Android Market Getting Content Ratings


Google’s announced that Android developers will be able to assign ratings (such as those used for movies, music, and video games) to applications to allow users to find apps more suitable for them. The ratings are All, Pre-Teen, Teen, and Mature. Every new application uploaded to the Android market will require the developer to set a rating starting next week, while existing applications will default to Mature if the party responsible doesn’t update their listing within a few weeks. This is just one of many Market improvements we expect over the next few months as Google continues to help improve the ecosystem.


Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Personally, I don’t understand why there is a need for a rating system on the Android Market. I have yet to see any objectionable material on the market. That’s not to say there isn’t however. But, haven’t steps been already taken to ensure that unsuitable or inappropriate apps NOT be placed on the market? It just seems a little redundant to me.

  2. Ugh Geeksquad moniters kids apparently at the parents discretion uk, this isn’t Exactly necessary…

  3. it’s more for the sake of calming bureaucrats in other countries such as South Korea.

  4. Nice it’s about time to see some improvements on the Android Market. They also need to find a way to organize the high quality applications versus the crappy ones or somewhat half way done. I’m tired of downloading low quality crap and sometimes forecloses my phone and I’m using the most current phone! -HCT Droid Incredible 2.2 Froyo

  5. Please take another look at the market before commenting on this one. Stop and think, just how appropriate could a game called “make her orgasm – sexy” be? Search the market for the word sex. Anybody out there got a pre-teen or teen son daughter, neice, nephew with a smart phone? Any of those who do, please think about what we expose our kids to.

  6. “Expose our kids to”? So what? Don’t be naive, please. There’s nothing on there that they don’t have already seen or discussed in school, hanging out with their friends or whatever. Stop living under a rock. I know my parents didn’t tell me anything new with their lame attempt of ‘the birds and the bees’. They looked foolish at the time and so will you.
    It sure didn’t kill me to become ‘world wise’ in my teens.
    Paranoia however, can be extremely dangerous. ;)

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