Nov 26th, 2010

There’s simply no denying it now: the Nexus S is real and it’s being made by Samsung. New shots were leaked by XDA showing the same exact phone Eric Schmidt was waving around at the Web 2.o summit not too long ago. This time, though, the Samsung logo doesn’t have an ugly piece of tape over it. The spot where we’d expect the Google logo is covered up by XDA’s watermark, but we assume it’s because there’s a QR code they don’t want anyone to see.

Everything is as you’d expect, still: it has a camera on the back with flash and that same weird button layout where the Home button is placed on the far right. What’s more is that we get more shots of Gingerbread, confirming even more details that we initially reported last month. (Specifically, the carrier branding area in the notification pane is just as silver as we heard it’d be, and everything else lines up with what we’ve heard and see thus far.)

nexus-s-dialer nexus-s-notification

The dialer doesn’t look too much out of the ordinary, but the keypad has gotten a style change, as well. With the leak came some new rumored stats to corroborate what we’ve heard before: a 4-inch AMOLED (no word on if it’s Super or Super 2),  WVGA resolution, and HD video recording (we’d assume that this is the same 5-megapixel sensor in the Galaxy S line of phones.)

OpenGL ES support confirms it’s a modern CPU (of course), but we still don’t know which CPU will be in it exactly. There are strong rumors that it’ll be Samsung’s 1GHz Orion CPU, which would mean we’ll be in dual-core heaven. They’ve also heard that it’ll have either 1 or 2 GB of internal storage, and either 512MB or 328MB of RAM (we’d probably guess that they meant 384, considering that’s how much you get in certain configurations of the Galaxy S.)

We’ll be watching closely as Andy Rubin takes the stage at AllThingsD’s Dive Into Mobile conference on December 6th where we hope Google and the Android team will be ready to serve up some Gingerbread cookies. The full crop of images can be had at XDA.

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