    Classic. fanboy. stupidity.

  68. douchebags

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